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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional view showing one example of a
conventional composite type speaker, FIG. 2 is the same half sectional view showing the other
side of the conventional composite type speaker, and FIG. FIG. 10 is a half sectional view showing
an embodiment of the composite speaker of FIG. . A · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·. Second horn component, 19 ..... dustproof net.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates, for example, to the
improvement of a composite type speaker in which a horn and a weeter portion are coaxially
incorporated in a woofer portion. In the prior art, for example, a combined sneaker horn and a
driver fist unit incorporated into a bone tweeter woo and a driver fist unit are separated, and
most of the horn fist tweeter have ikora sensu-in the horn 4114, and The dustproof device in the
compound horn steerer of fine stone A was shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. The driver shown in Fig. 1 is
1 driver t22! A dustproof net -9 'formed of natural fiber or synthetic resin W only is stretched
over i of j3 and equalizer 14 at @ 4, and the one shown in Fig. Y2 is protected at the opening of
horn 15 I put paste l19 '˜ ˜. By the way, since the horn / tweeter part B shown in FIG. 1 stretches
the protection net 19 'in the gap of 1iI11 or less between the equalizer 14 and the diaphragm
13, the variation of the frequency characteristic-1 becomes large and the sound quality changes.
It is easy to make the pickup plate 13 and the net 19 'contact and a squeaky sound is generated
easily. · And the diaphragm 19' is set in a small area between the horn and tweeter B and the
pickup plate 13 It took a hand [-1] to stretch. Further, since the dustproof net 19 ′ ′ is
stretched at the opening of the horn 15 as shown in FIG. 2, the # length and sharpness peculiar
to the horn 15 are lost, giving a serious adverse effect on the lock-in. was there. The present
invention has been made in view of the above-described points, and the purpose of the present
invention is to make the soil of the horn / tweeter the first horn 1 of the driver unit side and the
tenth of the grill 1111. The dustproof net can be installed in a simple and easy manner between
the first horn machine and the second horn component by being divided into two parts and
assembled freely with a mass bite, thus the frequency characteristic And providing a composite
type speaker capable of exerting a dustproof function while minimizing an adverse effect on
sound and electric power. The following is an example of one reconsideration of this paper
according to 3 3 (Y: Is a woo-city formed by incorporating a 7-ton fist-toe-ta part B coaxially in
the inside thereof, and this woo-ha i7. The tweet screw 1J attached to the lower surface of the
cone-shaped diaphragm 1 is inserted into the magnetic cap 3 & of the magnetic circuit 3 and the
diaphragm 1 is an outer peripheral stage of the frame 4 captured on the upper surface of the
magnetic circuit 3 The backing 6 is pressed to the portion 41L via the edge 5 and the plate 1 is
fixed, and the joint portion of the * 1111 and 7 * chair coil hinge 2 is fixed to the frame 4 by
using the tumbler material T and 11-(formed.
On the other hand, in the horn tweeter part B, the magnetic circuit 9 is fitted in the concave
portion 8 of the mounting member 8 screwed on the upper surface of the magnetic circuit 3 of U
.. The voice coil portion 12 having the moving plate 1 and supported by the supporting member
11 by the damper 10 is inserted into the hole 9a of the magnetic circuit 9 and disposed on the
upper portion of the moving plate 13. The six pieces 15 having the equalizer 14 are fixed to the
front pt support member 11 using several screws 16 and the grill 1T integrally formed with the
horn 15 is fixed to the upper surface of the backing 6 Thus, the upper surface of the ・ ·· part B
is stacked on the grill 1T. The horn 15 can be assembled on the first horn component 15 of the
driver unit 18 on the side of the driver unit 18 with the upper surface of the pad plate 6 pressing
the diaphragm 1 of the woofer capital B to the outer cylinder step g4a of the frame 4 and its
upper surface And the second horn component 15B integrally formed with the grille 1T. The
outside 11117m of the grill i7 is bonded to the flange 4b of the frame 4 of the woofer A, or fixed
by means such as screwing. A dustproof net 19 is attached to the first horn component 15m and
the 1st 82nd horn iff child 15B 1) 1), and this dustproof net 19 is a natural fiber or synthetic
resin peak and is acclaimed t1 first 1 @ 2-FN- groove groove member 15 B is adhered to a 15
mm groove member with a seeding agent and assembled. When assembled, the outer peripheral
edge portion is attached to a single layer. The 1 μ grouper 11 of the present embodiment is
composed of the above-described N. Oki formation, and is divided into two parts of a 41 earth
component 15 and a second horn component 15 B. And the outer peripheral edge portion of the
dustproof net 19 is bonded between the first horn component 15A and the second horn
component 15B of the second 15 The dustproof net is formed at a slight interval between the
moving plate 13 and the equalizer 14 of the driver unit 18 as in the conventional composite type
loudspeaker shown in FIG. You do not have to put 19 on it. Therefore) back net 19? The horn 15
can be squeezed and treated as an orchid, and the variation of the wave number characteristics is
small, and the sound and the characteristic of the horn and the speaker are precisely detected
without tingling of the sound '5'. Not lost. In the uninvention, as described above, the horn of the
horn / tweeter part can be assembled by being divided into two parts, the first horn component
of the driver unit y) lIl, ll and the second dimension component on the grill side. The dustproof
net is stretched by simple handling between the first horn component and the second horn
component so that the first horn component and the second horn component can be assembled
in two minutes. Therefore, compared with the conventional product in which the 5: Fi dust net is
installed in the gap of IIIIl or less between the equalizer and the diaphragm, it is possible to
minimize the adverse effect on the frequency 4 and 8 and the sound quality and reduce the
dustproof effect. .
4, a brief explanation of the surface Figure 1 The figure of the person in the past is also a half
sectional view showing an example of the speaker, and the diagram 2 is the 101st figure <the
other figure of the conventional combined type sneaker>; FIG. 3 is a half sectional view showing
an embodiment of the combined loudspeaker according to the present invention. A ·· woofer W5,
"··· Horn Touita part, 15-red - down, 15-time ... culvert 1 horn constructor, 15B ··· the second ten down constructors, 19 ... dustproof not , 1 to 1b 19'14, · '1 ° "5 · · ·" Tortoise "and the round 19
°. ,-----------------12-12--12--11-12 '-′ II' y, '>,: ,, t) l :: (, (1':,)),:, I '; l + 94 · · · A utility model
registration applicant Pioneer Corporation Hideo Kanno Fig. 3 B 5-j, 1 1 7 · 19 19-15A / 18-,
heart, 1x- / 1140'4b248a- 1, 8-Mi, 7 to 7;-: 7 'N' 7 -/ / / / ... 7/4. ,. 7 乙 //// 2 と り ・ ・ ・ ・ ・