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Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 shows a typical example of the ultrasonic wave transmitting and receiving tool, where a is
a sectional view and b is a front view. In FIG. 2a, the conventional equalizer 15 and the
diaphragm 11 are attached to the gap between the equalizer 15 of the present invention and the
diaphragm 11 according to the present invention. The state is shown in the longitudinal section
respectively. FIG. 3a shows the vibration mode of the diaphragm fixed at the periphery, and b
and c model the loss energy. d represents the nodal ring of vibration in a front view. Numeral 11
is a diaphragm, 12 is a ceramic drive plate, 14 is a housing, 15 is an equalizer, 17 is an aperture,
18 is a front plate, 2o is a resin, 21 is a resin. The frontal energy at the center, 22 is loss conergy,
23 is the energy at the outer periphery, 24 is the loss energy, and 25 is the vibration node ring.