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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 are explanatory views showing
conventionally known flat diaphragm edges, FIG. 4 is a partial plan view of the edge according to
the present invention, and FIG. 5 is FIG. 4 is an enlarged cross-sectional view taken along the
line-, and FIG. 6 is an enlarged cross-sectional view taken along the line-. 11 ··· · · · Flat diaphragm,
12 · · · · · · · 12a. 12b · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · flange portion, 13------speaker frame 14.15 · · · ·
recessed groove, 14a, 15a · · · · · · · bottom portion.
[Detailed description of the invention] This ig tea is flat lI]] for the roaring climate for the edge!
More particularly, it relates to an edge suitable for a square flat-vibration plate suspension. Ela /
R is a regular posture with sicamo, 戟 戟 r speaker frame without interfering with the piston
interlocking of the moving plate, and it has a function t to attach to the floor, and the root plating
of ル is adopted Rolled type Etsun is the largest number of deep rivers in Japan. Axis, 1-/ 9 / Lele
Figure 3 shows the state of the suspension of the J-plate in three-state, but any of these edges h
at the roll edge, In the figure), the roll edge / roll city / a protrudes to the back side of the
diaphragm, and the Etuntoυflan / b is fixed on the diaphragm of the cloth @jVci) 1 ))
Schematically show the ones that have been placed on the back side of the diaphragm −. Also, in
the figure <U), roll edge l's hula / di / b shakes! It is fixed on the copper surface of the JJ plate
core, and the roll city / a protrudes on the front side of the pregnancy plate l. In particular, when
the flat diaphragm is square, there is a lot of problems with the corner capital, the so-called edge
of the four corners, and if only the four corners are stiffer than the other parts, the diaphragm's
pisto / %% = '? In order to aid the use of the other members at the four corner portions, the one
in which the periphery is closed is used. For example. In the figure 2'p (B), r, 弔, except for the
edge l corresponding to the four corners, the portion was closed by the corner member 3 formed
of a visco-elastic material The thing 2- is shown. Since the table N of the number of beats is not
flat in the original metal at the edge shown in FIG. 1, the anterior chamber effect is generated to
disturb the frequency characteristics, and the second factor and FIG. In the case of what is shown
next, there will be 7 rasters, but since there is a contact portion between the edge / and the
corner member 3, VC durability will be a problem when driven with a directional output over a
long period of time. Also, in the assembly operation, the customer service is extremely
troublesome. Therefore, the present invention aims at directly determining the intermittent point
of the conventional edge described above, and for that purpose, the shape, size τ corresponding
to the periphery of the square diaphragm is urethane foam. The groove is formed parallel to the
straight line portion of the diaphragm at the edge, and the groove is formed on the extension leg
of one diagonal line of the diaphragm at the four corner portions, On the other hand, both ends
of the recessed groove are in communication with each other, and it is assumed that the
formation of the shaft is in standby state.
In the following, description will be given of @ 43 to 6 of the drawings in which the embodiment
9J of the present invention is applied. First of all, in the figure, the strikes // show the square flatcurved vibration & this shake. The old Etsunoru is placed around vl & ll, and is clipped to the
slider frame 13 and supported. This edge 12 is continuous with the production of a semivibration plate //, and the urethane foam is pressed using a pair of upper and lower forming
wedges to make a dent, slit-like concave neighbor, concave surface / s At the same time, it is
possible to shake 17 、 at the same time, pump it out along each side of the +1 MI removal
board, and う / フ レ ー ム i11 / 2a, /, 2b that is watering out with a scea frame / 3i white is also
formed simultaneously, and a circle The part enshrined in the fusi / n house is fujnot 1 on the
next side, h 狐 V on the front side, and ed + dlV (-A ") with the nu-nu method. Kiri Eji h / 2 C1
C11, τi in the length direction, and slit-like "s" in the center / q Kariji, in the corner capital of
Ella / 翰 〆-C, flat [III shift F piece ii On the diagonal green line ridge length of 6C slit downward
/ 4fj 1-wide concave surface 15 covered) 1), slit downward groove / '1L7) both facing y direction
groove 15 It is a regular condition. Materials such as 4 edges of this 1), M II stated σ t こ 1 t こ
レ フ ー フ ー フ ー フ ー フ ー ′ ′ ′ ′ are integrally formed by pressing, and the edge
portion / 2 c includes the sides of the plane diaphragm //. In particular, the old groove i 52 is
formed at the corner of the edge portion 2 c and the extension line of the diagonal plate of the
flat displacement plate − (, The flexibility of the edge is sufficiently reduced, and the slit concave
groove l and the concave groove 15 are acid-formed by pressing with a forming die, so the warp
bottom portion is dense in material, so air leakage is prevented. It is. Nao, I mentioned above, I
explained the square pottery, or make a polyhedra at the 7th board of the plate 7 @ For example,
if the pentagonal corner (r's center and corner The ic shadow is formed on the radiation
connecting the, and the concave curve 75 is formed in the radiation stop. As is apparent from the
above description, the four edges are continuous on the plane b-c-b-b-old, and are continuous six
times, and the flat portion of the edge is 7272 in the same -j. Slit-shaped concave ridges are
formed along the sides of the edge portion along the side of 10 l V 1 or V, and the edge portion r
corner portion 1 is a VC four-core 5-kta line extending the radiation of the flat diaphragm. Since
the four grooves of the above-mentioned concave groove are in communication with each other
in the concave groove of this corner portion, the edge of the edge is not generated in the table
1i11H of the edge without generating any anterior chamber effect. It keeps the straight edge and
the corner part flexible enough, and it doesn't have to worry about processing it such as special
ItC and embedding at the corner part, it also contributes to the same as the outside fitting of the
speaker unit.