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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are respectively a perspective view
and a cross-sectional view of the piezoelectric speaker according to the invention, and FIGS. 3
and 4 are perspective views of a vibrating portion of another embodiment of the invention. is
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to the structure of a new
loudspeaker with 1 oden ceramic element as a driving source. In the past, the drive source of the
speaker is often used as a drive source or a drive source, or the drive source of this kite has a
structure or belly, a large number of parts, and a large number of parts. It is difficult to plan the
town as you think. On the other hand, the vertical speaker using Lt electroceramic element as the
driving source is simple in structure, so it is possible to realize a significant cost town, and has
been adopted mainly for small diameter speakers. However, the drive part of the conventional
piezoelectric speaker I'i Senden speaker is not replaced by the lE Kameshi Lamic element.
Therefore, this invention was devised with the right eye in mind that it is possible to select the
shape of the diaphragm from the fact that it is a driving source of a very curved or curved
element. Hereinafter, the embodiment will be described in detail with reference to the drawings.
In Figure 1 and Figure 2, the small-sized speaker is connected to the opening edge of the onesided open box-shaped frame l with the end edges of the vibration / three-plate 2 bent in a Wshape. It has a structure in which the electric charge sessimonk element 3 is connected to the
bending rod. It is necessary that the size of the diaphragm 20 is smaller than that of the ceramic
8; for example, it is a light metal eraser 17 such as an aluminum eraser. Also, the clay dragon
ceramic element 8 is a bimorph type in which the same poles face each other and is superposed
or a unimorph type in which it is superposed on a metal plate, and is its shape a rectangular
shape having a longitudinal direction orthogonal to the direction of the ridge Even circular ones
can be used enough. Furthermore, it is possible to increase the amplitude of the piezoelectric
cellar, which is located at both ends of the tuck. A small sound signal is input from the input
terminal 4.4 connected sleepy to both poles of the king or the ceramic element 8, the 1000 Cef
Mick element 8 corresponds to the jAd wave number of the human power No. 18. At the
boundary of the node, the internal and external = tttn force turn or reverse is performed at 12
and, by this, the measurement wave is emitted during the acceptance temporary 2 or activation
n, popularity. The length of the slider may be elongated by increasing the directivity between the
longitudinal direction and the orthogonal direction. FIG. 8 shows a diaphragm 2 having a
plurality of lf 屯 ceramic elements 3 coupled thereto. The speaker itself reduces the input
impedance by increasing the acoustic efficiency of the speaker itself, as described in the eye 1J,
and increasing the echo radiation efficiency, and electrically connecting a plurality of 屯 ceramic
elements 3 in parallel. It is a good idea to add impetus Mano Nonog with the fungus.
Further, in the configuration shown in FIG. 3, the reproduction frequency band can be expanded
by making the 8E electro ceramic elements 3.36'l inter-resonance wave numbers different from
each other in a staggered manner. Specific means for making the resonance frequency of each of
the four lt 屯 ceramic elements different can be achieved more in shape, size V, and material. The
fourth bad thing is that each of the two rivers v10 and the bent diaphragm 6 in the form of a
square is 0) what is also a bending rod, and a soil straight ceramic rope f8.8 is connected. 5 In
this case, there is an advantage of improving the radiation efficiency by expanding the radiation
area. Further, as described above, the reproduction frequency band can be expanded by coupling
the lf electroceramic elements having different common wave numbers to the speaker.