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Name of the invention 名称 1, name of the invention plane speaker voice coil bobi / by supplying
the motion 7 of the voice coil bobi / through the vibration transmission system to the flat rkJ @))
in the plane spill force to drive the vibration transmission system as a plurality By transmitting to
the same voice coil bobi / regist / exercise multiple simultaneous treatment at the same place at
the same time! A flat-panel speaker with a 't% imitation. The present invention relates to a flat
speaker using flat lID wall steel plate storage, and more particularly to a half-open speaker
manufactured by using a four-plane flat Nb collector via a transmission system r of the same
voice coil hop / multi-pla T6 thing-(I will. To use the flat panel speaker as a moving plate, add a
flat plate 85L to a double plate 1 and use a flat plate swing mode VC to drive a joint section t
drive cord / j j 9 sound signal to sound P Convert to% l. Fig. 1 is a figure showing the -11'llt of a
flat speaker used in the case of Ume-U-U, and a correction method is used for an edge 2 having
an amplitude 2 and an amplitude 2 around it. I am hunting again in a frame that does not show
evil. 3 corresponds to the Heus coil da or 巷 concave δ chuang, the voice coil da rc N n voice 15
No, between the v c 2? Hist his / luck 9 voice coil Hobi / 9 in 9, this voice coil Bobi / 3 terms and
2 half @ @ jing jI! 振動 / vibration between d ゐ or between drive cord 7tVc-C 4 粕. This flat L9
speaker is scrapped, and the voice coil voice V is the voice coil Bobi corresponding to the voice
coil voice. To do it V 、, 平 @ w wJ / / 振動 発 発 発. However, l 、 上 V V V ゐ ゐ ス ピ ー カ ス
〇 However, it is possible to carry out the band C up to the extent that pressure drop side
vibration does not press, but EndPage: 1 where the condensation band becomes ^, 21 rounds of
joint circle occur inside and outside of the joint and regeneration% property There was no
distortion in China, and there was no middle ground in the middle of repayment. In addition, as
shown in Fig. 2, μ is used as a flat speaker, VC drive cord 75V) is filled with the same material as
that of the light filler material 6, or even if such a combination is used, light cross member
material is used. The stiffness of the cast iron can not improve the vibration characteristics of the
castor and the castle well enough, and it causes a problem of increasing the vibration system.
Therefore, the object according to the present invention is to provide a child figure speaker that
can enhance the @ castle reproduction sleepy world. In order to improve such an object by four,
the present invention is to drive the flat I11] vibration member through the transmission systems
of the same voice coil Bobi / ら · etc. The planar sneaker according to the invention will now be
described in detail with reference to the drawings. FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of a scenic
section showing the embodiment of the present invention, the same section as FIG. 1 and the
difference from FIG. 1 in the drive as a vibration transmission system. The same voice coil bobbin
73V (: drive G / rib G (L) is installed on the inner side of the cable 15 and the drive cone by the
drive cone 5 of the flat diaphragm / drive cone is installed by the drive cable 76 It is customary
to drive part purple. When bound to the half-speaker configured as described above, the halfcycle vibration / rim D is driven by don ive Coo / j as in the case described above. ・ In this case,
in the case of the drive coupe 15, in the case of the drive cocoon: 'fL 振 奴 の の 境 ハ f 外 そ れ
外 t t t 直 前 直 前 直 前 直 前 直 前 直 前 直 前 分割 分割 直 前 直 前 直 前 直 前It is possible to
expand the fireflies area at Suzukanagura in Japan. Oh, in this case, flat LIl! ,! Because the same
voice coil bobbin 37J'- et al.'S histo / rennel is transmitted by the dovebco-76 within the nodal
part of the diaphragm / diaphragm, the histo / exercise area is enlarged and the acne area is
covered with an acne area. It will be significantly better. FIG. 4 shows another embodiment of the
flat concave speaker V according to the present invention. FIG. 4 is the same part as FIG. 3 and
the same symbols are used to omit the + # + 1d celebration of the wire. Ru. The third poisoning
difference in FIG. 4 is that the cross section 7 is used to pack Mc + p within the drive coffe 6θ. In
this way, in the case of the flat curved sneaker, the stiffness of the light storage material 7
compensates for the center m of the child figure pregnant moving plate 2 to prevent all
occurrence of the divided vibration. . And, this $ 8 v C = い て, and the main rib 7 is a light item
at the center fJ p, so the peripheral part V becomes the co-worker vc motion vibration system as
described above, and it becomes I do not affect it. Therefore, as a whole, the VCSl area 411)
should be more than the world. FIG. 12 is a pseudo-count cutaway view showing still another
embodiment of a half-round speaker according to the fifth and sixth μ buttons and the light e,
and the same parts as FIG. It is omitted. The difference from FIG. 3 in the same drawing is that a
drive cone gear is provided in the history to drive a joint circle portion pressing on the outer side
which is fixed in a rectangular shape at the joint portion of the flat plate 1.
Like this gb x δt flat speaker e e, Heist coil Bobby / 3 pist / luck! In order to convey # / 7 to 3 樵
drive train / plane vibration & // 31 (2) component of the whole, b5tδ is the same as in plane
fluctuation / iCν hist / motion dust area Furthermore, I can go to the Sapphire revitalized sleep
world with this extravagant Bc. As described above L, the planar slider according to the present
invention is identical to the voice coil Bhi / V-hist / Vibration [A plurality of kinds of peristaltic
transmission reverse yarns are attached to the flat diaphragm like a thin film. O7 Hiri V this,
Naito Hirana plate pisto / luck castle becomes wide, along with this one (I will market the
juvenile fruit that the resurgence world of the castle reigns .
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 show An-Gun section cross section showing
-V of flat-headed skid, and section 3 shows an embodiment of a half-round speaker according to
the present invention. Cross section bad, Fig. 4, the fifth bad is a half turn S by the present
invention, the other coming of Bika IM 葡 葡 葡 丁 都 都 断面 断面 断面 心 心. / ... flat @ lh # m,-...
end, 3 ... voice coil bobbin, ... ... voice coil, 5, 6 · iEndPage: 2g · · · · · · · · · · · · light horizontal
Material. -· 升 十 運 1 II Figure 2 Figure 3 End Page: 3