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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a connection diagram thereof. A and B are
microphones, a is a diaphragm, b is a jacket (electrode), c and d are electrodes, e is a carbon
particle, and f is a partition. (Doma 1 Figure 2-47-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The wooden device is cut into an i-icon device
suitable for use in a noisy environment such as a machine shop, airfield, station yard, etc. When
the conventional microphone is used to transmit under the noise environment, the main
transmission of the noise in addition to the necessary voice is often not as easy for the receiver to
hear. The following is a description of the drawings which will be used for the purpose of the
invention. 図 11 Fig. 1 (In the figure, 囚 and + B + ri 几 microphones are both integrated with
back-to-back adherence with the diaphragm facing outwards. Each microphone is composed of a
diaphragm 11 LI, four electrodes (electrodes); b), electrodes IQt, kll, carbon particles tel, and gaps
41 f). The microphone shown in Fig. 1 in brush 2! ! In the connecting flash of the lid, the
microphones (the signal currents generated from the microphones 1 and IBI are connected i'c so
that their polarities are in antiphase 〇 (2 microphones and 7B) are adjustment resistors, (N )
And (庵) is a partial winding machine of transformer, (ma) is a varnish winding. ) Missingly
explain the work qh of this essay. For convenience of explanation-assuming that the microphone
with the same characteristics as the IBI and the rostrum 1 and the transmitter sends the mouth
close to the microphone 1 B 1, its voice is far better than the microphone 1 compared to the
microphone 1. Therefore, the output of the microphone + Bl also greatly exceeds the f'L of the
microphone tAl. On the other hand, since the effect from a single sound source that is generally
far away from the microphone long distance acts on both the microphone + AI and 1B) in the
same size, both are almost equal (- Generate. 2-Therefore, (NA) in FIG. 2 (HB '! Sum) and (if two
phases are adjusted and the generation output by spit sound is totally balanced, no electrons are
induced by (Iio), and only Shinden Denda by required voice 10) Take the river. In the present
invention, the 4 tfg microphone can be fixed in a back-to-back manner and integrated as
described above, so that the pick-up can be easily and compactly formed, and the speech can be
clearly transmitted. In addition, although two microphones were integrated in the two
microphones all over the back, it was shown in mind, but it may be integrated at an appropriate
angle depending on the application, and may be able to vary the directivity characteristics of the
microphones as appropriate. Of course