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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the dome-shaped
speaker equalizer according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of
the dome-shaped speaker, and FIG. Explanatory drawing which shows correlation with a domeshaped diaphragm, FIG. 3 is a frequency characteristic view. In the figure, 14 is a dome shaped
diaphragm and 7 is an equalizer. -79-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 50100534 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 5 Li 7 bh, J 1 → → S · 80 1
[Detailed description of the invention]-Sledge book I device 041k · dome-for Ibi Tsubii for Ibi
Tsubi m II-category of Kyoto ■ from the following each item 鎮 O requirements from the threat
dome placement speaker for Ytsuizu. ) □□: J111 engineering □□ 5.1 ml 1 m) -· J-iiaj □,
gnome-like s ** o * ao 3soz * ie and toe (#IP) dome-like Il-plate side is a half stroke or slightly
swollen I put it out and go in the I--B + / 9-ball stomach (Red) 1 / 10th of right after the thick-red
dome-like IIk moving tab, and the b-and-7 '1-invented oats Umbrella-燗 a I I ド ー ム ス i i i i IK IK
IK IK IK IK k k k イ イ イ イ イ 薯 薯 (position equalizer) 1 K-. 1ll 毫 dome-speaker Ic 紘 ^ 畿 畿
111 I [ejI 逼 曽 # 鳳 working point and rounding round, the diaphragm の や 郁 to to to to to ease
and ease-rh 寄 41m 111 ' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The result is that a valley is produced. Then, put these sound collecting agent
inside the dome shape vibration & slope in J6 to improve these, hold down the slope body in
vibration 1 to suppress parasitic vibration etc.), diaphragm soda Means of adding a small amount
of punching metal such as O metal and adding a soft material such as a sound absorbing agent to
the threshold of diaphragm O center part and selector and pressing only the I1m 屓 O center part
to hold parasitic # / kwk Was being shaken. Although these 0 means are extremely effective,
they all cause vibration [0 or a part is pressed by a pressing means, and since the force applied to
the diaphragm is uneven and 1 it is distorted and the defect is Have. Recently, it has been
proposed to install a slit-like plate in the form of a slit on the concentric circle in the form of a
dome in the shape of a dome in the forehead of a dome-shaped diaphragm (lK81B411) -421'12).
In accordance with the present invention, it is also good to improve the period liquid 徽 4 I
property, and〉; 傘 善 状 率 like it to reduce distortion is also O. ★ less than 10-W-) in order to
explain the argument example. 1st B11 & i Dome 瀧 Speaker O 鎗 断 断 で 醸 醸 社 外 11 −1 11
m1 show, 1 冒-、 は ネ ッ ト 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 1 1 1 , 6
indicate Danno. Ikotisu 7 that should be attached with a gap to the dome-shaped vibration 1 [40
in the front, and has a hemispherical surface 7m in the direction of progression of the stuttering
liquid of the present invention V, and the upper part of the sphere O It is possible to cut it and
use its @ cut part because it is 1 to 9 #. The shape of the eve twister 70 dome-shaped vibration @
4 side may be a thousand, or may be a slightly blanched ball 1bK as shown in FIG.
However, ittei not e * 畿 a% domed vibration 1 [40 straight tht. It means that it is 3 minutes, and
會, 内, it is necessary to hh that the above direct atI 0 01 minutes 楓. The choice of installation of
ittsui f is arbitrary depending on the government, but if it does, it may cause the punching metal
to be dome-shaped, or may hold the dome-shaped or oval-shaped oil. A framed piece is attached
to the front shoulder of the dome-shaped swing $ 114 by sP-mounting a space-$-on the front
shoulder, and the inner side of the O is a four-piece fγ meeting. Inventive O-I'm: Eve installation:
9 pigeons and installation itvh place: Golden pigeon No. 3 IlK) In order to pre-test and
installation, the installation is round pigeons (indicated by dots-) K 櫨In comparison with K
(shown as IK-), mm I-Matsu is softened, and unevenness ($ 4P1 <e) is a turtle (re-m-areastretching effect). In the case of vibration I [O material is a hard-wearing cloth made of hardwearing cloth or [with metal O such as zetrussin etc.-1 cycle solution number in the pigeons,
response characteristics aS, and rise up) He is 11 years old and healed. Furthermore, it is
compared with the insect bite-easy and forgery-his book, 轡-壜 、 、 I ke 均質 無 、 、 、 1 1 1 1
無 無 無 無-大 ・ 一 · tae * e l 1 l 1ll ■ soda is a body l Ie Domus Bee ★ layer 1] show one
example of □ 1 1 f, 1st ■ 紘 dome-ス ビ ー ★ O 鴎 N 1N 11-% 11 111 a 4 m 1 949 @ Lun 6榔
1)---I will show you the dome gauge l1tII 糎 and 111 111% * sva 紘 # L # 係-係 to show what to
show. 4 in 1 ー Do 歌 鎖 電, は ラ イ ラ イ 夷 夷 夷 夷 畳 称 称 04 −-control trio stock group φ
pascal examination I-, 1, 3 · · ·. 1114x Nororo 21i1 is also sponsored 1 () <"1 toe L--attack-· ·" "n→ 5--1 tori No. 4-10 4'843! 楓 sam 楓 外 拳 II Tokyo, Hachioji, Tokyo 2 Ishikawa-cho, 2967 Trio
Co., Ltd. Hachioji Office self-directed 1 '1' D T's current members Shin's name Hideaki 1 '1'