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The present invention relates to low-frequency underwater (acoustic transmission systems, and
more particularly to an underwater acoustic transmission system suitable for hand-filling
cabinets which occupy most of the system dimensions. The ultrasonic wave is oscillated in the
water, or the ultrasonic wave that has propagated in the water is received using an
electrostrictive or magnetostrictive element as a flange, moving with a diaphragm tom-ping coil;
In the former case, a plurality of transducers are arranged at a wavelength or several times the
length or more, and the direction in which the sound wave arrives is made by mechanically
rotating or electrically switching it. There is a drawback that the device becomes larger and more
shaped and more complicated as detection and sound waves are transmitted over a specific
range, but the frequency becomes lower. In the latter case, the low side resonance frequency 4. 1 'here 8a = = support plate strength of diaphragm 7 m, FEmv 10 m 4 + maa "Qm ma = mass of
voice coil ma = mass of diaphragm m-mass addition where cabinet stiffness The relationship
between 8- and the volume V of the cabinet is as follows: where Ps = density of the medium in
the cabinet Cpp = speed of sound of the medium in the cabinet 8 = area of the diaphragm If you
try to expand the ill, + 2 + type had the disadvantage that the size of the cabinet must be
increased more than necessary. The object of the present invention is to eliminate the abovementioned drawbacks, which is characterized in that the volume of the cabinet is reduced
without impairing the low-frequency characteristics, and thereby the capacity of the associated
pressure regulator is also reduced. It is an object of the present invention to provide a
transmission system in which the entire system is miniaturized. That is, according to the present
invention, although the degrees of freedom for lowering foI are Se and Sa according to the abovementioned equations (1) and 121, Se remains even if the supporting stiffness of the diaphragm is
zero, and this largely depends on this. doing. It is necessary to pay attention to P · n because S · in
the equation (2) can not be changed from the point of acoustic power. When air is used as in the
conventional medium in the cabinet, the density of air is P: 't 29! Since it is J / 111 ′ ′, its
density will be PHPo 1785, when using lighter helium. The present invention will be described in
detail below with reference to an embodiment shown in the drawings. In the first milk, the
diaphragm 1, the voice coil 2 and the center ball 3. Permanent magnet 4. Magnetic circuit of
yoke 5 and magnetic circuit retainer 6. A transmitter consisting of a watertight body 7 and a
pressure inlet 91 for balancing the air pressure in the transmitter with the water pressure to
keep the diaphragm position at a middle point 91.
Valve 92. Pressure regulator configured with pressure regulator internal water level detector 93
and solenoid valve 94 9. High pressure charge tank 10. Piping 121. It is comprised from the air
recirculation apparatus 12 grade ¦ etc., Which consists of a valve 122. As shown in FIG. In the
water wave transmission of FIG. 1, the use of helium as the medium in the cabinet reduces the
above-mentioned (S · in the 2ν equation to about 177). Therefore, the cabinet has a volume V4
of about 1/7, and has the same stiffness as when air is used. From this, if the volume V @ of the
cabinet can be reduced to about 1/7, even if the volume of the pressure regulator 9 is also
reduced to about 1/7, the pressure adjustment function is not impaired. Therefore, as compared
with the case where air is conventionally used as the medium in the cabinet, the size can be
extremely reduced. According to the present invention, as described above, since the volume of
the watertight rod 7 which is the cabinet and the volume of the pressure regulator 9 each
become about 1/7, the other pipe 121911 flow device 12. Even if the unchanged portion of the
high pressure charge air tank 10 or the like is left as it is, the whole structure can be
miniaturized to 1A to 115. If the dimensional relationship is made the same as in the case of
using 9 degrees, it is possible to improve low-pass characteristics by that much.
Brief description of the drawings
The figure shows the block diagram of the low frequency underwater acoustic wave transmission
system which is one example of the present invention.
1; Diaphragm 2: Voice coil 3: Center pole 4: Permanent magnet 5: Yoke 6: Yoke presser 7X
Watertight rod 8; Piping 9: Pressure, regulator 91: Water pressure intake 92: Valve 95: Pressure
regulator Internal water level detector 94 M solenoid valve 10: High pressure charge tank 11:
Medium 12: Circulation device 121 for medium in cabinet; Piping 122: Automatic valve