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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The attached drawing is a partially cutaway side view
of a vacuum forming mold for a diaphragm according to the present invention. · · · · · · · · 11 mold
body, 11 · · · heater · 12 · cold water passage, 13 · · · suction space, 2 · · · suction attachment type,
2a · · · neck portion, 2b · · · · · Part, 2c ... edge part, 21 ... screw, 22. G 3.24 · · · suction holes, 3 · · ·
vibration plate material, 3 a · · · peripheral edge, 4 · · · upper mold.
The present invention relates to a vacuum forming mold for a swing shaft plate, and more
particularly to a vacuum forming mold capable of changing the shape of a forming cavity to the
shape of a moving plate. Of the moving plates such as speakers, vacuum forming is adopted for
forming a diaphragm formed using Hollymark's plastite, and in this forming method, a heating
source and a cooling source are provided, and A suction means as well as a vacuum mold with a
molding cavity are used 91.9 "1-. In this vacuum forming method, different molds are required
depending on the shape of the article to be molded, that is, the diaphragm. However, this mold is
different from the injection mold, and it has a structure to heat the molded product or to cool it
after molding, and it has a structure to depressurize the inside of the mold cavity of the mold.
The price is quite expensive. This results in pushing up the molding cost of the diaphragm which
is the article to be molded. Therefore, this invention makes it possible to freely change the
suction mold of the mold cavity among the mold so that the heating part, the cooling part and the
suction means provided in the mold can be used as it is. It is characterized by The son will be
described according to the attached drawings with the details of this invention. First, in the
figure, reference numeral 1 denotes a molding die main body, and a heater II as a heat source for
heating an adsorption mold forming a molding cavity described later, and a cold water passage
12 as a cooling source for cooling it. The space in the central part is placed in communication 11
with the vacuum pump to form a suction space / 3. Then, an adsorption type core for forming a
molding cavity is stacked on the mold body 1, and the central portion is fixed to the mold body
by a screw J, and the neck portion of the diaphragm-2 #% cone portion Suction holes n, 23.2 #
communicated with the suction space are respectively opened at positions corresponding to the
corrugation portions 2b edges i, 2c. In particular, as the heat conducted from the heater / l is
transmitted from the central part of the adsorption type λ to the periphery thereof, the heater //
Gifu near-position is the neck portion of the adsorption type co, and the mold The heat from the
heater ll is conducted directly to the neck part a through the main body l, but the heat insulator l
is present in the mold l between the heater H and the corrugation part co b, so that the heater
The heat of I is conducted to the corrugation portion cob via the neck portion 2a. There is an
edge portion λC near the periphery of the adsorption type, and the peripheral edge 3a of the
vibrating plate 3 such as hollymer graphite is placed on the peripheral portion 2d, and
compressed air is jetted out from the upper side of the vibrating plate 3 It is fixed by heating the
upper mold 3 to 3 by heating.
Since the suction surface of the suction type is to form a forming cavity, it forms a curved surface
along the diaphragm, and the neck part, the portion closer to the center than 2 + 1, forms the
part to be removed after diaphragm forming . Since the vacuum forming mold for the diaphragm
according to this invention has the above-mentioned configuration, the adsorption type co can be
removed from the mold main body l by removing the screw 1, and another adsorption part
having a different shape can be obtained. Different types of diaphragms can be formed by using a
fixed mold. Moreover, since the load on the mold by the upper mold dab is only applied in the
vertical direction, identification by the screw 2 is sufficient. As can be appreciated from the above
description, according to the present invention, the true form of the invention is based on the
formation of a main body of a mold and an adsorption mold separately formed of a letter of
seven, a heating source, a cooling source, and Since the suction source is provided on the main
body of the mold and the suction is detachably attached to this, the suction mold can be replaced
by the diaphragm 1 and the vacuum molding can be performed with one, which makes it possible
to use the mold widely. is there. 2 Gyo "