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Description 1, title of the invention
Speaker diaphragm
3. Detailed description of the invention This invention relates to the improvement of the
diaphragm for the speaker According to the material of the diaphragm for the speaker according
to the present invention, a natural fiber is a synthetic fiber, a polymer foam father is a film, a
metal foil, etc. However, in view of the properties required for the diaphragm, generally the
density is small (light f) and the yang ratio is large on the material of the speaker diaphragm #
that has both advantages and disadvantages. In addition to requiring (high mechanical strength),
it can be formed into a desired shape in order to obtain shape rigidity when formed as a single
plate, and the forming method is easy, and L may be suitable for mass production. Here, it is
required that the metal material of the present invention is used to describe the metal material
conventionally used as a flutter plate, this kind of metal material, beryllium (hereinafter referred
to as FBe-'f), titanium ( Below Ti nick-t), aluminum knee neem ( , AI) etc. Be is density = 1. g2t / c!
l, Young's modulus E = 2 ° β69 × 10 ′ ′ dyn / 2 J and the properties of the material itself
substantially satisfy the requirements as a diaphragm material. However, Be has very poor
machinability and has various problems in forming it into a diaphragm. As it is a very brittle
metal, it is difficult to form it into a foil shape and wheeze into the desired complex diaphragm
shape by pressing in history. Therefore, in order to form such an e in the shape of a diaphragm,
the present surface treatment technology such as vacuum evaporation, ion plating, gas phase
adult cow, etc. is applied, but the price of this device itself is Extremely long, the formation time
is extremely long, and as a result, the cost of the product EndPage: 1 rises, which has the
disadvantage that it can not be provided in large quantities. On the other hand, considering AI +
Ti, both can be formed into a sway-1 plate shape by a uniform press, but Ti has a large density (j
'= 4.549 / c4) and A1 has a dense' f (! In the case of i '= 2.699 f // crl, there was a physical
disadvantage that the Young's modulus (E = 0.70 "8 x 10" dy L / cJ) was low. The present
invention is excellent in processability and is formed into a diaphragm, which meets the needs of
providing a diaphragm with a large rigidity when made into a diaphragm, and is made of at least
one lithium lithium and containing lithium. The film is made of an alloy with a rate of 100 watt,
and it is used for the station in detail. As an example, to describe an Mg-Li alloy containing 155
coulombs of Li, the density of the Mg-Li alloy! And the Young's Modulus E compared to Ti, At As
is evident from Table 1, Table 1, M′′g-Li alloy has a significant advantage over A1% Ti in the
north gate of only the physical properties of the material. It is not something that
However, equal weight shaking using the above materials! Table 2 shows the characteristics of
the # plate. That is, Table 2 shows that an equal area of 11 parts by weight A on a diaphragm
formed from Ti of 20 μ thickness (a measure of the thickness and rigidity obtained for a
diaphragm and a Mg-Li diaphragm)-Eh 3/12 (E : Young's modulus, h: thickness). As apparent
from Table 1 above, the Mg-Li alloy swing-off plate according to the present invention, when
formed into a swing-off plate shape, that is, Eh 3/12 which is a measure of the rigidity in the
actual use state It can be seen that the value is significantly higher than that of the diaphragm
made of Ti and At. This is because the density of the Mg-Li alloy is small, the thickness can be
largely dried compared to other equal weight spinning boards 7 and the rigidity can be
significantly enhanced depending on the shape. It is from. On the other hand, in order to obtain
the same rigidity as the Ti penis plate, the weight can be reduced by about 30 q 6 compared to
about 50 pairs. In general, such a diaphragm is rolled and formed into a foil, and then generally
formed into a diaphragm by press molding or the like. On the other hand, magnesium is very
close in ductility because it is a close-packed hexagonal crystal, but it can be imparted with
ductility by drawing and alloying with lithium having good properties. In particular, when the
content of lithium is 10 or more, the crystal structure changes to a body-centered cubic crystal,
so it can be kept at room temperature. Various properties can be improved by incorporating
other metals in addition to the parent magnesium and lithium, which can be processed and
significantly improved. For example, the surface is activated by the inclusion of a number of fminilams, the adhesion of other metals deposited, surface adhesion such as film coating, etc.,
improvement of corrosion resistance by 0.1 to 0.3 sprit lead It is an effect, the coarsening
prevention of the crystal grain by zircon of 0.2-1.0, etc. As described above, the present invention
is a diaphragm made of an alloy which is made of an alloy consisting of at least .mu. As well as
magnesium and which contains 100 lithium in terms of volume, L-, and Mg, -Li. If the thickness
of the plate is greatly reduced due to small bumps of the alloy cabinet, seven can be obtained,
and the formability is extremely good, so it is possible to place places with complicated shapes
such as deep drawing, and the diaphragm Due to the rigidity caused by the shape when formed,
it is possible to make the mechanical once large diaphragm large and to provide EndPage: 2 at
low cost. −Aol−EndPage: 3