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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS In the drawings, like parts are designated by the same
reference numerals throughout the drawings. FIGS. 1 to 3 show the prior art example. 1.
Diaphragm 2. Corrugation edge 5. Voice coil 6. Central magnetic pole 7. Outer sheath Indicates a
magnetic pole. FIG. 4 is a plan view of the embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 5 is the
same longitudinal side view. FIG. 6 is an explanatory view of the operation. In FIG. 4 to FIG. 6, 2
'is a support of the vibration system. 8, 8 ... supporting condition, 9 ... being a connection point of
the strip and a bonding point with the diaphragm 1. Hole 1ig-99-real opening 49-1.26845 (2)
'V,> (aW cow (to) ya Z mouth α-100-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the means of supporting a vibrating system in a loudspeaker. A speaker having a convexshaped through plate which usually has a dome shape or the like is used as a supporting means
of its vibration system as exemplified in, for example, FIG. 1 (cross-sectional view) and FIG. 2
(longitudinal cross-sectional view). For example, Na2, for example, a concentric corrugated
corrugated junction 21 is formed at the outer periphery of the diaphragm, or the vibration is
formed in the same body as the opposite (1), and the outer periphery of the edge 2) is history.
The ring portion '3) is fixed to a part of the main body of the speaker, 41, and the voice coil 5)
connected to the imaging plate 1' is driven by the drive 11 'flow. , And in a predetermined range,
it is configured to be able to interlock with the diaphragm 1 (but after rI ((1−d for 1 而 1 而)).
The way it was cut off was the same as that of the vibration system of this kind of speaker.
However, I will correct the Q if I correct the 1 if I write it. 2) not only in one direction before and
behind itself but also in the direction of the pond 1) to make some free 1), and in this respect
other round formations or tangenty ones Even in the case of the type that supports only a part of
the vibration system as shown in FIG. As illustrated in Fig. 3 there is a tilting movement in which
the diaphragm and voice coil (5) are turned so as to cause so-called rolling, so that only the
Corrugated eyes 2) support 1 In the state of mind, the central magnetic pole 0 or the outer pole
44 has a contact with the Heuskoilon 5 and emits a shield. If there was a lack 主, it would have
been a major damage to Iff. In the history, Edge 2 (even if it is round or tangential) is that! l itself;
target J (the area for a wide acoustic width is 楯-at It 1) and Ji: It is a kind having a 91 character
of 7T that is emitted from the imaging temporary 11: There was a tendency that the sound waves
radiated to the +, the edge, and the 2 and a part would interact with each other and this would
degrade the rB characteristic uniformly. In order to make the rolling faction lUj city, Heus coil 5:
another item 11] 1 For example, do we doe (in the side, l !! The L stage is generally adopted to
try to suppress the self-recording phenomenon by holding a support body of X isomorphic to the
corrugation 1's esthetic 12 clearly, that is, holding the imaging system 2i 'and the ellipse 1i1i.
However, if a pond thing is beaten f-t to the vibration system, then it will be "Jrf" to make the I'f
meter of the vibration system j + 'I # 01 by the first one. If the regeneration characteristics of this
area are degraded, it is difficult for the soldiers to pass, 1 \; this is what makes it worse. The In
particular, in the vicinity, the sexual species Otio device is further improved in performance, and
there is a strong tendency for human output in the 11 η 11 ′ ′ device, and large in the
speakers used with them. It comes to bear the dynamic power, and it is required to have an IQ of
1 life at the time of reproduction, Iii 1 1. The present invention relates to a mechanism for
holding an improved vibration system, which has been proposed for the purpose of a novelty,
which is not sufficient with its conventional configuration. The purpose is to prevent the
occurrence of rolling current dong in the vibration system such as voice coil even for large one
dynamic power, improve mechanical stability and cost, and 111 newly installed support
mechanism・ We try to obtain a speaker with excellent transient characteristics for 1,14 wave
number characteristics and ■ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ to minimize the vibrational vibration phenomena to
be negligible to the width of the harmful sound wave from the It is to be. An embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. 41. Nα5 Fig. 4 shows a
top view and Fig. 51 shows a cross-sectional view. In the drawing, (1) shows, for example, the
vibration of the dome + FB. The moving plate is out of it. 'A suitable support on the edge of the
illuminant (two intervened in the river and its outer ring 31 fixed to the part 14 of the slider
body). It should be noted that the above-mentioned support (two, for example, are buried in the
same dovetail as conventional ones, for example, full-texture, di-, dovetail the same action, but in
the case of this Koto) 1 · 1 in softness, + U *, for example using can materials etc., to the vibration
· · 1) after 1i 'if if the resistance to post-movement motion is smaller, There is no base, so l'-me (4
qualities and composition etc. can be considered. if + jL / 8 '@ 8 is the body of the kh mechanism
according to the present invention; For example, use a thin wire of stainless steel wire or fine
wire made of nylon wire, and reshape it into a Y shape. The top of the "is at the center. When
fixed to the contact point i Blue H by 2, the respective bent ends of the strip are fixed to, for
example, a columnar runner, IOl · · IOl.
The wire length of each of the outer diameter and length of the Nα 6 by 11 11 rod body 8 is the
size of the l · lh plate, the work @ 1. ', ‒1 wave number range, maximum driving gravity, speaker
structure 1 or the like in consideration, etc., I! The example is the most expensive J (J J, ■ 敢
150) 2 2 J! 1-, use 1, 1, 1 l skin R, <area 300i (Z ˜ 6 kll Z, straight r 'f 5 cm f' of tG motive !! The
outer diameter of the wire is 0.1 r + m to 0.2 ran + 度 degree for stainless steel wire and 0.2 mu
to 0.3 gate for nylon in the case of reproduction of middle to high pitch range. It is an extent. In
addition, in order to give t flexibility to the strip, a large number of thin wires are twisted to
obtain Iii + outer diameter. Each Ql 14 is about 51. In FIG. 5, (6) indicates the operation of the
embodiment in which the center magnetic pole is used, and (71 is 1 mo. When the drive
upstream is given to the coil 5, the vibration system, W and support strip are both shown by
dotted lines according to the 1- + 1 wave number of the current, and after (1-t in the drawing) In
the practical example, each of the two frame members 18 ... '8: supports the top of the shooting
with the equivalent tension NO3 and takes a history in history. The whole moving system is
supported by a support (2 ′ ′), 11 these supports + 7 (1, a considerable distance between, eg,
about 10 mm) I! Since it is f, the motion h direction of the vibration system is kept at a constant b
direction later by @ line a 1 · al, 2 シ, and tilting; Hm, the voice coil (5) is a light beam that
reciprocates in the active position at the base. The work / help of the real sister example is like
five-bit, but because the supporting book structure in this invention j uses a very thin body, its
table) m product is me only Tjl, Since the radiation of the sound wave from the striated body is
negligibly small and the surface area is small, there is a city that disrupts the sound wave emitted
from the brown plate (1) (and each stri Since 14 is a small one, it reduces the energy of the light
source by 1 °°, so that the deterioration of the reproduction characteristics by 1 jt can be
made l: jitL. In history, as the mounding point of wave: to L, the striated bodies 8 to 8 'are
connected at one point each (9' and are constructed in a drawing relation to lL, so vibration 1 1)
In the commercial cost of bonding with No. 1, No, No. 8 (1), the tension to stretch the strands (8)
.. 8 is equal to the tension in each of the strips. · It is ・ I ¥, and there are some cities where there
can be one more product variation due to tension imbalance.
The present invention has been described in detail in 11 below & 1 (That's why it works as a
drop) on a man-a force on a man j # + 15 A tilt finger movement system of 5 to 5 l 113 can be
made completely l;) i + l-1 and mechanical t '1 r degree 1 ···, and the support strip walks with
sound perspiration F in response to the width sound wave from the shooting movement 'No
quick, 1'! Favorable itf'P and + S property are obtained, and it is a thing which is superior to 1 · ·
···············. In addition, at the time of this q stalk L 、, the change of each deity is + jJ ability within
the category IJ 11 which is the main point of 119 119 、, and # # of the support strata 8 ',' 8 ',
戎The present invention is not limited to the Y-shaped one shown in the example of the present
invention, and may be constituted by several strips connected to fL at the center of 10 points of
the diaphragm II. Even in the river (2 '), the river may be placed in a suitable whiteness other
than the illustrated one f). 10. Even though f = t is a means for stretching a body 8 ··· 81, the
eating of each Nn 9 god is I11 ′ ability, and the column support shown in 1J. -You may pretend
φ 1 G to one of other suitable structures. 41 草 11 # i Departmental explanation attached
drawing is the same to the same part throughout all the drawings? It is either XY or f.1. Figs. 1 to
3: <1 shows a conventional example, and a mountain is a diaphragm. ・2)はコルゲーションエ
ツジ。 5はボイスコイル。 6 is the central magnetic pole. Near indicates an outer magnetic pole.
FIG. 4 is a side view of the embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 5 is a side view of a haircut.
FIG. 6 shows action Q1. In the 41st to the 61st 1st (2), there is a support of the vibration system.
8) .. 8 is a support body. 9) is a connection point of the strip 1 (and a connection point with the
vibration 11). General purpose gang feeding support '4 out 1 axis person Lux Co., Ltd.
representative g' +! tllft) ♂ 讐 讐 ヘ ヘ ヘ 飲 ト ー q ト】] 931 穐 + zero to 歇 to ′-86, 6 斂 '-C 4---璃 ÷ 3 C C J 砒 砒-ヘQ to □ C -one spring water 1 ′ ′