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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to the
improvement of the vibration system of a speaker in the field of electroacoustic equipment,
particularly a speaker having a dome diaphragm and a cone imaging plate. [Background Art]-A
speaker having a dome-shaped diaphragm and a cone-shaped diaphragm as described in 1) is
excellent due to the excellent high-frequency characteristic of a normal dome-shaped speaker
and the large diaphragm area. The general structure is shown in FIG. 2 and has a center circuit
22 of a magnetic circuit consisting of magne, soto 21, center pole 22, front plate 23 and back
plate 24 as shown in FIG. The voice coil bobbin 261 is supported by the nippers 28 so that the
voice coil 26 is positioned in the magnetic gap formed by the front plate 23 and the outer
periphery of the dome shaped diaphragm 25 and the cone shaped diaphragm 29 at one end of
the voice coil bobbin 26 '. And the outer periphery of the cone-shaped diaphragm is supported at
a predetermined position by the edge 27. Thus, the voice current is sent to the voice coil 26 to
drive both diaphragms to emit sound waves. The dome-shaped diaphragm 25 is generally made
of a lightweight, high-rigidity material such as duralmin in order to improve the divided vibration
frequency by j and 1- to improve the frequency characteristic in the high region. [Problems to be
Solved]-In the conventional example described above, since the mechanical internal loss as a
charge is small for the diaphragm using the high rigidity material, the node slightly inward of the
outer periphery of the dome diaphragm at the high region resonance frequency FH A circle is
generated to cause resonance 1 to a peak in the frequency characteristic, and a frequency FR
lower than FH causes anti-resonance to cause a dip, which both harms the sense of hearing.
[Purpose of the Invention] The present invention uses a vibration system which is improved so as
not to cause resonance 1-7, except for the above-mentioned drawbacks of the conventional
example, to obtain a speaker having a good frequency characteristic and efficiency 1 "Like.
[Means for Solving the Problems] In order to achieve all the objectives described in the second
item, the vibration system of the speaker according to the present invention is composed of a soft
one, and it is a peripheral member having its own predetermined dome shape. A dome-shaped
diaphragm made of a hard material on the inner periphery and having the diaphragm core
member with the predetermined dome shape attached is coupled to one end of a voice coil
bobbin wound with a voice coil at the lower end. A cone-shaped diaphragm which is not uniform
in the circumferential direction with a non-uniform rigidity of the root by providing a cutaway
portion over more than one portion is adhered to the peripheral member of the dome-shaped
diaphragm (7) The circumferential rigidity of the plate center member with respect to the outer
periphery is made different 1 to 1 in place, and the configuration in which the outer periphery of
the cone-shaped diaphragm is supported by the edge is η.
[Operation] -1- In an imaging system having a component, the rigidity of the inner peripheral
portion due to the notch portion of the cone diaphragm adhered to the peripheral member of the
dome diaphragm is not uniform. Since the compliance in the vicinity of the nodal line position in
FH varies from place to place along the circumferential direction, significant anti-resonances and
resonances in FR and FH as in the conventional example are dispersed, and are caused by them
(caused by 7) The second dip and peak of the frequency characteristic disappear and the
frequency response becomes flat. At the same time, the transient characteristic also becomes
better as the critical resonance disappears, so that the reproduction sound quality is significantly
improved. Furthermore, the internal loss of the peripheral member made of a soft material
suppresses high-order divided vibration of the diaphragm center member, so that frequency
characteristics and transient characteristics are further improved. Embodiment The configuration
of the vibration system of the speaker of the present invention will be described in detail based
on FIGS. 1 (a) and 1 (b). The diaphragm of the speaker according to the present invention is
composed of two parts, a dome-shaped diaphragm 1 having a dome shape and a cone-shaped
diaphragm 2 having a cone shape, and the dome-shaped diaphragm 1 is made of metal,. , A
diaphragm central member 12 made of a rigid material such as a lightweight and rigid material
reinforced with highly rigid fibers or flakes, a cloth, a paper, also 1, a visco-elastic material
applied] to a cloth, the area is a soft plastic The outer periphery of the peripheral member 11 is
bonded to the upper end of the voice coil bobbin 3. The latter cone-shaped diaphragm 2 is a hard
material similar to the diaphragm center member 12 in the dome-shaped imaging plate 1. At one
or more locations on the inner peripheral portion thereof̶a notch 5 (two in the illustrated
example) is provided, and is adhered to the M side member 11 of the dome-shaped diaphragm 1
by the inner peripheral portion . An edge 6 is adhered to the outer periphery of the cone-shaped
diaphragm 2, and the diaphragm 6 is held at a predetermined position in the frame 7 by the edge
6. According to the experimental results, the size and the number of the notches 5 of the abovedescribed cone-shaped diaphragm 2 are about 5 to 50% of the entire inner peripheral length of
the circumferential width W and the cone-shaped diaphragm 2, and the radial width d is The
peripheral member 11 of the dome-shaped diaphragm 1 to be bonded is in contact with the
peripheral member 11 of the dome-shaped diaphragm 1 (about-30% of the radius of the cone-
shaped diaphragm 2 from the extent not). The vibration system may be held only by the edge 6
bonded to the outer periphery of the cone-shaped diaphragm as described above, but in order to
obtain stable operation, a damper 8 similar to a general speaker is used in combination as shown.
The structure of the zero voice coil 4 which can expect more stable operation by the above is the
same as that of the conventional speaker.
〔effect)! FIG. 3 shows frequency characteristics of the speaker according to the present
invention and the prior art in comparison. The solid line is the speaker of the present invention,
and the dotted line is the conventional example. As shown in FIG. The speaker according to the
present invention has the structure shown in FIG. 1 as an embodiment, and the diaphragm center
phase 12 is made of 40 μm in thickness, 60 mm in diameter, and the inner side member 11 is
made of this cotton. The cone diaphragm 2 has a diameter of 65 mm, paper cones, an inner
diameter of -63, an outer diameter of -81, 5111 m, the notch 5 has a W dimension of 1 mm, a + d
dimension of 30 mm, and two in number. In the characteristic of the conventional example
speaker, a dip due to antiresonance at approximately 6 KHz and a peak due to high-frequency
resonance around 10 KHz are observed, whereas according to the present invention, one speaker
is significantly superior in the above frequency band. It is shown that the structure of the
vibration system according to the present invention is effective to disperse and eliminate
remarkable resonance and antiresonance because the beak and dip have disappeared, and an
excellent frequency not seen in the conventional example. It is possible to obtain # == # speakers
having characteristics and transient characteristics.
Brief description of the drawings
1 (a) and 1 (b) are a front view of the speaker according to the present invention, and a two-way
same cross-sectional view, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional example, and FIG. 3
is a frequency characteristic view. 11 is a peripheral part, 12 is a vibration i [@@@ center
member, 2 is a cone-shaped diaphragm, 5 is a notch, 6 is an edge, and 7 is a frame.