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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 2 is a perspective view of an embodiment of the
present invention, and FIG. 4 is an example of an elastic body. Fig. 5A is a three-dimensional
graph showing the acceleration amplitude of each part of the front and back plates, Fig. 5B is a
three-dimensional graph showing the acceleration amplitude of each part of the top plate, both
side plates, and base plate, Fig. 6 These are graphs which show the measurement result of the
amount of vibration propagation to a side plate. E back plate, s · · · · · · · ·. Fig. 2 Fig. 3-61-˜ Heli
real opening 50-1 '03629 (3) Fig. 6 2050? 00200501002000 ■ pLL (Hz) φ 1 63-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to the
improvement of a speaker cabinet, and its object is to improve the sound quality by suppressing
the vibration of the cabinet. 11 shows a speaker cabinet, 12 is an exploded view thereof, 1 is a
radish, 2, 2 'is a side plate, 3 is a back plate, 4 is a ground plate, and 5 is a front plate. In the
conventional speaker cabinet, since the respective plates are directly fixed to each other, the
vibrations #jJ of the respective plates are transmitted to each other, and the vibration in the bass
is particularly severe, and the imaging dynamics thereof is There is a defect that it is
superimposed on bamboo, causing so-called intermodulation, and the clear (1) +3 decreases.
Figure 15 (K shows the measurement results of acceleration amplitude of each part of front plate
5 and rear plate 3; Fig. 51 (B) shows acceleration amplitude of each part of top plate 1, base plate
4 and side & 2 '2' It shows the result of measurement. As clarified by this measurement result,
the front plate 5 and the rear plate 3 have a higher vibration than the other top plate 1, the
ground & 4 and the side plates 2, 2 '. This device focuses on this point and separates the front
plate 5 and the rear plate 3 where the vibration is severe from the other person 1, 2 '1 and the
temporary plate 2, 2' and the ground plate 4, thereby the vibration of the speaker cabinet as a
whole. The figure in Figure 13 shows an example of this. That is, the top plate 1, the side plates 2
and 2 ', and the main plate 4 are directly secured to each other in the conventional manner. 7 is a
corner plate bonded to each of the front plate 5 and the rear plate 3 to the other top plate 1, side
plates 2 and 2 'and the base plate 4 in a dam-this corner plate 7 is the front plate 5 in the prior
art In the present invention, an elastic body 6 such as rubber is interposed between the corner
plate 7 and the front plate 5 or (2)-) rear plate 3 in this invention. Glue with. If it comprises as
mentioned above, the dynamic energy of the imaging of the front board soot and the back board
3 will be absorbed by the elastic body 6, and each other top board 1 .. * 1 The shooting motion
transmitted to IFi 2, 2 and the main plate 4 is reduced. 3-4 (one 1 is an example of an elastic
body 6 shown as a gold, and 8 is a groove cut into the elastic body 6 and provided at random
intervals in a weir, a structure 1, a monumental body Assuming that the compliance is C and the
trade percentage is M, the characteristic frequency is represented by fl'1f = 2 □ 5 □, but when
the elastic body 6 is divided by the groove 8 as described above, the elastic body 6 is the front
plate 5 Alternatively, since the rear plate 3 comes into contact with a random area, the wave
number during pregnancy is averaged, and the frequency range for sound absorption can be
broadened. Fig. 16 shows the embodiment of this invention and the conventional 7 "(') & t 7) l!
lQi ′ ′-tD * ljh @ NttD measurement 112 ′ ′ where the solid line indicates the acceleration
amplitude of the lateral roots at each frequency of the conventional one and the one with the
dashed line. As shown in the figure (3), the vibration of the 1dol plate is reduced when the
invention is implemented. As mentioned above, because the front plate and the rear plate are
illustrated through the elastic body against the radish, both sides, and the ground plate as
described above, the front plate and the back of the shooting movement are intense in the
eyebrow The energy of the imaging motion transmitted from the board to each other board is
absorbed by the elastic body, and the imaging motion as a whole of the speaker cabinet is
reduced. As a result, the intermodulation due to the imaging of the speaker cabinet is reduced or
low. The clarity in the sound range is improved.