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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
piezoelectric sounding body used for generating audio music such as voice synthesis, a television
receiver, a radio receiver and the like. 2. Description of the Related Art Configuration of the
Conventional Example and its Problems In recent years, it has become possible to reduce the
thickness of the piezoelectric element, and it has become possible to reproduce wide band
frequencies, and it is used as a speaker in audio equipment, radio equipment and the like.
However, as shown in FIG. 1, such a conventional piezoelectric sounding body is mainly a
piezoelectric element 1 bonded to a gold plate 2 2 which can be attached to a metal plate
such as a brass plate. It is what constitutes Element 3. In FIG. 1, 4 is a frame for supporting the
above-mentioned piezoelectric element 3, and 5 and 6 are piezoelectric elements 1. It is a lead
wire rolled on the metal plate 2. Then, the piezoelectric element 1i-i is fully expanded and
contracted by applying an AC voltage between the lead wires 6 and 6. Therefore, the
piezoelectric element 3 is a vibration having a node having a diameter smaller than that of the
outer edge of the piezoelectric element 3 It will do everything and emit a sound. However, as
described above, the metal plate -C having a heavy specific gravity such as brass has a large load
when it vibrates, and it is difficult to obtain a sufficient sound pressure level particularly in a bass
range of several hundred Hz or less. 1 It is effective to use light metal noise such as aluminum,
aluminum alloy, titanium etc. as the metal plate here, but they have the problem that they are
extremely difficult to solder It was a thing. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention
has been made in view of the above problems, and is intended to provide a piezoelectric
sounding body for the purpose of improving the level of sound f. In the case of the non-prone
(Ssu) piezoelectric publication to achieve the entire goal, the example is a foamed plastic around
the example of the flli electric element element in which the piezoelectric element is bonded to a
metal plate. The outer peripheral part of the support plate consisting of a support plate made of
soft dough such as rubber (-J'It, above soft) 1 and 4 is fixed by means of a root plate (and the
outer edge of the above metal plate The metal 1 and its dissimilar metal are fixed to the part with
solder iJ function, and further, the above-mentioned f + type metal and 'two piezoelectric grids'
are soldered with each other -1. It is. Dimensionally, it is formed by plating a metal having a
similar ionization tendency to gold m & on the dissimilar metal. According to this configuration,
by completely fixing different types of metal to the metal plate, it is possible to use light metal as
the metal plate, thereby improving the sound pressure level in the low frequency range.
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT An embodiment of the present invention will
be described below with reference to FIGS. The piezoelectric element element is formed by
bonding the piezoelectric element 8 to the metal plate 9 having a small specific gravity, such as
aluminum, aluminum alloy, ditan, etc. 10 is caulked on the edge of the metal plate 9- 1: L:
Bonding of brass, tin, etc. is possible, and metal different from the metal plate 9 is possible. 11.12
corresponds to 1) above [L-shaped element 8. 10 different kinds of metals are soldered to the
outside and lost to the outside, il, 1-IJ-wire, 13 is the outer periphery of the above-mentioned 11
solar cell element 7 / Kaiseki foam / soft plastic such as Koto Support plate made of a metal, and
a frame formed by fixing the entire outer peripheral portion of the support plate 13 by
supporting the support 13 and the seven rements on the piezoelectric element. As is clear from
the above-mentioned embodiments, 1) the present invention is effective when the load is small
when vibrating as light metal such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, titanium etc. as the metal plate
9, but they are almost difficult to hang Therefore, it is possible to use the light metal of the metal
plate 9 as the metal plate 9 by fixing the metal plate 9 and the dissimilar metal 10 to the outer
edge portion of the metal plate 9 by soldering. In addition, against corrosion occurring between
the metal plate 9 and the dissimilar metal 10, the metallic plate 9 has a ionization tendency close
to that of the dissimilar metal 10 and is subjected to a corrosion-resistant metal (eg, zinc for
aluminum plate). Therefore, it is possible to obtain higher reliability. Effects of the Invention As
described above, it is only necessary to fix dissimilar metals on the piezoelectric sounding body
of the present invention 1 and a gold rIf4 plate to the piezoelectric sounding body according to
the present invention. In particular, the sound pressure level in the low frequency range of
several tens of o Hz or less can be significantly improved.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional piezoelectric sounding body, FIG. 2 is a
cross-sectional view showing one embodiment of a piezoelectric sounding body according to the
present invention, and FIG. 3 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of the same.
7 · Piezoelectric element element, 8 Piezoelectric element, 9 metal plate, 10 dissimilar metals,
11.12 · · · · · 1 line, 13 beverage f "support 4 plate 14 · · · frame.