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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional
structure, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the device of the present invention, FIG. 3 is a top
view of the main part thereof, and FIG. Reference numeral 1 denotes a piezoelectric diaphragm, 2
a cone paper, 3 a frame, 8 a locking piece, 9 a flexible material layer, and 16 a conductive
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to piezoelectric
loudspeakers-representative Senden and acoustic devices. An example of an existing piezoelectric
type speaker is shown in FIG. In the M diagram, (1 is a gold diaphragm temporarily formed by
bonding a piezoelectric material plate such as a lamics, 12) an I'j1 portion is adhesively fixed to
the central portion of the diaphragm il + (3) is a frame in which the periphery of the cone paper
(2) is held as well as the outer periphery of the pressure tJi moving plate 111, + an + is a frame
t31 + = fixed terminal, flexible wire 151151 Through the above piezoelectric 1! It is transported
to a board il + 4/1 '2 cyclically. The connection between the flexible wire +51151 and the
piezoelectric diaphragm 11) is made by soldering +61161. Electric signal 1d is applied to
terminal f (lf4ic applied jlI +: depending on this signal is added to piezoelectric vibration @ kfll +
two via the fiber palm pull wire (5) (5), and the diaphragm fi + is the electrostrictive effect?
Depending on it, it has an inherent mechanical vibration. This WR motion is transmitted to the
cone @: 12+ through the central coupling portion, converted into air vibration 1: v, and emitted
as a sound wave into the air. Speaker C of the configuration to be refused: A means of
transmitting an electrical signal from the terminal 111 + 41 to the piezoelectric 8 moving plate fl
+ and 【, flexible wire + 51 + 51 can not be omitted. Therefore, the solder + 61 + 61 is also '! ! ! It
is unreasonable. However, soldered 161161xD is the most difficult lll thing, and there is a
hearing in the manufacturing process surface, and also room diaphragm during soldering (during
partial polarization degradation that occurs due to the heat added to the room 1) I can not avoid
it. The present invention has been conducted for 9 points I during this time, and will be described
in detail with reference to FIG. (1) + 21 + 31 show a pressure w 1 diaphragm, conical cone 3
paper, and a frame like FIG. The piezoelectric imaging plate (1) is flexibly held by a locking piece
(81181t81) embedded from the bottom wall (7) of the frame (31, 81) via a flexible substance (9).
This flexible material sump (9) is made of foamed urethane foam, foamed polyethylene,
maltobrene or a biscolloid-based paint, and its thickness is one to two. Tongue, the shape of this
material figure (9) has a central portion C-through hole 01, cut around the outer circumference
11! 11i1100 is provided, and this projection / reproduction old) The projection II's 01 other than
011 are related between the ItIt i + 81 f R 1181 and the periphery of the storage room sliding
plate (1) As in the case of FIG. 1, the six conical cone paper (2) in which the diaphragm fi + is
held softly has its top adhered to the center of the piezoelectric imaging plate (1) and its outer
periphery is a frame Outer edge C of (3): Solid blue.
(· S ++ Srt frame (31 side IRO 設 け 量 量 量 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 、 、 、 、 、 、 、
、 弾 弾 弾 弾 弾) It is inserting. The frame of this conductive monolith 1 = i [1ef) G (31 inner ring
is to hear elastic force to obtain the piezoelectric vibration @ # i! 11 are in contact with both
sides of the substrate, and the other members have electrical signal terminals on (I is composed
of 4). In addition, it is preferable that the conductive tongue piece Qf9fle be a point at which the
piezoelectric diaphragm + 11c contacts 1-1 a vibration node of the diaphragm il + so as not to
disturb the selection of the diaphragm il +. Thousand fl / 1 Q 71 c electric fi! No. 4 + '-according
to the conductive tongue 061061 valve to transmit the air bubbles to the piezoelectric
diaphragm fi +, the M diaphragm 11 + is vibrated according to the signal-C cone paper (2 It is
emitted as a sound Osaka from). As is clear from the above explanation, this game has a
piezoelectric vibrator I [email protected] plate that is erected with a frame. : Since holding by soft a,
ewa-and feeding power to the pressure grinding vibration plate is performed from both the front
and back sides through the conductive 1 electropiece, holding of the soil 4 sliding plate at a
predetermined place is possible. Easy C-2 and then ship 1 Ni-f when soldered with flexible wire at
the same time (-depending on piezoelectric! There is no fear of deterioration of the fR cutting
plate, and it is easy to automate the assembly process. In the present invention, the piezoelectric
speaker has been described by way of example C: or the speaker (; ◆ す す す す <、 、 ブ ザ ー,
ブ ザ ー, t, etc. 拳 拳 拳 拳 拳 拳 拳) . 5