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Description 1, title of the invention
7 beaker key board
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of a
speaker diaphragm made of magnesium (hereinafter referred to as M1). Conventionally, metal
foil is used as the diaphragm material of the speaker, and it is used in the dome type nuhiker and
horn type nubeaker. And, aluminum (AI), titanium (T ', 1) + barium (Be) are frequently used as
metal materials of this type. On the other hand, as the diaphragm material, as is well known, the
low density / high Young's modulus or the ratio Vρ of the Young's modulus E to the density の
is required to have a large internal loss factor. Materials Considering all the materials, Al has a
low Young's modulus, Tl is a density or a large value of 'の or a small value, Be a value of E / ρ
or a proper value, Be fine powder of Be? It is harmful to the human body, and it is difficult to
make it in the form of a brace or pole, etc. There is a manufacturing problem, so there is a
vibrating plate which is more like Ml. The M9-diaphragm has a low density due to the Mft
together, so if it is formed in equal force with other metal diaphragms, the shape rigidity (the
thickness can be increased) can be significantly enhanced. There is also an interest rate with
internal loss which is appropriate. Furthermore, as with Ml Al, it is relatively easy to press or be
able to perform, so there are relatively few manufacturing problems. However, for the M1
diaphragm, which has problems with property deterioration due to aging due to the
recrystallization temperature of Ml, for example, regarding M9-, the recrystallization temperature
of the alloy is about 250 ° C. or about 1 (10 Recrystallization starts from around ° C.
Therefore, since the temperature of the voice coil is usually reached flJd2n0EndPage: around 1
° C., the characteristic change of the diaphragm due to the temperature becomes a problem. In
other words, when the speaker is driven, the diaphragm is heated by the heat generated by the
Heuss coil, and when the drive is stopped, the diaphragm is naturally cooled and an annealing
effect occurs. For example, the change in characteristics (especially hardness) due to the
annealing effect of M5 'mentioned above. 1) IV (HV Rockwell hardness) or 2 (1 (annealed at 1 °
C.) lowers its hardness to + (IHV (approximately 11% decrease)). It is remarkable especially at the
joint between the coil hobin and the diaphragm, and the frequency characteristics, especially the
high-frequency eye field frequency (fh) decreases with the passage of time due to the decrease in
stiffness due to the annealing effect of the joint. It has a drawback. Therefore, the present
invention is a diaphragm formed of Mg--Zr alloy composed of zirconium (Zr) and MP, and the
purpose is to suppress the above-mentioned annealing effect, and the following embodiments
will be described below. Do.
[Implementation g11] MElKZr 'f 0.3% -added (■) and 0.7% -added (■) metal foils to make a
diaphragm 1-rn without addition W1 plate (0) and annealing effect Changes in Hard Rockwell
Hardness: H ■) A full comparison is shown in Table 2 below. As apparent from the abovementioned Table, by containing VcZr, it is possible to suppress the decrease in the hardness of
the diaphragm due to the annealing effect. It is speculated that kneading is due to the increase in
recrystallization temperature due to the addition of Zr. For further clarifying the effects of the
present invention, the change rate of the hardness of the swing plate depending on the annealing
temperature is shown in FIG. Corresponds to As apparent from the figure, it is possible to
suppress the reduction of hardness by 1% (in the case of 1% reduction in the case of addition of
20% and 07% in the case of addition of 03% as compared with 11, 1% in the case of no addition).
The addition ratio of 10 · 1 cZr should be selected in the range of IOX which seems to reach the
effect or almost saturation from 0296 depending on the temperature of the voice coil. As
described above, is this invention Irj-Zrf containing? It is a diaphragm made of Rumaknenum-zi
outerconium alloy, which is heated by vibration of the voice coil at the time of driving the
speaker by fJ1 due to the addition of Zrσ), and by the annealing effect accompanying natural
cooling when not driven. Since deterioration of the stiffness of the diaphragm can be suppressed
to the extent that it does not occur in practical use, it is necessary to suppress the decrease of the
frequency characteristics, especially the high sound reproduction threshold frequency
accompanying the passage change, and maintain the setting quality. It is possible.
4. Brief description of the drawings The first is a diagram in which the rate of change in hardness
due to the addition of Zr of Ml is increased. EndPage: 2