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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
diaphragm of a speaker. [Technical background of the invention and its problems] A speaker
having a diaphragm of an f / cross plate as shown in FIG. 1 (a) fb) is known as one type of flat
type speaker. In the figure, 1 is a diaphragm, 2 is a voice coil bobbin, 374 voice coil, and 4 is an
edge. The diaphragm 1 is formed by molding a foam of rubber or plastic, etc., and it is tlj 4 j 4 j 4
j 4 j 何 j 何 j 自由 j 自由 j 自由 j 嚇 j 第 j 13) to have a natural vibration mode in a nodal direction
and a radial direction as shown in (1) to (1)), but drive a portion (broken line) corresponding to a
nodal mode node of a diaphragm as in (b) Therefore, it can be reproduced in the state close to
the piston vibration up to the frequency corresponding to the mode shown in (h). However, a
peak occurs in a high range equivalent to the high cut cycle 0 & number. When using it with socalled multi-way combining this with other speaker units, it is necessary to smooth the
characteristics of the high range. [Object of the Invention] An object of the present invention is to
provide a loudspeaker diaphragm which has appropriate mechanical loss and smooth
characteristics in a high range equivalent to the high cut frequency which is the upper limit of
the frequency range of piston vibration. It is in. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to solve
the above problems, the present invention comprises a diaphragm made of a rubber-based or
glass-based foam made of CFf (, P (carbon fiber / plasticized plastic), elastic A material. Tl to the
part where the diaphragm is driven? Embedded in a foam and molded. [Care Day Example] The
details of the present invention will be used in conjunction with the example of the figure in the
following. Fig. 3 is a plan view of Fig. 3 (a) · · · · · Fig. 1 + Fig. 1 +) with one μ '@ line of the
present invention capable of smoothing the peak in the high range equivalent to the high cut
same wave number. r A, A, -A 'in cross section. As shown in the figure, the speaker rig @ IJ of the
present invention is a drive rig 5 made of a high elasticity H material such as (2F1 LP (carbon 哉
vertebra filled plastic> op + tP (I j class fiber · strained plastic)) is made of foam. Diaphragm 1 (1)
ボ イ ス 9 embedded in a portion driven by a voice coil bobbin bin 2 and bonded to Zeusko · f
Lupovin 2 [Effects of the Invention] '7 With such a speaker sliding plate of the present invention,
an action fruit as follows is obtained. 4 (the diaphragm 1 made of foam rubber having a diameter
of 20i as shown in FIG. 3, the drive rib 5 made of CFRP is formed by spiting the drive rib 5 of the
present invention) The sewing response when driving the part corresponding to is shown.
In addition, as a comparative example, a two-color child with a diameter of 20 G1 rL which does
not have a driving rib as in the present invention. Similarly, a portion corresponding to a node of
the Hi'i circular mode is shown as a driven single-piece pressureless; 1-synth characteristic. As is
apparent from the figure, the present invention j (according to the part driven by the bobbin 2 is
embedded in the diaphragm 1 made of foam and then bathed, compared to the conventional
loudspeaker moving plate compared to the Beno Ikanodo The first row is smooth in the high
range equivalent to the frequency. In addition, in the conventional row as shown in FIG. 1, 1st
frequency of 4T 4 i, as you can see, the 21st mischief O) mote blame a) defense mode (C) P
frequency Can produce a small G. This is because (7) (fa-fa) and mode tc) are not sufficient (all by
suppression), and all fluctuation is not remarkable. In the example shown in FIG. 3, (Imj support
plate 1 is reinforced in the circumferential direction, and it has a composite structure, as shown
in characteristic a of FIG. The characteristic valley at the frequency corresponding to the mode
(a) and the mode fc) becomes smaller, and the influence on the sound quality is reduced. Bet 1. In
the practical example shown in Figure 3, the drive rig 5 is not hollow, but it is also hollow! The
relaxation system can be lightly oxidized (the same effect can be obtained with.
Brief description of the drawings
-Π 1 Fig. J shows the structure of a conventional flat diaphragm-Fig. 21 Fig. 1-1.
That resonance period? Skin teaching e-dew: 4, · sound 3 (The issue of the plane of the present
invention (an example of an artillery plate of the present invention is shown; Fig. 4 shows the
present · 屯 1A and the conventional speaker impression The frequency deviation of the plate is
1 J]. 1 · · · IAe moving plate, 2 · · · voice coil bobbin, 3 · · · J 's-r, 4 · · · · · · · ·' 'M l) f. Attorney
Attorneys Patent Attorney Minoru Ken (1 other) Fig. 1 (1) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 (Q)