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Patent name: President of Palace Onkyo Co., Ltd. Name (027) Representative of Onkyo Co., Ltd.
Representative III III 5th Armed Forces 5, Attached IIFs ■ Japan Patent Office ■ JP 4113 EO 19
■ Published Japan. (1974) 12.20. Japanese Patent Application No. 4g-37574. , (1973), 3. Q
'Examination request (all 6 pages) Specification / @ 事 傘 ン ス ン ス ン ス ン ス ン ス ビ ビ カ ー
-カ ー. -7 '' Speaker (1) (B)-From 1) to 1 loil, it has a plurality of partitions formed by cylindrical
partitions placed concentrically with the umbrella main frame from the umbrella main frame. (U)
The numbered umbrellas of the item (1) -the lines have the same number of umbrellas-lengths
and openings II * respectively. (J) Umbrella-n-axis with umbrella main axis Longitudinal section
III Ck of each division divided by 11 K III- n-calligraphy has a receiver and a path length. (#) The
partition line in the above item (1), a point on the girth of the circle around the center axis and
the number having a small hole ecy cut. (7) Umbrella-n Fight owe is a flat painting. JJ Illif) II · The
sense of playback of jI # in a narrow work room is louder * S S depending on the diffusion state
of sound waves from ピ ー 倉 よ り 締 締 締 締 (勅 (ビ ー 指向 指向 指向 指向 指向 指向 指向-Is
required. As a speaker for high and middle tones, mainly as a speaker \ ◆ ◆-◆-y! Although
Eve's Subi * is often used, umbrella-ton speakers have a broad directivity (the dreadfulness is not
good) because sound waves are emitted as plane waves from umbrella-N 0 ffi. When trying to
reproduce to the low range with the umbrella-Nsby ★-, it is necessary to lengthen the umbrella
and there is a drawback of 6 IE. In order to eliminate these drawbacks, various conventional
ideas have been taken. For example, a uniform C11 row of uniform-type umbrellas which have a
part of the storage open, or a uniform C11 row, or the umbrella-like side is spread like a scrap,
and the upper and lower walls are t-axis parts The straight road cIIR1 This part of the road is
insult (not 44m! The sound pressure of this part becomes high, and the medium writing letter
becomes a large building (becomes 41 Ls of the sound wave and makes it interrupt the moderate
lss of umbrella-ν 1: I @ from fan room 1 and the wave is projected to the spreading 七 7 If it is
Tat-V, □ EndPage: 1 or 4 waves of sound are scattered and written, and the second is using an
acoustic lens or the like. However, in Masticuse M-to-horn, finger gang * c t t. However, the
turtles are expensive and the horn is a large mlc. Although the horn is relatively inexpensive and
effective, the directivity is only sung only in the horizontal direction, and there is a second point
where the pureness becomes large in order to reproduce the low region without difficulty, and
the acoustic Vons etc. There is a drawback that the place summers on top of the price increase.
With this conventional horn speaker, the directivity, low frequency characteristics, price, etc. can
not be made different to this S-therefore, these defects are eliminated, and the on-axis ridge of
the umbrella is 1 & 1 Consider a horn speaker that has broad guidance to the high region due to
the structure in which the horn is assembled, and the chairman of the umbrella is relatively
gIIIIIf, and the characteristics of the low region are combined together. In the first column, the
interior of a cabinet like lC minor is provided with a central axis Cjl L, and symmetrically J j is
provided with intervals Il # to linearly align an axis of * one. / 7 axis is continuous 7 bays and 1
path length is extended "-5 → Nko, form コ, and each path length of sound wave passing through
each horn is 9 #. The longer horn co,-. Umbrella-yxw-) @ j contested sound wave is divided into
umbrella-n l *-nko and is transmitted inside the horn and emitted from c21jli, but Ho V, part of 2
is the path from part of horn / Because the length is long, the constant seeding time at Nurot to
umbrella-open g-weight is long, and the apparent seeding mode is more uniform than the horn /
part. According to the location of the open zero plane, the velocity W1 is different, and the sound
wave is broken in the direction cIIi where the velocity is low. The refractive index at this time is
expressed by equation (1). OaJ this 弐 Cm, n is the refractive index, Go is the speed of the sound
wave part of the horn /, C is the apparent speed of the Wμ of the part of the hornco, 40 is the
effective path length of the ho l / l, l is the hornco It is an effective path length. According to the
equation (1), since the sound wave is directed at the speed of the genus prayer at the opening
plane and tcse in the reaching direction of the speed, the sound wave is emitted from the opening
plane and the directivity can be widely spread. The equation of refraction due to the difference in
crossover length is expressed by (E) equation. (N−/)x +コfX(n−/)−? x □ m (K)
In this formula, standing is the refractive index, X is the central axis of *-/ /, and f is the focal
point of the curved wave emitted from the aperture surface! ! 1i 111% y is the distance between
the central axis of middle l and the open ci @ c * of the central axis of the horn. Substituting Jxt4- (x + f + f this f / CX 寞 lo from the equation (1) and the equation (-), i 決 め-f + WT 7 〒 7777 ·
· · (J) 1 If you do, l depends on the value of y. Next, the effect of making the iiogi of the horn a
straight plane will be described. In the case where the umbrella is cut short for the purpose of
miniaturizing the general horn speaker, there is a defect that the impedance characteristic is
roughened and the sound quality is deteriorated in the low band of FIG. 1 / FIG. Since this horn
has a longer path length than the horn /, the impedance characteristic of the horn (lll!
The impedance characteristics of the horn / (Fig.--/) Move with respect to the frequency axis, and
the unevenness of the characteristics of the horn / and the characteristics of the horn-are totally
canceled out as a whole. A smooth characteristic (FIG. 2-JJ) is obtained, and a low-range non-saltfree recycled field is obtained, and a horn speaker with a low ratio of low range bound shoulder
wave number to a small ratio is obtained. Next, the relationship between the number of divisions
of Hoy and directivity and impedance characteristics is described, and the angle of refraction, the
refractive index, and Ha n = '/ ,. Since it is represented by go, it is bs by ooa #-'9 / from (1)
Formula; h. Therefore, as the angle of refraction O is determined by the ratio of ◆ 舷 OOS line 10
to l, the smaller the h, ie, the angle of refraction in the umbrella that meets l, the larger is the
index angle and the finger thickness EndPage: has duality As a matter of course, when the
number of divisions is small, a valley portion occurs in the directivity characteristic curve, and a
place with low back pressure even within the in-finger angle appears. Also, in order to make good
use of the positive image of the impedance characteristic in low 竣 Cm, the valley of the
characteristic of the horn l (1 !! Partial IC umbrella-It is necessary to bring a peak (convex) part
(or the reverse) of the characteristic of Nko, and the ratio between l and 16 must be selected as Is
limited. So, let's consider what the umbrella K-n <divided. In the case where the inside of the
umbrella is divided into seven umbrellas, each horn J / 1. Assuming that the effective path length
of Jl, J3, JJ, J4t, J # is iJ /, JJ co, 133 ° 134t, the angle # 3 / with the horn J / and the horn
cocoon is 601 # J / w "in l'a- 'J13.2 / The ear angle #J by the horn jJlc · The magnitude of the
sound wave coming out of the 06eJ Coho 7 and the size of the whole shown by the Saki mark
The wave front of the large building 4 ° sound wave is the tip of the peace mark An envelope J
centered on the condensation focal point 1! The wave front of the seed sound wave with a large
number of horns is smoothed so that it is smooth and curved. Also, the impedance characteristic
t of the umbrella-n-speaker is different from that of the umbrella-n J-, and the characteristic of
the horn coco is similar to the characteristic of the horn J-k, compared to that of the horn J-J.
Since the characteristics of H.sub.1 shift with respect to the characteristics of horn J.sub.1, the
comprehensive C.sub. # Characteristics cancel each other out and become cleaner than in FIG. As
described above, if the number of divided umbrellas is increased, the partition walls will be
required accordingly, and although the boss will be highly worn, although directivity and
frequency characteristics can be full. However, in the horn speaker C whose directivity
characteristic has been altered by dividing the horn by the bulkhead, if the number of the wall is
small, the back pressure sharply attenuates at a certain frequency IkC in the scrap number
characteristic There is a drawback.
That is, if the number of partition walls is small, it is necessary to increase the difference in path
length to 1 to widen the directivity, and since the road difference changes largely in stages, some
corrugations may have a horn fight 0 surface Cm and no The back pressure attenuates sharply
because the sound waves of the waves cancel each other in reverse phase. In order to soften the
damping of the back pressure at this special frequency, it is sufficient to increase the number of
partition walls and reduce the path length difference of the lR edge to make a sound wave with
an opposite phase sound wave, but the structure is complicated As a result, the assembly
becomes typographical, and the number of parts also increases, resulting in a disadvantage that
the price is high. The change in the path length of the fork path can be obtained continuously C
in the first-order finite surface wave is Wai (already applied, Showa 1 year-Permalink ootozy) but
it is about between one invention 3 Osaka Structural CII for curved surfaces! It is impossible. The
present invention is a horn speaker which solves the above-mentioned drawback by forming the
partition 11 and forming the partition * and forming a small hole in the partition. FIG. # Is an
umbrella cross-sectional view of the present invention 卿 jIIi14. * N-Dad, 4t! Concentrically
placed #cjIl to the * -n * -n axis. The first horner with a circular opening surface surrounded by
the dividing wall 4t4I, and the dividing wall 4t dat [walls! The opening wi shape surrounded by is
an annular second horn 4t co, partition # #! And the outer layer dab 4C surrounding open face
form,-form forms each part 1III horn of the third horn 4t3 having an annular shape.
Furthermore, the bulkhead 4t! A small hole e7 is drilled at any point on the circumference of 1 to
any circle around the small axis. Each segment * has a different path length, but the open Il run
number and the horn length are the same. The sound wave entering from the horn throat is
divided into the divided horns and travels through the horn, and is emitted from the aperture
surface, but since the path lengths are respectively different, the sound wave is refracted at the
open r: J surface and spherical It was mentioned above that it was emitted as a wave. In the
present invention, the bulkhead 4t! There is a small hole 4t7 in the third horn 4t3 so that a part
of the sound wave traveling through the third horn 4t3 passes through the small hole 4t7 and
enters the second horn dako and warmly meets the first round wave / a traveling sound wave.
The sound wave line passing through the small hole 4t7 from the umbrella ring J, @ Coho 7e2
EndPage: 31 The path length is longer than that of the sound wave advancing to 31 and reaching
the small hole deck, so that the phase is delayed. The sound phase of the sound wave of the horn
4t is delayed from the phase of the sound wave of the first horn # / and is advanced over the
phase of the sound wave of the Jth antenna # /. Therefore, the phase of the sound wave of the
portion where the small hole 7 in the second horn 4t is drilled lags the phase of the sound wave
of the portion without the small hole 7.
Considering this in the aperture plane, it has a phase distribution like 7 @. That is, the phase of
the sound wave of the first horn # / is constant along the circumference of the horn and this
phase is set to 00, and the phase delay due to the path length difference of the first horn goh is
φ 0 and the sound synthesized by the small hole deck The phase delay of saponification (φ '+
φ'. ) And the first horn opening ll! The phase distribution of the sound wave with # c's sound is
as if it were gully's like a gow-like small-crest small-crop umbrella-n principal axis Cjlt, a position
angle and a position angle at a point on the opening plane of the angle The phase of the sound
wave follows the value of (−〇 + φ10), and the phase of the sound wave at the point on the 關 0
plane which is the same angle as the position angle without the small hole 7 takes φ0. Since the
light is diffused according to the phase, the phase wave-likely changes between (−− + φ′0)
and φ · and continuously changes. The slope of the undulation also depends on the position of
the hole, the degree of meeting, and the degree of diffusion of the sound. Similarly, the phase
distribution on the opening surface C of the 鴫 J horn is uniform by the sound wave traveling
from the 1 cohorn 4t to the first horn #J through the small hole deck. なる。 By drilling a small
hole deck in the horn partition as on the edge, it is possible to generate sound waves of different
phases continuously along the circumference within the same split horn. Here, the effects of the
present invention will be described. If the division is made from the horn 1WJIIc, the path length
can only be obtained in stages, so that 1 phase of the daughter's phase is reversed due to the ink
scrap and the sound cancels each other. It was mentioned above that it decreases rapidly.
However, according to the present invention, since the phase difference between JI / UmberLandz and the second horn # is changed like III and II, the phase difference is distributed
continuously as shown in FIG. The sound pressure V is a part of one-to-one distribution including
the component (ν in 嬉) whose phase is reversed, and the sound pressure V ν as a whole is a
part of the same curve, so the sound pressure The attenuation of is a negligible amount. :), l / g 4
is an actual image of the frequency characteristics of the middle speaker, '-, 6 / is the present
invention,-λ speaker is the same size horn speaker without small holes Frequency
characteristics. It is clear from the figure that there is no sharp sound pressure attenuation in the
vicinity of 1 7000 H 111, and a flat characteristic is obtained as a whole. As described above, in
the present embodiment, only one partition wall is provided, but if the number is increased, the
directivity and the low frequency characteristics become good. Moreover, the hole is a partition
4t! It is needless to say that it is possible to obtain the -M-like effect side by side with the
bulkhead 4 te although it is only opened only. The present invention is an improved invention of
the patent application No. 001014.
No. 'Immediate invention V The inside of the umbrella is divided into small horns by partition
walls to improve the directivity characteristics and the low frequency reproduction limit
frequency, but the sound pressure is sharply attenuated by the special running circumference
MlkC. Whereas the present invention splits the horn from -JIl # C, I! By drilling a small hole deck
at an interval m に I, the phase of the sound wave is continuously changed along the
circumferential direction of the split horn so that the path length difference can be continuously
obtained equivalently. In the place there is the merit of the original invention structure. As
described above, according to the horn structure of the present invention, the attenuation of the
sound pressure at a specific frequency is spun to flatten the frequency characteristics, and as
described above, good low directivity characteristics low directivity characteristics low directivity
characteristics Can be provided.
Brief description of the disease drawing Hi figure is an explanatory view of the principle of the
present invention, the joy figure is an impedance characteristic of a horn speaker, FIG. 2 is a
radial wave of 1 L of sound wave. . Happy! The figure shows a partial defect of the bulkhead. The
figure 4 shows the estimated value of the frequency characteristics of the umbrella speaker. It is
a related curve figure of phase difference and sound pressure V pe M. 埠 ぢ 31 End EndPage: 5 ¥
77 Noshi ia 21 man 6, other inventions spring wearers (1) inventor inventor address WV
shoulder & uniforms 7 & neck Y height% 1.5 Onkyo Co., Ltd. 1 -No EndPage: 6