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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view and a side view showing a
conventionally known pink amplifier, and FIG. 2 is a front view and a side view of the pink
amplifier according to the present invention. is there. 1
······························································································································································· Holding body. Fig.
1 (a) (mouth) -5-49-108 403 (2) Fig. 2-6 =
[Detailed description of the invention] 1iJ! Letter 1; Name of the dormitory 2, nim!
1 0−2、ワ。 (1) Recording IHK with contact convexity Regenerated contact 1) Attach the
lower surface to the person, and respond to the mechanical unevenness with the lower surface
attached Transducers that generate electrical signals to a pair of electrodes with both left and
right sides A pair of O conductive relaxation bodies to which a conductive adhesive material is to
be attached immediately after each other and each pair of electrodes, a pair of lead wires each
having one end fixed to a second buffer, and an upper surface of the converter It is 記 曽 曽 蕾 蕾
一定 よ))) ゐ pick up. & # 0I111Jltk Description This invention has a playback needle that
contacts a recording medium with one # convex surface, so it is connected to the pickup of the
pickup, and the mechanical grip is replaced with an electrical signal. The mechanical pick-up
apparatus is constructed by fixing a shock absorber to be mounted between electrodes in a
mechanical structure # c7. A pickup having a structure as shown in FIG. 1 (four furnaces) is
known at present as a pickup for reproducing a signal from a two recording medium in which a
high frequency signal such as an information signal is recorded. In this known structure, a buffer
is interposed between the cover and the holder in order to fix the holder for attaching the
reproducing needle to be attached to the recording medium of the company. And, a pair of lead
wires corresponding to a pair of electrodes busy on the left and right side surfaces of the
conversion 6 are connected by means of soldering. Therefore, the low speed 1 generated by the
rotation of the recording medium. The mechanical vibration of a number of cards is attached to
the upper surface of the transducer, and it is transmitted to the transducer through the shock
absorber via the shock absorber, and the effect of the shock absorber as a damper is somewhat
impaired and the housing is disadvantageous. Since the conversion lit> electrode and the lead
wire are directly connected, the resonance frequency of the transducer which is a vibrator is
lowered, or the influence of the lead wire in the raw material tends to cause variations in the
frame pillars, and pickup As a matter of fact, there is a drawback in that it is unstable both
electrically and completely. The wood design is designed to reduce such defects, and will be
described in accordance with FIG. The same figure (a) is a view showing the peripheral portion of
the IIK holding pickup O reproduction needle and the peripheral portion thereof in a direction
parallel to the spiral groove of the recording medium, as viewed from the runout side of the
reproduction needle. −) Respectively show the two figures viewed from the groove KmtkjJ meat.
In each drawing 2 and so on, fll is a disk-shaped recording medium, and 0 fl F has a spiral groove
(a high-circumferential number 541 is engraved and recorded along a line @). (G) is a pickup for
recording a good signal recorded on the groove KIIIWk, the pickup (2) basic # 1K live discharge
4), substitution 餡 i), bond body 饋 x 6) and holder ff + Prepare.
The lower surface (s) K of the regenerating needle (4) is attached to the bottom surface (s) K, and
the transducer I lK transmits vibrations corresponding to the irregularities on the surface of the
machine I. A pair of electrodes 18X11 are provided on the left and right sides of the eyebrow
displacement & i), and a stone for examining an electric signal in response to the vibration, the
eyelid 3 @ 11 + is made of a conductive material, and the electrode 1s) IsIK directly attached
Alternatively, as in the illustrated embodiment, the conductive adhesive (-) (connected via a pair),
and the buffer body (-) (.) Is directed upward of the converter tIl (outward from the position 61, .
In the above-mentioned Borin 'FI Km! ! The air bearing 1E- is held between the holding body and
the converter and 011. A pair of lead wires 0 straight) 4 II is connected to the aforementioned
loose body (−) (−) 0 outer shell 111 EK, connected to the electric # 1 electrode to the
substituted IIO electrode through the buffer and the adhesive (−), Deriving compensation
numbers in response to mechanical asperities. The pickup of the present Kokuto, which is
configured in this manner, is a conventional technology which can block the influence of
vibration from the holding body by rounding one section of the transducer facing the holding
body with an air gap interposed therebetween. Compared to ME in which the upper part of the
displacer O is attached to the holder via a buffer, an effect that much less is required can be
expected. Before connecting to the converter, attach the lead I to the shock absorber K, and then
connect the lead to the shock absorber 41, so that the lead wire is attached to the shock
absorber, the amount of solder when mounting, etc. The characteristics of the container are not
affected as much as the left, and it is possible to remarkably improve the productivity as
compared with the prior art described above, and it is effective to have an effect of ゐ ml)
practical. tI! Brief description of the surface ii No. 1 al (A)-A front view showing a
conventional well-known pick-up and a block diagram, a bite 2)-) shows a front view and a side
view of a lockup to be held in a wood device It is. (1) ... recording medium, (2) ... pickup, (4) ...
reproduction needle, (i) ... converter, f @ 1161 · · 11 ・, (1) ... holding Body practical analysis
dormitory registration applicant Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. akara Akira; 61. 4C--------11 Figure 1
Figure 1! (1) (2) Figure 17 T + to 1 V '4 1 1 1 j 2 / (0) punishment 4' z) juice □ (-, YO Denki
Shareholder No. representative 4 well fIll 薫 ヅ-1 3 肴 遼 mm イ 2-1-c5, other than the above, Da,
'° Address Moriguchi type Keihan Hondori 2nd Wang 18 address · ζ 3, , ("F's address of 3
persons) or, Yoa, □ 5. Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
辻 Tani Makoto 2]] 'Name Toshiyuki Kudo (*,> *
オ ー オ ー ′ 氏 名 Name To Kazuo Ito!
Gnu-5 ships. ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Packet ◆ 箒 ˜ 1 ′ ′ 、 :: 6 ;; 2
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