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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an essential part
showing one embodiment of a speaker according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is an enlarged
cross-sectional view of the same main part, and FIG. 5 ······· Field field, 6 pieces, 10
············································· Dampers. Fig. 1 Fig. 2]-51-real open 48100 126 (2) Fig. 3 / θ θ MC, 1 r--1 1 1 1 1 久 久 一 \ δ δ δ δ δ 讃 讃 讃 讃 一 一 1 1 l V 2 .000 璃, 5aoo 52
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a nine-speaker K11 I
configured to support an imaging & t frame with at least 10,000 RC flocked fa ridges on the
periphery of the tremor 11+ &. Most of the diaphragms of the speakers in # 11 C are fixed to the
shims with a hardener. セし°て、l! As an edge portion of the work board, a corrugating,
forming a temperature, or forming a flexible cloth or a debon film, and pasting it on a cone are
constructed. This mmgo-edge feeling is a large 4B-1 [IO12B-022 ", · · · (%% affecting, 0% affecting
sound pressure-per-translational number concurrency) to compliance, the above-mentioned
conventional configuration In the case of high compliance, even if it can not be obtained, or if it
is in Fliege, in the case of sitai, in the case of machining, di and cone parts, loss of circular ilI,
coincidence, unbalance of mass, wide end area Since vh5 is too high, split resonance is likely to
occur at the edge, and resonance occurs around 10 times the lowest resonance frequency, and
this invention has been described above. It is intended to prevent such edge resonance and
provide it to the compliance l & -speaker. Hereinafter, the book: II will be described with
reference to the drawings of an embodiment. , (IJri is a plate provided with a center pole (2) fr in
the upper center of the upper surface, this plate (a ring-shaped magnet on the crucible) (31 is
disposed, the magnet (3) on K1-1 upper , Lei) 14+ are placed, these are ligated with the food
preparation to form a field @ m + s + 2. This field section fi + is a wall to go out, but a circle al
containing magnet and dragon pole rig in the yoke! It may be the world m part of Ili. JQ-111111
') Ω-nQ5, a frame (6) is clamped on the field portion (6) to hold -8, and a natural fiber is present
in the outer periphery 11 of the frame (6)- Is flocking chemical fiber (7). And, the same natural,
chemical fiber-(8) was flocked on the outside of the peripheral edge corresponding to the part /
minute where the fibers (7) of this frame (6) were flocked! 5III board (e + Kakkono yv-A (storage
sale for 61 yen, both) fiber @ (71 and (8)) mutually vhK supported. t, a voice coil bobbin having a
voice coil wound on is tied to the center of this IIIII plate (9), and the middle part of this voice
coil bobbin 0 is a peripheral mk7 V-m <6) Supported by a damper attached to the · In other
words, in the present invention, the edge S of the court board (9) is constituted by two textiles T7
+ and 1g +, and the riot board (9) has a solid tS relative to the frame (6) The soft fiber +71, 481 is
made into t-Si 1 and the bending stress of the soft fiber + 71, 481 prevents 1 and the lateral
movement t of the damage plate (9) (7), ($ 3 is configured to block by a trap that is configured to
The following is an example of this configuration. 48-10111 ') 6-nl LI-1 ···, fibers (η, UsJ as
acrylic, nylon, Blype, W pyrene t I @ V' sfk 511 JL and thickness t-3- 4 denier, le t, 4 / 4 to 5
denier of 4 to 5 denier [for · I also made Ot prototype. The% 00 pressure s # IL number
characteristics of this genus S are shown in Fig. 3, 纂 3g1K 訃 i, a is the characteristics of a
conventional 7 LIE, a system of * mwt J @ -speaker of a conventional, bFi ak ril, nylon The
characteristics of the speaker using fiber, C., indicate the characteristics of nine speakers using
polygkubylene and Sufu Joshiho. As apparent from this q # characteristic, in the conventional
speaker, work is performed around 400 to 500 Hm, but in the case of the speaker of the
configuration of the present invention, this resonance is not observed. Stable characteristics t
'can be obtained. In addition, in this す る 1M1m + 7) -etan tm hair structure, the amount C of the
conventional edge I4] K can be approximately 3 to h 橿, and the same as above can be measured.
In the above Example 1 'CjP, 7 lame (6) and 伽-徹 (for flocking with a broken line in both seasons
described in AA AA-1 nn 1 pn pnr コ ー, 9 are flocked only in one or the other) 1 lffi L even 1,
the same effect-J! Is obtained. As described above, the speaker tfjll characteristic drawing of the
present invention can be remarkably excellent! 1! It is a purposeful iIl value.