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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are vertical side views showing an
embodiment of the present invention. In the figure, 1
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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a moving iron
type pino cup assemblage, which comprises a vibrating body provided vibratably in a holder of
an exchange needle assembly and a rear end of the holder. A wire is connected between the
magnetic member and the vibrator to prevent the vibrator from being pulled forward when the
stylus follows the groove of the recording board, and the position of the fulcrum for driving the
vibrator is made constant, and the vibrator is also made. To reduce the mass of to improve the
frequency characteristics in the high frequency band. Conventionally, it is known that the
vibrator is pulled forward as the stylus follows the groove of the recording board ((A structure
for supporting the vibrator by a thin piano wire or the like to prevent the occurrence of
distortion due to it is well known. This invention relates to a new and useful structure adopting
the structure of 1 in the moving iron type Pino Noop Car Torino 2. The invention will now be
described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 shows the main part of one embodiment of the
present invention, (1) '(2) being a cantilever, having a stylus (2) at its tip and having a tubular
armature (3) fitted at its rear end The vibrating body (4) is configured. The vibrator (4) is
vibratably held in the holder (6) by the damper (5). A magnetic member (7) is fitted to the rear
end of the holder (6) slightly apart from the rear end of the arma chair (3). In the vicinity of the
vibration center of the vibrating body (4), an @ amount plug (8) made of aluminum or the like is
fixed, and a wire (lO) fixed at one end to the plug (8) moves the vibrating body (4) backward. The
other end of the wire (lO) is fixed to the rear end face of the magnetic member (10) through a
through hole (9) which is swung around the central axis of the magnetic member (7) and pulled
out for pulling. . The above is the configuration of the replacement needle assembly. On the other
hand, an electromagnetic conversion means including a pole piece (11), a coil (12) wound on the
pole piece (ll), and a magnet (13) are internally contained in the cartridge, and the cartridge body
is replaced with an exchange needle When the assembly is inserted, the armature (3) faces the
pole piece (11), and the rear end surface of the @ property member (7) and the (3) front surface
of the magnet (13) come into close contact with each other. 3) is magnetized with the magnetic
member (7) as a yoke. A magnetic circuit is formed. The flux passing through the magnetic
circuit is changed by the vibration of the vibrator (4) with the connection point 0 of the wire (lO)
on the rear end face of the prada (8) as a fulcrum to produce an output in the coil (12).
FIG. 2 shows another embodiment of this invention. The replacement needle assembly is the
same as that shown in FIG. 1, but the shape and arrangement of the pole piece (21), coil (22) and
magnet (23) of one main body are different. The rear end face of the holder (6) is in close contact
with the lower end face of the magnet (23), and has a feature that the front and rear dimensions
can be made shorter than those shown in FIG. Since this device is configured as described above,
the vibrator (4) can be driven-"the fulcrum O can always keep a constant distance from the
magnetic member (7) and the magnet (13), and the vibrator can be used during record
reproduction. (4) The drawing motion in the direction of movement of the record board, the
armature (3) is not attracted by the magnetic force of the magnet (13), and the shooting
movement around the stable stationary fulcrum 0 (4) Since (4) is driven, not only reproduction
with little distortion is possible, but also the magnetic flux for magnetizing the armature (3)
becomes constant, and a stable and efficient output voltage can be obtained. In addition to that,
by making the armature (3) tubular, the mass of the vibrating body (4) can be reduced, so the
moment of inertia of the vibrating body (4) decreases and the high frequency characteristics are
favorably can do.