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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial cross sectional view of a horn
speaker, and FIG. 2 is a cross sectional view of a speaker horn of the present invention.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention describes a horn-type
speaker which is opened to a novel speaker horn as shown in FIG. 1 # l +, where 1 indicates a
diaphragm, a magnetic circuit, etc. The sound wave emitted from the type 1J 怜 sl is emitted to
the atmosphere rC through the speaker horn 2 and because the radiation impedance with the
atmosphere is good by the horn 2, the cedar of the season · · · Dedicated speakers (Large cones,
domes! The upper mold has a high advantage compared to lI rC. This horn on the speaker-Horn
for Shiba Alumida Kojima / '\. 2 cast, cast r lumi or 1 is used, but this type of thing has extremely
high sharpening Q of the resonance, generates resonance r of the horn itself (according to the socalled horn squeeze 杏1 to make a drawback. したが。 Then, in order to suppress this horn
noise, it is performed to stick the antacid 1 flt to the horn to suppress the resonance of the horn.
And, so, that of the +11.1 v'1 material, the horn material's tight fatigue becomes large and the
power gets worse. −a−: 1x suppression of the horn 1 of the horn (1⁄4 of the vibration body (Ho
7) as 1 part m of the box 1 ′) large to iLT Reke Un'u 1 energy rather than person a, it is because
Hiru requires a large amount of control ,, ffl material, where, this //) 1 Kiri this [significantly than
aluminum Mitsu監 σ) Shobai Magnesium y is a form 1 material of magnesium alloy ヲ horn, so
it can suppress resonance 1: l :: It can surrender the habit of city 11 i o, and the second 卜 X t C I
will explain in more detail. The 21st percent ii! dMagnesium father is a horn made of magnesium
3 alloy and is affixed with 5 transfer horns 2117 2 2 4 1 r 1 字 上 記 成 ic 2 ic ic よ ホ ー ン ホ
ー ン ホ ー ン ホ ー ン ホ ー ン ホ ー ン ホ ー ン ホ ー ン ホ ー ン Y Y Y Y Y]]]]] 〜 〜 〜 Q Q Q Q
Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q; It's been a
while since I've bzp 'q19 dB. Ko t1 + a: my own 11 in the form of aluminum horn VC ratio J
father · · 東 11 east 11 plate about 35 wandering little ze L long time to get rid of. It is effective
by magnesium or aluminum C and L hi and 2 hi), V? More than L! If it is 6 6 to this 6 ス ス ス ス
ム マ グ ネ シ ウ ム マ グ ネ シ ウ ム グ グ 合金 合金 合金 中 中 中 中 中 制 御 制 御 制 御 制 御
制 御 制 御 制 御 制 御 制 御 制 御 制 御 制 御 制 御 共振 共振 共振 共振 共振 good resonance
Yuzuse 11 It is possible to obtain cut fruits, and it is not necessary to horn 1.
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