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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
the present invention, FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing another embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is another embodiment of the present invention. It is a perspective view
which shows an example. 1 is a speaker cabinet, 2 is a baffle plate, 3 is a high-tone speaker, 4 is a
bass speaker, 5'5 'is a reflector, 6.6' is a connector, 7, 7 'is a sound absorbing material, 8, 8' Is a
buffer member, and 9, 9 'is a flat drive speaker.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker or
loudspeaker accessory. The horn of the conventional built-in horn type speaker box is made of
thick or thick material of the horn in order to prevent the movement of the horn itself, and the
size is large for the purpose of reproducing the low frequency. It was a structure that handling
such as movement was difficult. ii-In the case of general speaker Bonox, the radiation from the
rear face of the speaker increases the thickness of the box or reduces the transmission to the box
surface by using a large amount of sound absorbing material, but there is a limit. The sound is
different in phase from the sound on the rear face of the speaker and is diffracted at the front of
the baffle to cause the sound to become muddy. In the present invention, a reflection plate is
provided between the baffle rod of the speaker box and the rear face of the hook, and the
reflection plate prevents unwanted vibration waves on the rear face of the speaker box from
being diffracted to the front face 2 of the baffle (2). In order to improve the sound radiation
efficiency of the speaker by the speaker, the structure is simplified by the connector. According
to the present invention, reflectors are provided on both sides of the speaker of the speaker box,
and the reflectors are connected to each other by a connector to prevent the reflection of the
reflector. Even if the reflectors are light materials such as honeycomb materials, by connecting
them, a force of the same size is applied to the coupler in the opposite direction from the
reflectors on both sides. Alternatively, if a sound absorbing material is stretched on the back
surface of the reflection plate to provide a sound absorbing effect, it can be configured to prevent
absorption of sound diffraction from the rear surface of the cabinet. Alternatively, the spread
angle of the reflection plate can be changed to make the directivity characteristic of the sound
variable. First, the reflector can be assembled and removed from the speaker cabinet, and if the
reflector is foldable, it can be shaped for convenient transportation. Alternatively, by providing
an elastic member such as rubber in the coupling machine to vibrate at a specific frequency and
changing the frequency characteristic, it is possible to change the acoustic characteristic in the
coupled state. (3) In addition, when the flat radiation speaker is formed on the reflection plate,
the speaker can be supported by the connector. Alternatively, a speaker may be provided on the
reflection plate, and the connector may be configured to support the speaker and add an input
signal to the speaker of the main speaker cabinet based on the signal from the speaker of the
main speaker cabinet. Alternatively, it is possible to configure a drone cone on the reflector to
narrow the characteristics of the reflector to a specific frequency band. The details of the present
invention will be described using the drawings. FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present
invention. The front baffle plate 2 of the speaker cabinet 1 is provided with a high sound speaker
3, a low frequency speaker 4, a baffle opening 15 and the like.
The reflection plates 5 and 5 'are pivotally attached to the baffle plate 2 or the speaker cabinet 1
symmetrically to the central axis of the speaker. The reflectors 5 and 5 'are connected by a
coupler 6 ° 6', and are connected so as to work in a direction in which the reflectors cancel each
other against image pickup and pressure. The reinforcing plate may be added to the reflecting
plate so that the reflecting plate itself does not easily vibrate. The couplers 6 and 6 'can be
configured to vary the opening (4) angle of the reflection plate when the length is variable by
means of screws or the like. If a sound absorbing material is provided behind the reflection plate,
it is possible to absorb unnecessary waves from the rear surface and to absorb the transmitted
sound of the reflection plate. The sound emitted from the speaker 3.4 is reflected by the
reflectors 5 and 5 'to generate opposing forces to the couplers 6 and 6'. Coupler 6.6 'receives
compression force and tension from reflector 5 5' depending on the phase of sound, and reflector
is received from reflectors 5 and 5 'because it is mounted approximately symmetrically with
speaker axis 11 The compression force and tension are almost equal to those of the couplers 6
and 6 ', the direction of the force is opposite, and they are extinguished by the couplers, so that it
is not necessary to make the reflector heavier, and it is possible to compose of a lighter material.
Become. In addition, when the sound absorbing material 7.7 'is attached to the rear surface of the
reflection plate to form a sound absorption structure, the sound wave transmitted from the
lightweight reflection plate is absorbed-simultaneously the sound transmitted from the rear
surface of the speaker cabinet to the front of the speaker It becomes possible to absorb what is
diffracted and to prevent the reflection plate from vibrating due to the diffracted sound. In
addition, when the reflector is mounted on the baffle surface as shown in FIG. 2, the angle
between the baffle surface and the reflector is smaller than 90 °, so that the sound absorption
coefficient can be increased. However, when the baffle plate is vibrating, in order to prevent the
vibration from being transmitted to the reflection plate and being emitted from the reflection
plate, buffer members 8 and 8 'such as rubber are provided between the reflection plate and the
baffle. Also good. As shown in FIG. 3, flat drive speakers 9 and 9 'are provided on the reflection
plate and the support shafts of the left and right speakers are connected by connectors 6 and 6'.
Compression with opposite strength and equal strength. Tension force is applied. The connector
6.6 'and the speakers 9, 9' do not require any weight, and sound output can be obtained. By
delaying or advancing the drive signals of the speakers 9 and 9 with respect to the speakers 3
and 4, the directivity characteristic of the radiation output can be arbitrarily selected. It is
comprised as mentioned above, The practical effect whose directivity characteristic can be
changed by simple structure by connecting a reflecting plate with a coupling machine is a dog.