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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of a small
buzzer as a reference, and FIG. 2 is an example in which the present invention is embodied as a
small buzzer. FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken along the line A--A in FIG. 2, and FIG. 4 is a graph
showing the frequency response characteristics of the small buzzer according to the present
invention and the small buzzer not provided with the resonant container according to the present
invention. 1 ...... electric, acoustic variable E iron, Ga熨, Ke t frame, 8a ...... protruding piece, 9 ...
out resonance condition, 9a ... [the child. Fig. 1-97-Japanese Utility Model Publication No. 49122837 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4-98-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrodynamic
small buzzer, a speaker, an earphone and other microphones. A diaphragm is accumulated in this
器 m device of the well-known ill electrodynamic system, electricity, threat change by this
diaphragm 0IIAII11! l! Although gold is performed O, an air chamber is provided on the front
surface of the peristaltic plate O or in the vicinity thereof to make the appropriate sound
disappear completely (1) and a + step is provided to improve the frequency response
characteristics. In order to create such an air chamber, it is necessary to have a full container of a
fixed size and a large size of 11, so the electricity and sound conversion device are large. To
illustrate, l is made of a well-known OS by means of a substrate 2 made of a magnetic material, a
fill 2 (iron core wound with magnetic core, Madanets) 5 and a diaphragm 6 with electricity and
sound conversion '1M. An inner case 7 is drilled in the small hole yadjEIi at the upper surface
thereof. 8 is 7 lame [Indicated, 9 is a container, and the upper 77 ec sound ingress and egress
09m is drilled. The mlOl end wire stand, 11 is a connection terminal. This variable length device
is! +! It is used as a band buzzer and is a next reference example, and it is used when it is
known that a call has been received by listening to an mwts buzzer sound, and a telephone call
Wrt- is performed from a destination etc. This buzzer is incorporated in the receiver O, and when
a current flows through the coil 8, a magnetic path is formed by the substrate 2, the iron core 4,
the vibration plate 6 and the magnet 5, whereby the vibration (2) moving plate It vibrates and
emits a buzzer sound. The buzzer sound passes through the small holes 7a, enters the air
chamber of the resonance container 9, and is then emitted from the sound number inlet / outlet
9a to KH2. Q) The WA buzzer sound resonates in the resonance container 9, and the frequency
response characteristic is improved. That is, since it is possible to expand the frequency band of
vibration frequency, not only manufacturing becomes easy, but there is an advantage that there
is no concern that the accuracy will be reduced due to the shift of the resonance point or the like.
Even if it is a necessary cam, this buzzer is! Although the small size is strongly dampened by the
presence of 11 bands, as shown in the drawing, it has the drawback of becoming larger as a
result of the cleaning of the container 9. Therefore, in this invention, the butterfly, the electricity
which is constructed by the known method, and the sound box are installed in the resonance
container, but without the installation, the vibration / storage plate side of the converter is
directed to the bottom of the case. In addition to the interior, the diaphragm and its bottom were
kept at a constant distance of 05 flK. By configuring in this manner, it is possible to reduce the
size of the resonance container in addition to the benefit obtained by #, the above-mentioned
vibration unit, and to obtain an effect t-get.
11I2 is a portable buzzer showing a preferred embodiment of the present invention, or
comparing with the reference example of FIG. i! r: decorated in a container 9; Therefore, each
component W and material should have the same sign. As shown in the figure, in this buzzer, a
leg 7b is formed on the inner case 7 in order to maintain a constant distance between the bottom
of the resonance container 9 and the diaphragm 6. Denoted at 8a are projecting pieces projecting
at three positions on the outer periphery of the frame 8 and serving to provide an alt between
the ridge # 1 and the inner surface of the resonance container 9 a). Since the buzzer sound
generated by the vibration of the diaphragm 6 is generated toward the bottom of the support 90
by the buzzer defined in this way, the buzzer sound is reflected on the bottom and it is reflected
by # vibrating body 9 It will be emitted from the sound □□□ inlet / outlet 9a through the inner
air chamber. 1M4 shows the frequency response characteristic obtained by experimenting with
this buzzer, and it can be known that a flat continuous frequency band appears at 11 '+ of 2000
to 8000 Hz as shown by a curve. In addition, the frequency response characteristics of the bcurve aa resonance volume (in the case of an electric / acoustic transducer which is not provided
with a box 9) are shown. B) It can be understood that it is sharp and clear white silver, j, if it can
not be obtained from the white silver]. As a result, the buzzer sound t 'at the t point of the kernel
may not be obtained due to the material of the diaphragm 6, distortion or the like, and in this
case, the degree of i & scatter decreases. This #L elephant may also be 4C # t in the same way,
even when the transformation equipment M is dropped or when it collides with another object or
is cold. As described above, the resonant frequency band can be expanded to the same level by
cleaning the resonant container 9 as in the present invention. Can convert electricity and sound.
And also, as described above in this invention, electricity, sound conversion I! Since the thin tdiaphragm is inserted in the bottom of the resonance container 9 so that the thin t-diaphragm is
at the bottom side, the # vibration body 9 can be extremely effectively used to make the
resonance container 9 small. There is an O effect such as electricity, sound lIi determination
device itself can be made by this. (5) l3 In the above embodiment, we have described the use of
the buzzer in the description above, or in view of the technical idea of this invention, it is also
useful for hearing aids, earphones, electricity such as earphones, microphones, etc. I can do it.
Brief description of il Fig. 1 shows the outline of the small buzzer, Fig. 2 shows an actual trip of
the device of the present invention as a small buzzer-an example, the buzzer O帷!
Il side view, FIG. 8 is AA-A cross-sectional view 19T in FIG. 2 [lJ figure, FIG. 1 is this device QC
and small-sized buzzer, and customer support according to this device? It is a graph which
compares and shows the frequency response production property with the small aza-which does
not specify. 1 'to air, sound ik converter phosphorus, 2 ... substrate, 8 ... coil, wound .. iron core, 5
... magnet, b .. .. sliding plate, 7 ... inner case, 7a ... Small hole, 7b ... Leg piece, 8 ... Frame = 8a, ...
Projected piece, 9 ... Brown body, 9a ... Sound exposure port + 10 ... Terminal block, 11 ...
Connection terminal practical i design Hiroko Shinshin] J Corporation Toru NtBm people 込 卿 8
(8) Fig. 1, 1: 豐: '1i' ■ ::: 1: 1: !! Fig. 2 [-'8a '乙 lθyb 61 / 122837-! -Moon application for
practical model registration section),-To 巳 チ ェ g 代理人 Attorney attorney Yoshimura Satoru
third! ! la 83 fourth! ! i! b160 layer # curtain 11 M0 n-麟-A-11-17. z 12 2837 D Utility model
registration 伸 伸 t + section T ˜ secret agent patent attorney Satoru Yoshimura 5 list of attached
documents +1) 1 statement (2) 1 drawing (3) 1 letter of attorney (4 ) Applications