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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a rear view of the front frame of the present
invention, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a case 4 of the present invention. 1 is a
mounting plate, 2 is a holder, 4 is a case, 5 is a back cover, 6 is a protrusion, 7 is a baffle plate, 9.
IIH: Rotating shaft, 10: pole, 11: spring, 17: recess.
[Detailed description of the invention] The woodworker plan is to drive the forward net of the
tweeter part of the 3-way speaker system to change the direction of high-pitched sound by
changing the direction of high-pitched sound and to improve the directivity. It is related to the
speaker device vC that enjoys the filling function of the one thousand and two thousand pieces of
movement mechanism Conventionally, the upper and lower 10 times-one axis of one part of the
wing is provided, and the sound of the tweeter is emitted 10,000 times. The device to change is
well known? 3? 2) There is no click stop # @ V (L ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.) that makes the woofer part of
the speaker system be in a closed position and changes the pitch angle of the twister. The
following explanation will be given in accordance with the embodiment of the present invention,
as in the case of the first i × 1 and the second L <li / ζ, with the frame 8Vc woofer speaker 2
attached, the tweeter 18 and the super tweeter 14 is attached to the case 4K, the back cover 5 is
completely attached to the case 4, and the woofer-speaker 12 is attached to the closed box rC by
attaching the 1ff (2) frame 8 to the closed box. The former 1 cutting shaft 9 is provided in one
case 4 of E11 而 伜 8 and loses the tweeter 13 and the super tweeter 14 to the full-width clothes
L of the rose-y-le 1fj 7 and the panful plate 7. Attach triangle IVI mounting the top 3K multiple
recesses 17 to the center of the back face of the baffle temporary 7 and attach the horizontal
projection to the center projection 6 of the case cover 5 of the case 4 year 15係 1 ・ t ・ ((L L
type V 框 框 2 框 + tcl 回 9 回 回 18 18 18 18 18 18 78 輔 − 78-[, L The drill hole V provided in
the IK flat portion of the desired 9-supporting structure 2 (Click ball 10 is inserted, 7 [Irl of the
ball 10 is suppressed by the wedge spring 11 attached by 1 to the L1i 71 holding tool 3 and the
lower surface is This is a speaker device which is pressed by the concave portion 17 of the top
portion 3 of the flanged plate 1 and the punching metal having a circular arc shape in cross
section is accommodated in the 1ff curve of the full plate 7. The water groove "4P" has the above
structure, so the woofer part of the speaker system is sealed and the sound quality is maintained:
〆, 安定 and stability, the structure is simple and the direction of the lie part is freely changed to
point It is a speaker device of click stop 幡 楽 し む which enjoys the feeling of ツ (E hitch
transfer jl F +) by measuring the improvement of the sex. A simple diagram of the 41 × 1 plane
Fig. 1 is a back view of the curve on the front side of the wooden box Fig. 2 is a sectional view of
the wooden box 4 in Fig. 1 is a mounting plate 2 is a holder 4 is a case 5 is a lid 6 The projection
7 + r o i · l full plate 9.18 [shaft 11 IQ g] [ball 11 is a spring 17 is a recess ... New g ー 出 L 1 LJ
people Onkyo Co., Ltd. 6 1 corridor 9 () 2 C) fire 2 圀++ 610 [-;-----------.. 2 :: 1----, 9 "" ::% □-----'-/
/' · · · · · · · · · · · · · \ 6 utility model registration applicant Onkyo Co., Ltd. Kusunoki Sakai Taiko