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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a BGM circuit of BGM = call registration
interlocking apparatus, and FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing a part of a call registration and
elimination circuit for controlling the BGM circuit of FIG. FIG. 3 is a diagram showing a phasereduction command relay circuit for explaining the operation of the circuit of FIG. 2, and FIG. 4 is
a diagram for explaining the operation of the circuit of FIG. FIG. 6 is a diagram showing a circuit
of the BGMI, BGM2... BGM (7,); a point of contact of relay for upward registration of F call
registration downward, AMP; amplifier, E (Y) U: relay for elevation of call registration. 1 19 1 開
49-105008 (2) city j measurement 4 measurement 1 20-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a BGM-call
registration interlocking device for streaming pack 1 (1) ground music (hereinafter abbreviated
as BGM) in response to elevator call registration. In the past, in order to give comfort to elevator
passengers, a speaker has been attached to each of the landings (holes), and a service of
streaming BGM is performed. However, since the 80 M source and the amplifier are placed in the
manager's room and the speakers on each floor are sounded at the same time, there is a problem
that the unmanned landing speaker sounds continuously), which is uneconomical in terms of
power consumption. The present invention has been made in view of the above, and interlocks
the call registration with the 80M speaker, and when the call registration push button is pressed
and the elevator starts responding to the call, the pressed floor 80M is pressed. Only the speaker
is a ringer, and the elevator lands and provides a device that stops ringing after a certain time
after the door is opened and the fkDE answer is completed. Therefore, according to the present
invention, the passenger can register the call and listen to the BGM during the waiting time until
the arrival of the elevator, without being controlled by the manager's office, and the 80M speaker
on the floor where the call registration is not made The stalks save power. The present invention
will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. The first south shows the configuration
of the IIOM-call registration interlocking device according to the present invention. In FIG. 2,
RGM / is a speaker on the lower floor, 112 for B... BGM is a speaker on the middle floor, IIOM (Z)
is a speaker on the top floor, / Ua, Ko Un .. --- (y) rta is the 6 contacts of the call registration
raising relay, Da Da · · · · · DIl, body) Ba is the 11 contacts of the call registration raising relay. The
respective speakers are connected in parallel between the output terminals j and B of the
amplifier AMP via the respective contacts as shown. Therefore, when any one of the contacts /
Ua1J (7 g, co D4... C ') is closed, the corresponding speaker is sounded K. Therefore, while the
hall contact lift button is pressed and the a contact is on, the speaker on the floor is ringing, call
registration is erased, and if the bird's eye contact is turned off, the KBGM-call registration is
interlocked to stop be able to. FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing a part of a control circuit of
the apparatus of FIG. In order to simplify the description, only the bottom side and the rising side
of the call registration and cancellation circuit just below the top floor just above the bottom
floor (F) are shown. The omitted circuit (3) is constructed in the same manner as the circuit 4 of
the middle floor. Before describing the operation of FIG. 2, the symbols of each part will be
described. PC-NC is a power supply, Pill... PC) U is an upward call push button of each floor
landing, CM is a call relay, and no V ..-. (Y) ry is a relay for call up ascent, / U1. ... (y) ttL is a
selector segment, HUII is a deceleration command brush, ECM is a landing call cancellation
brush, X5 LD is a deceleration command preparation relay, no, a door open relay, CCT is a time
relay for control circuit, SUM rise One contact of the direction selection relay, snh: b connection
of the direction selection relay for lowering, RXIlm: α contact of the leveling zone relay, DOa: l +
contact of the door open relay, 6 contacts of the DCRhtf door close relay, tozld Zener diode, 10R
is a resistor, t3xy1tsλF is a diode, F @ and Fi are protective fuses.
Now, the passenger is at the Vn on the floor just below the Cape. Take the place W where the
elevator lift is located on the floor immediately above the lower floor. Visitor rises g! -Press the
pressing button, as shown in Fig. ら). PC-P <Y) U-CR-tF) U-NC's anti-j1 'is formed i. Mono-t and
simultaneous 1c selector C segment) (Y) UL voltage is low, and (Y) U's 6th grade (Fls is closed in
the 1st-j @ device AJIP (D-10,000 Output terminal A--)% -BGM (Y)-The closed circuit or the other
circuit of the output terminal B of another force is considered, the speaker BGM (Waing
continues to sound. When the elevator moves in the selected direction n and contacts the 92nd
floor K11i tow selector segment (Y) UL with the deceleration command brush 11UB or -PC-WitjLHUB-F. − /, An open circuit of yRF-5Db−XSLDNC is formed tL, and a loading command
reference device X5LI) is installed. Show one of the 3rd mischief r1 諷 command red 'Tomekai 5
LI). X5LDcbrh PC-XSU @ -DCRa-XBKb-DOa-SLDNC Rework open circuit 諷 指令 紙 SLD LD 渡 こ
こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こH
contact point of auxiliary at) also. A closed circuit of PC-UDXm-XSLDh-5Lpa-5LDNC is formed
because 5 LDtr is closed. Here, UJXa is a G image point of the method 1i-1 黴 II @ 継. If the 1fC
stray command river brush HUB touches the segment (TO) UL, -XSLD is excited and X5LI) b
opens. The relay SLD is released. FIG. 1 shows the circuit of the leveling zone relay RZH. In the
figure / DZL, 201L-.. 0 ') DZL. (2) l) ZL is a door zone segment of each floor, Hh is an h contact of
a high speed contactor, 5 LI) b is an h contact of a deceleration command relay. Akira et al [rho ·
a as selectors brush from figure preparative ° A zone segment (Y) DZLK rice touch to the. A
closed circuit of PC- (Y) DZL-1b-5LDh-RZR-NC is formed, and the leveling zone relays RZRi) S are
excited. As a result, since the a-contact RZRa is closed, the door relay relay DO in FIG. 2 closes
PC-CR- (Y) UL-ICB-F, -5Ua-10Z-10R-RIR @ -Do-prc. I am encouraged to work. As a result, 1) Oa is
closed, pc-cm-(y) trt (4)-BCBF 6-5 Ua / ARP-DCRh-Dna-CCT-ptco open circuit is formed, selector
segment (Y) ULK tombstone PC The voltage difference between P1 and P2 is applied, and the
difference in the order of pc- (Y) UL 藺 is reduced, so that the call relay t'RWc is sufficient and a
similar tic & is not obtained.
It is released from the house of CR vinegar. as a result. PC-PiY) U-CR- (Y) The open circuit of 11NC is opened 1 ··, the tracker for raising the recording medium U is released, and In Ua is opened,
as shown in FIG. Speaker B7 child deletion aht (y) sounds) stops. As mentioned above, if one work
is done, call registration and 8 GM SHEAKER and 1-retard are performed, and when the call
registration push button / is pressed, the call registration is performed, and the fc floor GBGM
SHEEK glue has passed away. It sounds up to 才 ゐ ゐ. In the example, it is apparent that V = a
rising call location 'Wk is shown, but it can be implemented as in the case of a falling call-'. It can
also be configured to make two rings, one for u, one for u and one for the island of Doa. (7)