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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram, and FIG. 2 is a perspective
view of a speaker box. 1 · · · Amplifiers 2, 9 · · · · · Speakers 3 · · · · · · · Headphone output terminal,
5 · · · Headphone jack, 6 · · · · Speaker box, 1 ······································· Stereo input terminal. Fig. 1 Fig.
2-79 =
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure of a
car speaker box. With the widespread use of car stereos, people who want to listen to the stereo
by people other than the driver may also want to hear it when they get on with many people. In
addition, while driving, it is often not possible to increase the volume also from the meaning of
accident prevention. Therefore, the present invention provides a headphone jack and a
changeover switch in one speaker box, while connecting the noise speaker and the abovementioned one speaker by one channel connection line so that only people who want to hear can
enjoy stereo sound, and all However, it is possible to enjoy the sound to enhance the utility value
of the stereo speakers, for in-vehicle use. The details of the present invention will be described
below by way of examples. The audio signal output from amplifier 1 in FIG. 1 is switched to the
headphone output terminal 3 as shown in the drawing when the headphone plug (not shown) is
not inserted into the headphone jack 5 (FIG. 2). The audio signal is output from the a-speaker 2switch 8-common terminal C1 of the amplifier 1 and the circuit of the output b-speaker 9-swier,
8-bi-common terminal C1. Audio is output from each of the speakers 2.9. Next, when the plug of
the headphone is inserted into the headphone jack 5, the switch 8 is turned off, and if it is put on
the clean surface of the speaker box (FIG. 2) (3) r! If the changeover switch 7 is OFF, the output
of the amplifier 1 from which sound is output from the speaker 2.9 is connected to the
headphone through the resistor 4.10 and the sound is output only from the headphone. At this
time, if the changeover switch T is turned on, audio can be output from both the headphone and
the speaker 2.9. FIG. 2 shows a diagram in which the jack 5 of the speaker output terminal 3 in
the above circuit is attached to the side of the speaker box 6, and the switch 6 for the switch 6
and the headphone jack 5 are provided in the box 6 , And the stereo input terminal 12 is
connected to the box 11 of the other speaker 9 by the cord 13 only for that channel. As
described above, according to the present invention, the switching of the speaker and the hera
(4) can be simultaneously performed, so only people who want to enjoy the stereo listen to music
etc. especially when there are many passengers in the car It can also be heard only by people in
the back seat of the car without disturbing the driving, and it will enhance the utility value of the
in-vehicle stereo.