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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of an embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 2 is a partial sectional view taken along the line II--II of FIG. 1, and FIG. It is a
figure which shows a front state. 1 ...... exchange needle knob 5 ...... pickup cartridge body 7 ......
sectional circular through hole, 8 ...... cylindrical protrusion 9 & ..... distal end surface provided
with a display.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a Shinto knob of a
pick-up cart Trinon and also to a change-needle knob, characterized in that the protrusion
provided on the pick-up cartridge main body is a retrofit needle The replacement needle knob is
attached to the pickup needle 1- / 76/31 "il, il-tritsy main body by fitting to the through hole
provided on the knob, and easily and securely attached to the correct position. It is possible to
easily confirm that it is properly mounted. Heretofore, the following has been used as a mounting
mechanism for the exchange needle knob. That is, in the moving magnet type pick-up cartridge,
it is common to press-fit the cylindrical portion incorporating the magnet into the hole formed
between the yokes of the pick-up cartridge main body to position and fix the replacement needle
knob. Also, in the moving coil type pickup cartridge, the holding portion provided on one of the
replacement needle knob and the pickup cartridge main body is engaged with the guide portion
provided on the other to perform positioning and fixing. There are many. In these devices, it is
difficult to securely attach the replacement needle knob because the holding portion is difficult to
see from the outside, and it is also difficult to check whether it is installed in the correct position.
-1 Yo 9. : 逅 · 1 pigeon. An object of the present invention is to provide a mounting mechanism
which can easily and reliably mount the replacement needle knob at the correct position and can
easily confirm that the correct mounting has been made. A moving coil type pinoc up car torino,
which is an embodiment of the invention, will be described with reference to the drawings. The
vibration system consisting of the cantilever 2 and moving coil 3 etc. is swingably supported on
the exchange needle knob 1, and the output terminal 4 of 4 trees is provided on the rear side,
and the output is the pickup cartridge body 5 It is designed to be rolled out directly without
going through. On one side of the exchange needle knob 10 force / chiller, the pickup cartridge
attachment is provided with a through hole 7 of a circle-shaped cross section which penetrates
the exchange needle knob almost straight with the rod 6. The pickup cartridge main body 5 is
provided with a circle 3-11i '] (pillar-like projecting portion 8 fitted to the through hole 7 at a
position corresponding to the through hole 7. Of the projection 8. The length is such that the tip
end surface 9 of the projection 8 is flush with the surface of the replacement needle knob when
the replacement needle knob 1 is properly mounted on the pickup cartridge body. In order to
mount the replacement needle knob 1 on the pickup cartridge main body 5, the tip of the
replacement needle knob is fitted while confirming the display provided on the tip surface 9 of
the projection 8 through the through hole 7 of the replacement needle knob. Push in until it is
flush with.
Positioning can be performed more accurately if the cross-sectional shape of the protrusion and
the through hole is, for example, an ellipse, a square, or any other shape than a circle. As
described above, since the replacement needle knob mounting mechanism of the present
invention can mount the replacement needle knob while viewing the display of the tip end face of
the projection, it can be easily mounted at the correct position, and It can be easily confirmed
that it has been correctly installed. It is needless to say that the mounting mechanism of the
replacement needle knob according to the present invention can be used for any type of pick-up
cartridge. Further, in the above embodiment, the projecting portion and the through hole are
provided on one side of the force / teleber, but they may be provided diagonally or symmetrically
provided on both sides.