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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm used in a speaker used for various audio devices.
The structure of the conventional example and its problems Conventionally, as a material of the
diaphragm for a speaker, a material obtained by forming a natural fiber such as pulp into paper
and forming it, a polymer film / foam, a metal foil, etc. are used. It was not satisfactory enough.
That is, although the speaker diaphragm using pulp fiber has a large internal loss and does not
cause sharp resonance, it has a small specific elastic modulus, is susceptible to temperature, and
has a defect that causes changes in sound quality and characteristics. The In addition, since the
speaker diaphragm made of a polymer film or a foam is also inferior in the specific elastic
modulus, it is not satisfactory as a speaker diaphragm. For metal foils, the specific elastic
modulus is relatively high, but the internal loss is small. Therefore, the vibration of a high-pitched
speaker, which has a drawback that distortion occurs due to non-linear motion at large
amplitude, etc. It was used as a board. Although titanium foil, aluminum foil, and their alloy foils
are mechanically strong and have relatively high specific elastic modulus, they are not
sufficiently satisfactory, and speaker diaphragms of materials having even higher specific elastic
modulus are required 0 SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention is intended to
improve such conventional problems, and to provide a speaker diaphragm having a high specific
reliability and a high reliability at a relatively low cost, and a color of the surface of titanium foil.
Also, it is intended to provide a vibratory plate which is golden in color and excellent in
appearance grade. In order to achieve this object, the present invention is characterized in that it
is subjected to high temperature and high pressure treatment in a nitrogen gas atmosphere and a
titanium foil / titanium alloy foil previously formed into a dome-shaped diaphragm shape. Thus,
it is possible to obtain a speaker diaphragm for a titanium-titanium alloy, which is configured to
have a TiN (titanium nitride) layer having a high specific elastic modulus on the surface.
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS The present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings of FIGS. 1 and 2 showing one embodiment of the present invention.
The speaker diaphragm is made of titanium alloy foil and is formed into a dome-shaped
diaphragm in advance. Next, the surface of the titanium diaphragm is subjected to ultrasonic
cleaning with flow yi to remove oily components and the like adhering to the surface. Thereafter,
the speaker diaphragm is set in the high temperature / high pressure processing apparatus, the
lid is closed, the inside of the apparatus is evacuated, the inside of the apparatus is replaced with
nitrogen gas (10 Kpf / crl), and then nitrogen gas is filled up with 1ooKyfl. After holding at 036
° C. for 25 minutes for heating, the temperature was lowered and the pressure was reduced to
take out the object to be treated.
FIG. 1 illustrates the process parameters of high temperature and high pressure processing
according to the present invention. According to the process of the present invention, 20008 to
3000 TiN (titanium nitride) layers 2.3 are formed on the surface of the titanium diaphragm 1 as
shown in FIG. 2, and the surface hardness is very high and the vibration has high elasticity. A
board was obtained. In addition, the color of titanium also becomes a very beautiful golden color
from the usual iron color, and the appearance quality is also improved. The physical properties of
those subjected to this high temperature and high pressure treatment and those not subjected to
such treatment are shown in the table below. According to the manufacturing method of the
speaker diaphragm of the present invention as in the effects j, j and more of the invention, the
high frequency and high pressure processing not only improves the frequency characteristics of
the speaker relatively inexpensively but also improves the appearance quality It will be of great
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a process diagram of high-temperature and high-pressure processing (a diagram
showing a parameter, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a dome-shaped speaker diaphragm
obtained by the method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm in one embodiment of the
present invention .
1 ...... titanium foil (titanium alloy foil), 2 ...... titanium nitride layer, 3 ...... titanium nitride layer 0
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