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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an oblique view of the product of the present
invention, and FIG. 2 is an oblique view showing its use. 1
································································································································································ Receiver. Fig. 127-
Detailed description of the invention Although it is well known to a disinfecting device to be used
by being attached to a handset of a telephone, the conventional product has a main body of cover
made of plastic or metal and at the same time a disinfectant is formed separately Because it has
been done, while the structure is complicated, it has a defect that the skin feels stupid and spoils
the sense of beauty. The present invention was devised in view of the above-mentioned
drawbacks of the conventional products, and the characteristic feature of the present invention is
that the cover cap is mainly subjected to disinfecting and aromatizing, and is composed of nine
individual spinners and consists of nine points. . Hereinafter, the gist of the present invention will
be described according to nine examples shown in the drawings. (1) is a cover cap which is the
main constituent of the present invention, the cover cap (1) a, stretchable and disinfected /
aroma treated The embroidery thread having the above is integrally formed in a form
corresponding to the case of the transmitter (2) to the receiver (8) of the material binding C
telephone. Of course, the yarn for knitting the cover cap (1) is not limited to the leash and
various yarns can be used. In addition, the cover cap (1) is knitted in a crown cap shape by using
a yarn that has been disinfected and treated with an aroma treatment in advance, and is further
knitted in a crown cap shape using a normal thread However, it does not deviate from the scope
of the invention even if it contains a disinfectant and an aromatic agent. As described above,
since the product of the present invention is formed as a cap-like knitted fabric made of
disinfected / aroma treated yarn, it can be formed with a cover cap based gold soft touch and
free coloring. At the same time, it can be mounted stably and tightly to transmission / reception
lIk, while the transmission / reception function at the time of use is no inferior to conventional
products, but its construction can be manufactured simply by mechanical weaving. Because it is a
body, there are six that are effective in the end of practicality, such as the possibility of mass
school children.