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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of a
conventional electrostatic speaker, FIG. 2 is an exploded perspective view of a portion of an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a partial view of FIG. FIG. 4A is a perspective
view showing processing of the terminal board, and FIG. 4B is a perspective view of the terminal
board. 1 is a diaphragm, 2 is a terminal plate, 3 is a back plate, 4 is a bent portion, 5 is a metal
ring, 6 is a sound emitting hole, and 9 is a through hole. 87 87-実 4g 148 934 (2) Fig. 1 88 1 開
49-148 934 ($ 3) Fig. 2 b / 2 = 7 · 362 244 et al = 69)-89-actual opening 49-14 B 934 (4) FIG. 3 S2 FIG. 12. 13
[Detailed description of the invention] In the case of the electrostatic m nupika KIIIL, 41 Kll, two
electrostatic layer speakers are overlapped and concealed-electrode speaker capsule O each OJIthreat threshold- Oa is a terminal with a connection terminal like 11MKmI + IIL, 4A. Jll- indicates
non-pinion O 1 1 Spy 7 degradation-. 威 威 動 I I 威 威 威 威 威 威 ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii 薄 い
薄 い 薄 い 薄 い 薄 い 薄 い 薄 い 薄 い 薄 い 薄 い 薄 い 薄 い 薄 い 1 9 supplies the end KIE 僑
voltage. 11)-In the case of the electrostatic layer speaker capsule formed by stacking the
electrostatic layer speaker of the tremor with the electrostatic weir speaker Km for the second
basement JIf, three outside centering round metal terminals [(the illusion is (Economically and
odorless), it is not easy to assemble, and there is a lack of reliability on contact. 1m in advance
tries to eliminate 1fI & fault easily. The second embodiment of the present invention will be
conducted for the second or less. The parts corresponding to lK1111 are assigned the same
reference numerals and l! Light up. In advance 11 *, it has an electrostatic layer speaker crystal
etch consisting of a back @ + 3) and a diaphragm opposite to it, ie, ink-II (1), with 2 IN @ (1%),
(Conductive plate layer 4 having metal sheet I2) is provided, and 彎 -ji (4 is a double layer of Sbie
kaenit (8s)) (JjJ is stacked or stacked to form an electrostatic layer speaker capsule Q-, both OII
̶The membrane (1) K11111L, both losses-11 (1) through the K terminal 4 [(d)] The voltage of
one is a slaughtered island. 1 劾, ') IJ improvement and see the third and the following see you
W! To JIII 3ml K at the Blue Iti Barrels, there are many holes for sound emission (-a large number
of steps are made, @ l 一体 611 ings together to make a cinda-shaped 鍔 憾 7), so as to create an
island, 鐸 O 鐸(7) A conductive layer (a weir is deposited on the device of the inner plate 6i1). On
the other hand, when the conductive layer a → CL is connected to the vibrating membrane (1) so
as to wrap the peripheral edge of the vibrating membrane (1) at the bottom of the vibrating
membrane (1), it is adhered 1 m. * Various electrostatics-speakers (8s) (8J are metal 1y da (! 1を
1111? B) just like in the inside, so that niku ow I [working (place of each 爵 17) (7) to be in
contact with gold ore 4kiI4, metal cinder 4 by m-film 1) horse textile After holding back, there is
no back plate (because the plate is fixed, so that the conductive layer (ζ and the film (1) face
each other in parallel with the conductive layer, conductive layer 0i and gold jl I Yf is in contact
with 11 #, and Kfkl is used to insulate gold II 4 + + + # from the conductive layer ((rotation).
■ As you would like to receive in the center 背 One back atst 1 is a soft corner A double-bundled
building is one reed Speaker (L) (8J-bounded, capsule 9N! There is a rumor. 1 wire □ 114a4 導
電 t1 conductive layer! 1ze center outside! The terminal plate is shown to connect to s, and the
conductive layer (the pole and the terminal I [on the axis ** m and the blue plate (3) to work
against the pole. 11 Kjl jal means and Kll will be described later. According to the present
invention, the self-capsule #IIIO 亙 Kmll and the back plate 13) +3) are provided with a through
hole as shown in FIG. This free play hole (94 is a terminal for moving away, l [i 彎 6 彎 part +
4114 can freely be inserted into the fat stock to insert freely + 4114. At 41111, the terminal
plate t2J is formed into a plate shape with a conductive 1 elastic material, and the longitudinal
direction Kf & 欝 is provided to the female, and contacts are made in the O width direction by
11μ * of the kernel It is possible to make II (+ wa) (sb) into cedar, and 1ll dl BK to make the
ζOII 餉 (gb) into the other side of the ring to make it elastic. We can do it for you. (The other
terminal of the terminal 1 [(The other end of the outside is m I Kl E-like O end of the other end 1
shielded Cub 7 7 le 01d LK to bond 臂 I [慟 (by inserting into 関 に よ に よ) Let lO 彎 11111 (41
upper suby * (8 *) 0 step R, + 91 F 'SK fork (4 (I-· · · · · · ·)). Ru @ 6 (part (4 other O evasion JLI 夫
夫 1 れ 両 も 端子 皺 皺 一端 一端 一端 一端 一端 そ の always oneself in its direction II and
direction meat direction 1 K11i 戚So,] [K this and self-self S (萄 (萄 ** s-as shown <x beka (L) (IJ 6
nearest)) O metal plate (field 10 and the top of the O center bullet bullet It can be done to
confront ts. If this is the case, terminals 1 [working 6 mm can be introduced separately from the
outside. O Wei Den JE from the outside via the part (4) (4) and the metal Linda four (5)
respectively. ) (1) e The conductive layer CLa) is formed so as to be able to be applied. Rejoice 6
■ KIIk, each eta work (a small chrysanthemum (7 also-Q Oa hole (-to-show O, so that its inner
circumference ■ pJl-like noble 1m11, I 廖 O! ll) Acupuncture holes are provided. In this way, it is
necessary to use the conductive dove-one and the L-O terminal @ gear number for seven hundred
blue plate work, that is, the terminal I [鱒] Through the dove-one, the back 4 [(with the rope KIE
is attached, JIf <the terminal gaa and the conductive layer (the tree is connected through the
dove-one can be easily done.
When you get better, you will get a doveful @ @ S-O's residence and ** hand 11 ')) and the
squeezing number will be tied to 1'-1 '(not other's) It is possible to leave the above purpose by
means similar to the above. Also, it can be made of granite with metal ring (15) K conductive
adhesive. Also, the connection to the outside to the blue II (˜ (conductive layer t8 of the barrel)
18 K facing the crucible is conducted by the same means), and in this case, the terminal 1 [K You
can get a groove on the back plate IIK. Since the main dormitory is constructed as described
above, the voltage from the outside of the ground is led to the terminal 1 [+2) of the terminal1114)-gold pillar (5)-金 I11 genus 11) 6 conductive layer α 、 On the other hand, through the
conductive layer +8) -field-Qll one terminal plate value ◆ which is opposite to the conductive
layer α 荀, it is possible to form 4 double holes in i1 and therefore one terminal plate (by 51s)
(L) can be applied to the polarization voltage to simultaneously squeeze the gangster ★. This
invention is advanced O thin (Because the outside of the 18 喝-t · child 1 N 1 in one fII 皐 臘 臘
會 會 會 會 會 彎 彎 彎 11 鎗 鎗 に よ っ て 夷 Ic 夷 Ic亀 亀 e e ohe work L, a simple lI of one
drawing! All No. All is a decomposition of the conventional electrostatic layer speaker * aSa, M8is a partial diagram of a part of one embodiment of the present invention, Fig. SII wax JI 諺 ■
partial 晰 -1. The symbol 4-M indicates the terminal 'MO processing of the complex 1 -B is a
perspective view of the terminal plate. ill is a department of work, (a place is a terminal plate, (a
place is a back plate, (a part is a part of a plate, a part is a ring 14 ring, a (a hole is a hole, (@ is a
through hole) 夷 崗 −-願 墨-会 社 会 社 会 社)) 117) 111 "gaki Yj = 7 · 2 o construction, l α テ テ
ギ ====== ■ ■ Ninini 7 j = 7 bar Ni , · · · · · · · · · · · 1 112. Z === F Z · · · · · l / = = not: 2 but = = = =
== then? □ □ ■ '癲 □ l □ 642 soft 4 J ≠ also 9 □. 2I? 1311 (3ttte system Δla5′4 J ウ 2
塁 5 ′ cuasttteta @ 511 # ^ //, & it □ 148, 4 // 1! 411 ′ ′ This 1 ′ ′ R, 7 ′ ′ Method 489
′, 1, 116, Inventors other than the above, utility model registration applicants or agents (1)
Applicant's address (location) Tokyo l1 I-City f ′ 1 Toruto 4 store the full name 2 ′ ′ address
(resident) Tokyo M 区 輩 '! I4L black ink-11-1-14 11 1 name 7 I i address (location) name
address (location) name (2) utility model registration applicant address (location) (country li)
address (location) (nationality) (3) agency Manual correction procedure (formula) 1s month 1s a
month 1 Japan Patent Office Secretary 1 Metropolitan Hideo (Patent Office Referee General) ■,
display of the matter Showa 4s year utility model registration group 411510 No. 2, name of the
invention Electrostatic quantity speaker 3, relationship with the person making correction Utility
model registered applicant t) (Resident i1 + 7 million power aP Tanonada ma 吏 part 11:
Shinagawa 6-chome 7 part No. [8 (f, IIJ2・ 8 ・ Saw Co.?
L representative Morita Akimaru 4 agent city Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 1V eyes 8-1 (new
front I-le) place Tokyo (03) 343-5 &? 1 (representative) (338 B) Patent attorney Atsushi Ito ((5,
Showa PY with correction instruction H / July / IJ6, WlatEt7) vs. '4i 4-book easgom simple lll! 嘴
0-7, the contents of correction □ I 'negative L @ in the letter, line 1 IE 7 貞 line 6 to line 6 The
terminal ao # 1ll J and the perspective view of the terminal plate, 51111 is the deposition of
the eyelet Correct the enlarged letter 1 showing 1 . Or more (J