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The invention relates to an acoustic imaging plate comprising a ternary system compound
centered on an acoustic imaging plate metal or metalloid.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic
imaging plate. Generally, in order to increase the upper limit frequency of a moving plate such as
a speaker, it is necessary to reduce the mass of the moving plate, increase the elastic modulus of
the material, or increase the stiffness (Et3), that is, the rigidity. If you capture the shooting plate
under the condition of constant driving force, you can not increase the mass unreasonably from
the relationship of the sub-treasure. Therefore, the lower the density, the more advantageous the
t-term of stiffness. From this point of view, it is desirable to focus on the acoustic physical
characteristics of the moving plate material by increasing the low density and high elasticity and
the specific elastic strength. On the other hand, the so-called high-end peak and frequency
characteristics after the end etc. affect the timbre and sound quality inherent to the moving plate
material to a large extent. In particular, it is desirable to push the disturbance of the frequency
characteristic in the divided pregnancy movement region as much as possible. The internal loss
contribution of the material is expected in one way of making the peak (peak) and the dip (valley)
of the frequency characteristic smooth. In order to impart this damping ability to the material,
the material effect and the shape structure effect are mainly considered, but in the case of a
composite composed of a multicomponent system, the latter has a large M # degree. According
to the example of the moving plate for the speaker, there are currently two main types of highrange lighter diaphragms at present. One is a method of making the high frequency limit
frequency fh 11 out of the audible band, and make the piston movement in the band, and to
realize this, pay attention to the specific elastic modulus-and how to increase this Is one of the
points. On the other hand, even if there is a split well in the audible band, it is a method to
control the peaks and dips of this split to flatten the frequency characteristics, and many rely on
internal loss of the material to embody this . When considering an ideal moving plate material,
both of these features are incorporated into the same material, while at the same time the
balance with the acoustic characteristics such as wide band, high sensitivity, transient
improvement, etc. It is important to eliminate EndPage: 1). In the past, materials used as moving
plate materials were mainly composed of single metals or binary materials such as carbides,
borides, nitrides and oxides of metals, but still satisfactory ones have been obtained Absent. The
present invention provides an acoustic diaphragm in which the above-mentioned physical
characteristics are T'JT9]. In the present invention, a metal or metalloid is used as a main
component ((7 ternary compound is used to constitute an acoustic diaphragm. With this ternary
compound, higher elasticity and lower density are promoted, and in the composite form, from
structural anisotropy, damping p?
In addition, it is possible to obtain high sound velocity and high loss, which were not obtained
conventionally as a diaphragm. Hereinafter, specific examples of ternary compounds that can be
applied to the v-motion plate of the present invention are shown in a table. The peaks in the
following table are examples of j5i-B-C based compounds shown in the composition diagram of
FIG. 1 ', (II) are examples of 5i-C-N based compounds shown in the composition diagram of FIG.
1) is an example of the 5i-Zr-B-based compound shown in the composition diagram of FIG. 3, and
(IV) is an example of the Ti-C-B-based compound shown in the composition diagram of FIG. In
addition to the above specific example, 37? Centering on Be, AQ, Mg etc. 'Considering the
compound based? −られる。 Therefore, in the present invention, Each of the above-mentioned
ternary systems (a compound may be used as a single layer, but it is also possible to diversify
different ternary compounds into four. Heretofore, t '+ 1 elements have been conventionally
used, such as Be, Ti, At, B, C, etc., and two elements, BN, Bed and HfB2. H(C,111N、
LaB6、NbB2、NbC,BeN4、ZrBe13、TiBe2. TaB2。 TaC +
TaNTTIO2 * T + C + TrN + 8IC + SI3N41W2BrWC * B4C, BNAg2 (J3, ZrC, etc.) are mentioned, and
are used as high-intensity acoustic materials. In these one-component and two-component
materials, although the two-component system has better physical properties than the onecomponent system, the internal 4 = fi loss becomes smaller as the system becomes hard, and the
high frequency band frequency fh The peak is also sharp. However, the feature of the binary
material used in the present invention is that the high and low modulus of elasticity of the
compound is in the order of oxide <nitride <siliconide <boronide <carbide and the density is high
and low. The order of the oxide becomes higher in the order of oxide <boroz compound <carbide
<nitride <r iide, and from this relationship, it is possible to take advantage of ternary compounds
by combinations of carbides and borides, and further three-way compounds. It is possible to
reduce the degree of commoditization of a system (a variety of structures consisting of hybrid
compounds). Boron (B) is poor in corrosion resistance and adhesion, and although splashing
occurs, these points are alleviated by adding boron (Si). According to the present invention to be
described above, by using a ternary compound centering on metal or metalloid as the material of
the acoustic perfume plate, it is possible to make the elastic body which can not be obtained by
the conventional one-component system or two-component system. It promotes low density and
high sound velocity, and depending on the combination, can provide damping ability, and is not
suitable for application to various acoustic diaphragms.
Brief Description of the Drawings Starvation to Fig. 4 are respectively composition diagrams of
ternary systems applicable to the present invention. EndPage: 2 FIG. 1B FIG. 3 FIG. 2p-TiTICII-X)
EndPage: 3