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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are longitudinal side views showing a
conventional example, and FIG. 3 is a longitudinal side view showing an embodiment according
to the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Lower case, 2 ... Sound room, 4 ...
Piezoelectric buzzer, 5 ... Lead wire, 6 ... Contact terminal, 7 ... Printed wiring board, 8 ... Contact.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
buzzer mounting structure in a thin electronic device. A structure shown in FIG. 1 or FIG. 2 is
conventionally known as this type of piezoelectric buzzer mounting structure. In FIG. 1, a
piezoelectric buzzer b is mounted on a printed wiring board a by means such as a contact layer,
and a lead @O is directly bonded to a predetermined terminal d of the printed wiring board a. In
this case, since it is necessary to make the buzzer sound larger by the sound effects --2, -s, ', y; 7,
an acoustic chamber is formed in the main body of the piezoelectric buzzer b. Further, in FIG. 2,
an acoustic chamber · ′ is formed in the reinforcing plate f ′, and the piezoelectric buzzer b is
attached corresponding to this, and in this state, the above-mentioned stiffening plate is attached
to the printed wiring board a ′ What connected the lead wire 0 of the piezoelectric buzzer V
directly to the predetermined terminal part d is shown. And in either case, all the above elements
are housed between the lower case g and the upper case (not shown), but as a result of the
acoustic chamber being constituted only in the set, sufficient sound pressure can be obtained. I
can not get it. Therefore, if an acoustic room is configured in the lower case so that the buzzer
can be used with a sufficient sound pressure, then the buzzer is set on the lower nurse side. This
makes it impossible to continue the company's lead source for the buzzer. Therefore, in this case,
it is impossible to use the case structure in which the upper T is separated. This device was made
on the basis of the above emotions, and made a sound @ room in the lower case, and made a
piezoelectric buzzer also 2- but attached a pudding) a lead of a piezoelectric buzzer for Ag wire h
song? The electronic buzzer has been modified so that the connection can be easily measured. Is
to provide. In the following, the scale Q'3 will be described on the basis of the actual 1'- 'shown in
FIG. In E4, the code l &-lower case, the lower 61 'of the groove! In the internal reconnaissance of
case 1, acoustic hole 2 of box evil is made. Then, the sound hole 3 penetrating the lower case 1 is
described in succession to this if @ # 箆 2. A piezoelectric buzzer 4 is mounted on the upper side
of the eyelid chamber 2, that is, an open portion, and the tongs 2 are separated from the
disturbance space. The lead wire 5 of the piezoelectric buzzer 4 is connected to the contact
terminal 6 provided in the lower case. On the other hand, a contactor 8 made of an elastic piece
is provided facing the contact terminal 6 on the principle distribution board 7 disposed fM
between the lower case 1 and the upper sail case (not shown). The contact 8 can be resiliently
contacted to the contact terminal 6 when the upper and lower cases are 1 and continuous.
3-In such a configuration, since the acoustic chamber 2 is formed in the lower case 1, sufficient
strength can be obtained, and even if the sound pressure is increased, there is no effect on the
device, and the sound can be directly output to the outside. It is In addition, there is no
connection work to the printed wiring board regarding lead II 5 such as soldering at the time of
setting, and the contact terminals 6 and the contacts 8 make an electrical contact from the time
of assembly of the upper and lower case by itself. The connection of the piezoelectric buzzer 4 to
the printed wiring board 7 is achieved via 5. Therefore, according to this structure, it is possible
to adopt a disassembly structure of upper and lower cases while offering sound pressure, which
is advantageous also on the interior of other parts. 4. Brief description of the Wi surface FIGS. 1
and 2 are longitudinal side views showing a conventional example, and FIG. 3 is a longitudinal
side view showing one embodiment according to the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF
SYMBOLS 1 ... lower case, 2 ... acoustic chamber, 4 ... fist piezoelectric buzzer, 5 ... e lead wire, 60.
contact terminal, 7 .. 0 printed wiring board, 8 ... contactor. 4-FIG. 1 dcd8. Axis L 9 22 22 2 H 2 2
2 fj l □ · 3 FI! I2 utility model registration applicant force 7 o Computer Co., Ltd. 4, list of
attached documents v (1) specification 1) '(2) drawing 1 (3) application form duplicate 1 (4) ()