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The present invention relates to a speaker device configured to be incorporated in a cabinet of an
electric device such as a television receiver. A conventional two beaker device of this type is
constructed as shown in FIG. That is, an opening 2.3 is provided at the upper and lower portions
of the cabinet 1 and the point 4 is attached to the opening 2.3, and the opening of the partition
plates 6 and 6 provided in the cabinet 1 is for middle and high sound. The speaker 7 and the
bass speaker 8 are mounted on the side between the partition plates 6.6 so as to be opposite to
each other, the sound absorbing material 9 is disposed between the partition plates 6.6, and the
mid-high-tone speaker 7, A number of diffusers 10 and 11 for diffusing sound are arranged on
the front of the bass speaker 8. In this configuration, middle and high-pitched sound is emitted
from the opening 2 and low-pitched sound is emitted from the open part 1. As a speaker device,
a listener feels discordant to the listener. Further, the partition plate 6.6 is required, and the
diffusers 10 and 11 are required, resulting in a large number of components, requiring much
labor for assembly, which results in poor productivity and significant disadvantage in cost.
Further, when this speaker device is incorporated into a television receiver, the leakage flux from
the speaker field section adversely affects the electron beam of the cathode ray tube, causing
color shift, image shift, etc. was there. The present invention is intended to eliminate the abovementioned conventional drawbacks, and aims to provide a speaker device having a simple
structure, excellent sound quality, good nondirectionality, and little influence of leakage flux. It is
a thing. In order to achieve the purpose stated in the present invention, the present invention is
to open three sides except the back of the periphery by the partition plate in the upper and / or
lower one of the upper and lower ones of the cabinet of the electric equipment Two box sections
provided with a diffuser are provided, and a speaker for low-pitched sound and a speaker for
middle to high-pitched sound at the front opening are attached to the respective box sections.
Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIGS.
Here, a television receiver will be described as an example. It is a cabinet of a 12-television
television receiver, and a cathode ray tube 13 and various operation mechanisms 14 are
provided on the front surface. A partition plate 16 is provided horizontally in the upper part of
the cabinet 12, and two box portions 17. 18 i are formed between the partition plate 16 and the
ceiling surface 16 of the cabinet 12. That is, a defocuser 19 which is a circular arc surface is
provided from the rear surface side and from the rear surface side to the center of the front
surface to constitute two box portions 17.18.
The front and both side surfaces of the box portion 17.18 are open, and the middle to high sound
speaker 20 ° 21 is attached to both ends of the front surface so that the sound emitting portion
is on the front side. A through hole 22 is provided in the middle of the box 17.18, and a bass
speaker 23 ° 24 is attached so as to face downward. The lower portion of the partition plate 16
is in the form of a closed box, and the high and high pitch speaker 20 and the low pitch speaker
23 of the one box section 17 and the high and low pitch speaker 21 of the other box section 18
and the low pitch speaker 24 are configured to be in reverse phase with each other. The cabinet
12 in the above embodiment. In the upper part of the figure, although the thing which comprises
a speaker apparatus was shown, you may comprise in the lower part of the cabinet 12, and you
may form by both lower J's of -1 lower part. As described above, since the speaker device r of the
present invention is configured, it is possible to reduce the number of components by one for the
partition plate and the stiff user, and the direction of the workability in assembly is * I'fI and for
bass The rear volume of the speaker, i.e., a large space on the side which does not emit i'-, gives a
disturbed bass, and since the sound can be emitted evenly by the users of the tifs, it is
omnidirectional. Since the speaker's magnetic circuit is located farther from the inside than the
partition plate, it has many effects such that the adverse effect of the leakage flux can be
reduced, which is of great industrial value.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 r 1 A half sectional front view showing a conventional speaker device Fig. 2 σ A
perspective view of a television receiver according to an embodiment provided with the speaker
device of the present invention Fig. 3 is a front view thereof Fig. 4 Fig. 6 is a side view of the
main portion with a notch, and Fig. 6 is a cross-sectional view of the main portion.
12,,,,, Cabinet 15,,,,, Partition plate 16,,,, Ceiling surface, 17, 18, ..., Box part, 19 · · · Tiff User 2 o
21 ·············································· 22 The IW communication holes 23, 24. 00100. Bass speaker.
Figure 1 Figure 2