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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 show the structure of a conventional
damper, FIG. 3 shows the natural resonance state of the damper, and FIGS. 4a and 4b show a
speaker according to the present invention. It is the top view and side view of one Example of a
damper. In the figure, 1 is a damper, 2 is an inner diameter portion, 3 is a fixed portion, 4 is a
connecting portion, and 5 is a viscous material. l. Fig. 1 062 "--=-1 ° C Fig. 2 h = 85-actual
opening 49-102 736 (2) (ρ 66 66 no-86-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a damper for
supporting the vibrating portion of a speaker, maintaining the center of a voice coil, determining
the Q value of the lowest resonance, and damping the vibration to suppress unnecessary
vibration. There are dampers of the speaker shown in FIGS. The damper shown at No. 111 is
formed by impregnating resin or the like into high or paper, and applying several corrugations to
this. As shown in FIG. 2, the elastic bar is formed by punching the elastic piece into K1111. The
present invention belongs to a weir damper shown in the invention No. 211. Reed dampers As
shown in Fig. 3, natural vibrations are likely to occur with the total length of the damper (1) as a
node and natural vibrations with a large Q factor for resonance are closely related to the shape of
the butterfly damper. Yes, the shape determination of the butterfly damper is very difficult. The
present invention is intended to prevent resonance occurring in a butterfly damper. 11 (a) and
11 (b) show a plan view and a sectional view jiI of a damper according to the present invention.
Damper l # i Bakelite plate, metal plate or L plastic film, circular inner diameter portion 2 fixed to
voice coil bobbin and concentric with the above inner diameter portion 2 fixed to a speaker
frame or yoke constituting a magnetic circuit 0. The damper L is manufactured by the punching
method of the damper L, which is formed in a shape having a plurality of Q-shaped fixed portions
3 and radial connection portions numbered from the center of a plurality of Q dampers
connecting the inner diameter portion 2 and the fixed portions 3 Ru. A circular viscous material
5 is adhesively attached from the inner diameter portion 2 to the center of the fixed portion 3. It
is provided by a method such as 9 polymerization of 1 ml. The size of the viscous substance 5 is
selected, for example, as follows: paper # 5: paper, viscosity according to the amount of damping
of resonance). In addition, the viscous material 9I5 is provided so as to bridge two or more
connecting portions 4 in contact with the continuous ring 4 (DK @ not determined and K1 m in
contact and folded) according to the present invention is configured as described above
Therefore, when the natural vibration shown in FIG. 3 is generated such that the entire length of
the damper is a node, the viscous substance 5 is provided at the central part of the inner
diameter portion 2 and the outer diameter portion 3 which give the maximum amplitude. Since 5
bridges the adjacent connecting portions 4, each connecting portion ali simultaneously vibrates,
the mass of the natural resonance oscillator increases, and the vibration is absorbed by the
viscous substance, and the vibration of each connecting portion 4 is damped. The maximum
amplitude decreases. The effect of the present invention As shown in FIG. 2, the butterfly damper
having a large number of connecting portions 4 as shown in FIG. 3 is more effective than the
butterfly damper having a small number of connecting portions.
Therefore, the Q value of the natural resonance decreases. As a result, shape determination of a
butterfly damper becomes easy busy.