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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
speaker device mounted on a wall or a ceiling. When the speaker apparatus is mounted on a wall,
the baffle plate 3 to which the speaker unit 2 is fixed at the center from the speaker box 1 is
removed as shown in FIG. The speaker box 1 is fixed to the wall with a screw or the like, the
input wire 4 is connected to the speaker lead wire 5, and the baffle plate 3 is fixed to the speaker
box 1. However, in this type of apparatus, when the speaker device is mounted on the wall, the
baffle plate 3 needs to be removed from the speaker box 1 one by one and re-installed. また。
This type of cable requires a very long cable of 1 to 2 m as an input wire for connection between
the input wire and the speaker lead wire. Therefore, when storing it in the speaker box, the input
wire must be neatly stored. There is a problem that the speaker unit may be hit or broken and
the storage thereof is very troublesome. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the
present invention to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks and to provide an excellent
speaker device which can be easily mounted on a wall, a ceiling or the like. SUMMARY OF THE
INVENTION In order to achieve the above object, the present invention is a terminal-engagement
having a pin attached to one surface of a speaker box and connected with an end of a lead from a
speaker unit housed in the speaker box. Mounting work is composed of a terminal / receiving
bracket that has a terminal fitting that holds the fixing bracket, the holding hole that holds and
fixes the pin, and the input wire connected, and is in contact with the pin. And wire connection
work is simplified. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT An embodiment of the
speaker apparatus according to the present invention will be described below with reference to
FIGS. In FIG. 2 to FIG. 6, 10 is a speaker box, 11 is a baffle plate, 12 is a back plate, 13 is a
terminal / lock fitting fixed to the back plate 12, each being in a circular recess 14 Pins 15.16.17
with heads 15a, 16a, 17a are erected. Further, if the pins 15 to 17 are described in further detail,
as shown in FIG. 3, the pin 16 passes through the hole of the terminal / locking fitting 13 and is
crimped to the fitting 13 together with the circular printed board 18. Contact with the copper foil
pattern 19. In addition, the speaker lead wire 20 is soldered to the copper foil pattern 19 in
contact with the pin 15.16 as shown in FIG.
Referring back to FIG. 2 again, reference numeral 21 denotes a terminal / receiving fitting that is
fixed to a wall or the like, such as a ceiling. The reference numeral 22 denotes a mounting hole
for fixing the metal fitting 21 with a screw 23, and 24 denotes a protrusion having a shape
corresponding to the recessed portion 14. The oval and circular combined holdings with which
the pins 15.16.17 are engaged Joint holes 25 and 26.27 are provided. Next, detailed description
will be made of the terminal / receiving fitting 21 with reference to FIGS. 5 and 6. Reference
numeral 28 denotes a mounting post provided on the back side of the projection 24, in which the
central portion of the printed circuit board 29 is fitted. . The printed circuit board 29 is a spring
31. ワッシャー33. The screw 32 is pressed to the step 30 side of the mounting post 28. The
reference numeral 34 denotes a copper foil pattern of the printed circuit board 29, and 35
denotes a terminal fitting, which is fixed to the printed circuit board 29 so that the leg portion
36a of the lower fitting 36 contacts the copper foil pattern 34. The end of the input wire 39 is
coupled and fixed between the upper fitting 37 and the lower fitting 36 by tightening the upper
fitting 37 with a fixing screw 38. Next, the mounting method of the speaker device in the above
configuration will be described. As shown in FIG. 6, the metal fitting 21 in which the end of the
input wire 39 is coupled and fixed to the terminal metal fitting 35 Insert the head 15a-17a of the
pins 15-17 on the speaker box 10 side from the circular part side of the engagement holes 2527, and locate the pins 15-17 on the oval part side of the holding holes 25-27, respectively. Thus,
when the speaker box 10 is slightly rotated, the speaker box 10 is turned into a bracket 13. It is
fixed to the ceiling via the fitting 21. Also, the head of pin 15.16! 1.5a。 16a contacts copper
foil pattern 34, and speaker lead 20 and input wire 39 are electrically coupled. As described
above, according to the present invention, it is not necessary to remove the pan-well plate at the
time of mounting the speaker device, and 6 · \-And, in connection with the input wire and the
speaker lead wire, the input wire Since it does not require an extra, it has the effect of being easy
to install and having no problem in processing the extra input line in the speaker box.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a conventional mounting apparatus for a speaker apparatus,
FIG. 2 is an external perspective view of the speaker apparatus according to one embodiment of
the present invention, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a back view of the metal fitting, FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional
view of the terminal-receiving fitting, and FIG. 6 is a back view of the metal fitting.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 10 ・ ・ Speaker box, 11 ... Baffle board, 12 ... Back plate, 13 ...
Bracket for terminal and locking, 15 degrees 1.6, 17 ... Pin, 21 ... terminal and combination
Receiving bracket, 25.26.27 ... engaging hole. Name of Agent Attorney Nakao Toshio and 1 other
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