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speaker diaphragm characterized in that a cyanoacrylate resin is impregnated into a boat.
2, the scope of claims
The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm. An electrodynamic speaker that converts
an electrical signal to an acoustic signal comprises a diaphragm made mainly of paper, a voice
coil is attached to the center of the diaphragm, and the voice coil is disposed in a direct current
magnetic field to the voice coil. An AC signal is supplied to vibrate the diaphragm to obtain an
acoustic signal. When the vibration of the diaphragm is a low frequency, the piston vibrates, but
when the frequency is high, a divided vibration is generated, which tends to cause a peak and
valley due to frequency characteristics. The boundary frequency between the piston vibration
area and the divided vibration area is determined by the shape of cone paper and its specific
elastic modulus. The larger the specific elastic modulus, the higher the boundary frequency. In
addition, the peaks and valleys of the characteristics in the divided vibration are affected by the
internal loss of the cone paper, etc., and the internal valleys are small and the characteristic is
small and smooth when the internal loss is large. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The object of
the present invention is to increase the specific elastic modulus and internal loss of the speaker
cone paper diaphragm in view of the above-mentioned points, and to widen the piston vibration
region and smoothly improve the peak and valley characteristics of characteristics due to
division vibration It is in. The present invention pays attention to the fact that the cyanoacrylate
resin has high rigidity and low viscosity in the monomer state and can be very well impregnated
into paper, and the corn paper diaphragm is impregnated with this. The present invention will be
described in detail according to the following examples. Test pieces of corn paper made from
paper made of hemp-based fibers and molded with a press are impregnated with cyanoacrylate
resin such as 5C-45 made by Sony Chemical Co., Ltd. 30-150% -tl impregnation of corn paper ,
Density, Young's modulus, and tan δ (internal loss) were measured. Below margin EndPage: 1-1
or even corn paper (diameter 16 (! 5 Q wt% of 8 C-45 manufactured by Sony Chemical Co., Ltd.
was impregnated into IL) and incorporated into an electrodynamic speaker to measure frequency
characteristics. The results are shown in the drawing in comparison with the untreated one.
According to Table 1, when tan δ and specific elastic modulus are compared with untreated
treatment A and D, tan δ increases with the amount of impregnation treatment, and the value is
nearly doubled in treated. As for the specific modulus, treatments A and B with low impregnation
rate increase, and high treatments C and D decrease. The impregnation treatment amount at
which the specific elastic modulus takes a maximum value is (9) to 40 wt%, and when it is about
70 wt% or more, the density decreases to the contrary. Next, from the frequency characteristics
of the drawing to unprocessed ■, processing @ both 1 ˜ 2 KHz, the piston vibrates with smooth
characteristics, the boundary frequency is 1 ˜ 2 KHz, and then the frequency characteristics
cause peaks and valleys There is. Comparing the boundary frequency between the two, 1.2 KHE
for untreated and 1.8 kHz for treatment, the boundary frequency is smaller and the piston region
is broadened.
In addition, the peaks and valleys of the characteristics due to the divided vibration above the
boundary frequency are less smooth in the impregnation process. These are due to an increase in
specific modulus and an increase in internal loss due to impregnation treatment of cyanoacrylate
resin in corn paper. As described above, according to the present invention, a cone paper
diaphragm for a speaker is impregnated with a cyanoacrylate resin, and the specific elastic
modulus and the internal loss are increased. As a result, the piston area of the speaker widens,
and the peaks and valleys of the frequency characteristic due to the divided vibration also
decrease, resulting in smooth characteristics. Moreover, according to the method of the present
invention, the specific elastic modulus is maximized when the amount of impregnation is 40 Wt-,
but the amount of impregnation is further increased to obtain a large internal loss for the
purpose of obtaining desired sound quality. It is possible to
4. Brief Description of the drawings The drawings show the frequency characteristics of the
speaker diaphragm according to the present invention and the conventional diaphragm. Susumu
Uta Patent Attorney General Kensuke Chika (or one person) EndPage: 2