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明 Atl11010 名称 の 発 明明 ス ピ ー カ 用 ス ピ ー カ ー 用 ー 板 ー 振動 Diaphragm for
2. The range 111 @ plastic resin of the patent i * x and the one obtained by kneading it into graf
eye l '', a diaphragm with a shape in the form of a foot, which is emitted to β-ray 'ifiMiLAt) tW
value Loudspeaker diaphragm.
3. Detailed Description of the Invention This speaker 111 relates to a speaker panel, and more
particularly to a diaphragm made of plastic snack. The speaker diaphragm has a function t for
gradually converting the sound '-m into vibration, and is required to be responsive to the driving
force. Therefore, that IkR moving plate is @ amount% N conversion, small mass, and that Young's
book has great elasticity. In addition, it has been praised that the internal loss is appropriately
reduced and it has vibration absorbing properties. Paper or a representative example of a
polarizing plate material that satisfies such watering. This paper punching process has been
added. However, the above three water consumption conditions are the minimum conditions as a
diaphragm, and other conditions are also required. For example, recently, the speaker unit is
supplied with a human output ratio such as increased ms (g-current is also increased, so that the
diaphragm is not ignited and ignited by the heat generated by the voice coil) 1 The flame
retardancy is essential X. It is also important that we can not change the characteristics due to
moisture in our country 4 due to changes in climate, m and humidity changes throughout the
year. In this respect, in reality, a single paper diaphragm has not been fully satisfactory.
Therefore, the cardiac diaphragm is also opened by aluminum, boron, or the like, and the heart is
extremely expensive and has not been widely used. In recent years, large raw noodles in the
mouth "-one is expected to reduce costs at a cost @ ゐ 仮 · ン plus プ ラ ス の 振 s 仮 仮 仮 仮 仮
4) Vibration and plate are noted by plate materials mixed and kneaded with-'. This diaphragm is
stiffened with @ electricity. And, since the internal loss is also received, it is close to the ideal as a
diaphragm, but the range of the diaphragm to be used EndPage: 1 is limited because of its poor
heat resistance. Therefore, in the present invention, the thermoplastic resin 411 is attached to
the mixture and mixed with a graphite mixture of 0.5 to 5 times shaking, thereby forming the
entire shape of the diaphragm of the foot shape, and irradiating this diaphragm with βmt. It is
characterized in that it aims at the improvement of sex. Hereinafter, the description will be given
along the drawing 4 in which the details of the beat IJj are added. First of all, in FIG. 2, reference
numeral 2 indicates a conical vibrating wedge, and a sliding plate material described in FIG. 1 is
formed using a pair of forming dies. This magnetic steel sheet material is typified by polyvinyl
chloride, polypropylene, polyolefin, polystyrene, etc.) and mixed so as to be uniformly distributed
by mixing 0.5 to 5 times the size of graphite with 1 Ml 1 heat resistance resin. C) Form k, add
this sheet to the shape of F9r 疋 and apply vibration to the diaphragm by r-irradiating the plate
with -r6 °. Cross-linked through the heart.
The cross-linking of the one-dimensional polymer into three dimensions by this crosslinking
improves the heat resistance T core. For example, although the heat resistance limit of polyvinyl
chloride is 60 ° C., those which are cross-linked from βm 4 improve to about 100 U, and in the
case of polypropylene, they increase to about 90 ° cβ. The crosslinking reaction is expressed at
the end. The irradiation of the β-ray is performed using a 4-chi irradiation machine 1 such as an
electro curtain or dynamidron (all registered pieces *). As described above)) et al. L) As shown in
the drawing, the diaphragm mt of the present invention is molded into a heat ρ1 plastic resin by
mixing it with a graph eye 1-t-, 0, 5 to 5 times a plate, Since it is formed by irradiating 1 m of
MRhD, the processability is not lost at all and the 4 resistance, the 4I & the property can be the
same, and the mechanical thigh is improved. Brief Description of Drawings 4 and 711 The
attached drawing is a cross-sectional view of a diaphragm according to the present invention. %
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