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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
speaker, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of a magnetic circuit of the speaker of the present
invention. 1 is an annular magnet, 4 is a magnetic shield ring.
【Detailed description of the invention】 In the stone magnetic / 7 stone 2 B 2 circuit to form a
circular magnetic gap such as a speaker, using a cylindrical magnet 11 as shown in Figure 1
from the large internal magnetic type Also, as shown in FIG. 2, the same performance can be
obtained at low cost by using an external magnet type using a circular magnetic flux bar 21.
However, the leakage flux to the outside is blocked by a dog, and this leakage flux is combined
There is a defect that affects the loading device 5. In order to eliminate this defect, is there a
structure that combines an auxiliary magnet for suppressing leakage flux and uses a frame that
encloses a magnetic circuit? In any case, the cost increases. This JV is an inexpensive and simple
structure by absorbing an external leakage flux of 2 shells: magnetic body 1 disposed on the
outside of the magnet 1 / Q Qi in this external magnetic circuit. Therefore, the present invention
relates to a speaker that can minimize the degradation of the performance of the speaker, and
can make the magnetic circuit with an effect of eliminating the influence of the leakage magnet
and the east against the peripheral device. Describing in detail the magnetic circuit structure of
this series of speakers, in FIG. 3, $ ·· and 1 is a circular W-shaped W stone which forms an
annular magnetic sky 6 inside. 2, 3 are each 3-Y part plate, F part plate. Denoted at 4 is a
magnetic shield ring made of a magnetic material such as iron disposed outside the magnet 1
and fixed by means of a backing 5 for holding and fixing which is interposed between the magnet
1 and the magnet 1d. When the leakage flux 7 leaks to the outside of the circular slate 1 as
shown in FIG. 3, it flows along the circumference of a large concentric circle in the outside air, or
the magnetic β ring By passing through the interior of 4, even the concentration is significantly
reduced if it leaks into L1 air. Numerical approximation analysis of this shows that, in the
magnetic circuit having a cross section not shown in FIG. 1, H: Ia stone 1 total magnetomotive
force rg: air gap 6 reactor / s R 8: between magnetic 1 outer peripheral surface and magnetic
shield link 4 Let RsRs'RSo = Rs + Rs '=-Rs + Rs'4 and the magnetic flux passing through the
magnetic gap 6 when rg = Rso, where Rc' is the radius between the outer radius of the magnet
ring 4 and the magnet ring 4. Is 1⁄2 and the efficiency is reduced by 6 dB. Therefore, in order to
reduce the efficiency F of the slider to 1 dB or less, the reduction of the magnetic flux must be
suppressed to 10% or more. すなわち、Rso、/:、Rg+Rso)≧09・
jRg≦Rsn/9でなければならない。 Here, thickness l of magnet l Outer diameter of
magnet l: 1) (bore) inner diameter of magnet l: outer diameter of dm ball 8: POl-12Z) (bore) inner
diameter: outside of dP rout 2 Diameter = thickness of DP7 notch: width of tv guard ring 4: inner
diameter of C gear 4: dS, if Rg and R8 are approximately expressed, then 5Rg = (dp-Po) / TpR1i =
4 (ds−Dm) / yr (Dn?) In 2π · dp
-Dr "/ +, 'U 14 Dmlm) R3' = 2 (ds-DP), # (ds + DP)-tF2 (ds-1) m) (ds-Dr) R8O = * [(ds-Dm) (ds + Dp)
tp + (ds-Dp) (D + ni '-Dp 2 + 4Dm1m) / 2, where Rso R 9Rg, (1) 4.5 (dp-po) s (ds-Dm)-a (た, Dr, Dr
When ≦ Drnll /) (2) G−2tp + 1m, satisfying the conditions of (17, (2), the value under one
generation of the efficiency is 1 dB or less. Also, the magnetic shielding ring 4 has less influence
on the magnetic air gap 6 due to the force separated from the magnet 1, and the efficiency of the
speaker is slightly reduced. However, since the magnetic shielding ring 4 or the magnet 1 is 97
′ ′ so that the magnetic shielding effect and the magnetic shielding range become relatively
narrow, in order to prevent this, the width C of the magnetic shielding ring 4 is set to It is good to
go to the big six. Further, it is not necessary to wrap around the entire circumference of the
magnet 1 from the basics of this invention. The magnetic shield ring 4 for the C1 is not limited to
only the direction susceptible to the influence of the leakage flux. According to the measurement
example, magnet (1) outer diameter 9 omm, shore 1 m) 13 my, magnetic air gap length (6) 0.7弼, upper, lower plate (2, 3) thickness 5 mm C ') @ pneumatic circuit, width When iron
demagnetization magnet (4) of 35-, thickness 1lllll is arranged with one side of magnet (1) or
35m1-L2 apart, there are 150 cows of leakage flux (7) without demagnetization link (4) Or 3
cows). As described above, this device has a low magnetic resistance U) lyfi magnetizing / gating
4 placed in a leakage magnetic field, and leakage P! A speaker that can inductively absorb the
magnetic flux 7 and can remove the adverse effect of + leakage flux on peripheral devices, and
the effect on the performance of the speaker is also simple. 1 and 2 show a conventional speaker,
and FIG. 3 shows a cross-sectional view of the magnetic circuit of the speaker according to the
present invention. 1 is an annular magnet, and 4 is a magnetic shield ring. Factor I, par-2 bacteria
1. Shi :,-One,-To knee 1, '' + ': ('; · '', · seven, \ \ ゝ-one Shi · 'J' Figure 3 DaD Tsuru 几 · '' 7 ° · 1. \
'Nikira 2 :: L,: b' '::' · · · (), () · · ': · · · · · · · · · ·. Mark 73 rare, pa. 6 Inventors other than the above (1)
Inventor's address Nichikawa-cho, Neigawa-shi, Osaka Prefecture Echititaro name fore part in
Onciyo Co., Ltd. Onkyo Co., Ltd.