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Showa Hiroshi 7 March 3/1 Patent Office Commissioner Ido Takehisado 1 · Inventive name deep
wave receiver 4, agent 〒 n thing 5, catalog of catalog documents 47031594 Published patent
publication 0 JP 48 xoxa, tO published Japan Japanese 48. (1973) 12.18 Agency serial number,
1o Japanese classification ■ ■ Name of invention 深 depth of penetration paper receiver resin
竿 轟 resin impregnated 涛 resin laminate (bar width narrower than this A paper tape is wound,
and the resin laminated rod is fitted in a cylindrical vibrator. (2): A receiver for a depth degree
used up to a depth of 5oo rice having a J mover) A sound insulation effect by a water pressure
The present invention relates to a receiver provided with a sound insulation material that does
not decrease. The underwater wave receiver usually uses Kirk, rubber, bubble rubber, etc. as the
sound insulation material other than the sound wave receiving surface, but the sound insulation
material reduces the sound insulation effect by water pressure, sometimes damaging the delivery
device itself. It is not suitable for use as a deep wave receiver as it is. The present invention can
solve the above-mentioned drawbacks, and relates to a delivery device aiming at a depth of 500
rice or less, using a paper laminated material made of paper and paper as a sound insulation
material, experimental water In free electrical admittance etc., I will surpass the excellent effects
of postscript. First, the configuration of the present invention will be described with reference to
the attached embodiment examples. In the first drawing a, 1 has an outer diameter of 33 麿 and
an inner diameter of 281111. 3. Height 3. Vibrator of owi's cylindrical titanium, lead zirconate
piezoelectric ceramic (made by Tohoku Metal Industries, material: 'Z-3A) whose inner and outer
surfaces (= silver pole) and polarized in the radial direction . 2 is a phenolic resin rod of 35 pieces
in length in which paper is impregnated with a phenolic resin (Kobe Electric Co., Ltd. made by
PB-PIii'v), 3V! The paper tape of width 18 ■ wound on the 7z / -le resin rod 2 is shown, and 4
indicates the phenolic resin rod 2 as the above-mentioned vibrator! Epoxy-V resin adhesion rule
(Semedai) which fits inside and flows into the space above and below the paper tape 3 between
the phenolic resin rod 2 and the vibrator l. EndPage: 1 n NOI δ 00). Next, 5 is a 10-book 02 core
shield cable provided on the upper part of the vibrator l, · is a 6 layer thickness molded with the
above-mentioned receiving part, urethane rubber (Adiprene having an outer diameter 5 o height
45 m) (L-xoo) is shown. Also, the receiver shown in the figure has a thickness of 130 am and two
pendulum bars, S connected electrically in parallel, and a thickness of molded urethane rubber 6
It is the same as 181 in FIG. 1 except that 5 layers of m, an outer diameter of 48 mm, a height of
14 Bm, and a length of the cab tire cable 5 are 8 books.
The experimental results of the above example are as follows. @ 1 Fig. 1 and the same wave
receiver, the measurement of the electric impedance in water at 3-33 KH2 was carried out in a
water tank. I asked for. Two of the six measurement companies used a horizontal electric
machine No. 11 impedance measurement device. FIG. 2 shows the measurement results, and on
both sides there is a resonance near 27M. (2) Delivery sensitivity frequency characteristics
Delivery sensitivity frequency characteristics are divided into two ranges of 45 to 710 cycles and
〜 to soKH2 and the sound pressure by the 45 to 10 Hz measuring cable, mutual calibration
method, 1 to The measurement of 30 KHz was based on the sound field mutual calibration
method using a square modulation sine wave in the water tank. A water pressure resistant
delivery device was used as an auxiliary receiver. In addition, sound pressure mutual calibration
method according to coupler (cylindrical, inside height 51 (inside diameter 165 m in III,
cylindrical surface thickness 4.5 (III, bottom thickness 5.5 m, lid thickness 7 cm) 4 2 The
measurement was carried out with a water pressure of 10 and 50 Kg ˜ applied. Also, in the sound
field mutual calibration method in a water tank (lsmx 9 mxsm), measurement was performed in
about 2 grooves below the water surface. Figure 3 shows tli =, @n wheeled flower, and the
sensitivity is almost flat up to 14GH2 in Fig. 1 until the liG illusion in the receiver 1 of the
medicine 1 figure. At high frequencies, it gradually decreases and becomes a mountain due to
resonance in the 2nd order. (3) Delivery sensitivity Water pressure characteristics Delivery
sensitivity Water pressure characteristics measurement company, using pressure storage mutual
calibration method with coupler, measurement frequency 180 Hz constant, water pressure kg / cd The FIG. 4 shows the measurement results, and in the case of mx
meats a and b, the delivery sensitivity decreases with water pressure, and FIG. 1 a shows L3 dB at
5 = aOKg / cd, 41 Has dropped by 1.9 dB. (4) Delivery sensitivity change due to b addition
without water pressure. After the water pressure of 5 artillery was received, the water pressure
of the received coupler, IKg / aJt = lowered and held for 20 minutes, then boosted to lOKg / cd,
delivery sensitivity measurement (time required rR30 Minutes were performed, and after holding
for 10 minutes as eOKg / cd, reception sensitivity measurement was repeated again three times,
and the reception sensitivity was measured with water pressure of 10 and aOKg, / 11i. The
measurement frequency is constant at 180 Hz. ! J5S (c) shows the state of water pressure with
respect to time in this case, and the received water of @ 1 Fig. A, b corresponding to the water
pressure shown in the same (a), (b) a husband (C) It is a measurement result of the receiving
sensitivity of the device.
In addition, the part shown with a thick line in (C) is measurement time. Also, the origin of the
horizontal axis is first when the water pressure is IKg / ai. *x5! Deviation uO, 4 dB in 4
measurements when the water pressure of lOKg / ai is added to the 11 m delivery device. 0.3 dB
for 60 guns, 0.5 dB for 10 kg / d for the delivery unit shown in Fig. 1 and O, ldB for 60 guns 1
The delivery sensitivity was not measured. (5) Capacitance-hydraulic characteristics A delivery
device was placed in the coupler, and the electrical capacity in the state where water pressure
was applied was measured with a Yokogawa universal bridge. Added water pressure I / i It is -30.40.50 oOKit / d, and the measurement frequency is 180 degrees. Article 61 We
show this measurement result. In order to obtain a deep depth delivery device, a sound insulation
material is needed that does not lose its effect even when water pressure is added and EndPage:
2 as described above. As a result of experiments on a transfer device used as a support and a
sound insulation material of the above, it was found that a decrease in the receiving sensitivity to
water pressure was small, and no peak was found below the fundamental resonance frequency of
the cylindrical vibrator. This is considered to be due to the good sound insulation effect of the
used vibrator support, and it can be said that it is also possible to make an increase in the
number of peristaltic elements by this. In the measurement of underwater free cell air
admittance, there is a resonance near 27 W, which is the radial base resonance of the used
cylindrical vibrator and is a value calculated from the average radius of the cylinder and the
material constant It matches well. As described above, according to the present invention (in the
delivery device i2 that can be practically used to a depth of 5'oo, a resin laminated ring based on
paper and paper as a shaking support and sound insulation material is used. The practical value
is extremely large because good results can be obtained in terms of the receiving sensitivity
frequency characteristics and the water pressure characteristics. 1 & cir & Figures 1a and 1b
schematically show the longitudinal cross section of the inner part of the embodiment of the
wave receiver according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 shows the results of measurement of
underwater free electrical admittance in the delivery according to the present invention, 3 The
figure also shows the measurement results of the receiving sensitivity frequency characteristics,
Figure 84 shows the measuring results of the water pressure characteristics between delivery
and delivery paths, and the fifth factor is that the water pressure is again added by 9 turns (=
from the receiving sensitivity The sixth rg is a graph showing the measurement results of the
electrical capacity water pressure characteristics of the same. l · ······················ 2 · Resin laminated
ring, 3 ··· Paper tape, 4 ··· Adhesive, 5 ··· Cap tire cable, 6 ··· Urethane rubber agent Attorney
Takashi Saito EndPage: 3 茅 4 厘 厘 P · r · 遵 water pressure · (f: Jhtn 'n EndPage: 42 kpc (' 1 / es
X) 6 other inventor blessed Koskashi ^ series address Yokosuka City Kanagawa Prefecture
running water / -10-20 ウ # 璽 兵 氏 名 End \ EndPage: