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Sophisticated book 1. Name of apology? In microphone made noodles 2 → → "I'm in ice (i) @ GP
a pair of active elements 差 difference @ 瑠 I 路 榊 路 9 9 9 In addition to connecting the output
terminal of the turtle-shaped microphone unit to the input of the child, and continuing the
Tanakura system 1000 to the human power 7t of the peristaltic child of another force, a pair of
defibrillation cords to ten Microphone output converted to force, balance output, etc. Microphone
output on micro-on equipment to be a ship image 1.5, xA Ming's absconsive woomei irrational
microphone With regard to the iron surface, flash on a microphone iron 1 m equipped with a
static-a type microphone unit such as a condenser, a capacitor (bias type) or an electret. The first
illusion and FIG. 2 respectively show the inside resistance of the microphone cylinder made on
the side floor with ε inward resistance. In the case of the first failure, it is supplied to the source
follower circuit consisting of the output cover field effect transistor Tr of the electo pit type
microphone MO and the primary winding & (1a) of the transformer (1). The balance output
corresponding to the microphone output is obtained from the winding set (1b) 7. なおここでバラ
ンスW。 What is power? 1j is the second power & (1b)-power output terminal (other power Q
when the power level of 2 · is increased) @ number of bells of the output terminal (3) decrease or
less Shall be said. And fIl, 1st, so that this balanced output or mike kenifurubu r to receive a
transformer (not shown) K, and from the secondary accounting of this transformer so that the
voice i will be heard It has become. The first turn of the transformer (1) is supplied via the
follower circuit and the condenser Cof, and the microphone output is obtained from this
transformer (second turn (Ib) of 11). Thus, conventionally, the microphone unit M. EndPage: 1
output in order to obtain output as a @ output from No. Sound output, because it is used in the
output circuit for internal resistance circuit, so that one tune of the song becomes high, and the
size of the equipment is small @ 化It is a state of affairs that can be planned. That is, if the
equipment is equipped with (/ == small disintegration 1L, the output resistance is small, the
physical properties of the frequency are degraded, and shadows such as i reconnaissance etc. are
not suitable. This is because the cadence is relatively large and η 1 7 7 does not. As a result, the
result was that there was a misplaced platform that made it a shame that the car itself or the
large car is 1 ".
The present invention was invented in reference to the above-mentioned letter, and is a
difference instead of a transformer! By using the 1EiI wide circuit, it is possible to achieve cost
reduction and miniaturization, and at the same time, it is possible to provide physical properties
or Q as well as microphones. An embodiment of the microphone mounting portion will be
described with reference to FIGS. FIG. 6 is a microphone circuit showing the first central example
of the present invention. This microphone circuit is composed of a pair of high frequency field
effect transistors, field effect transistors 1itr 1.11′′r 2 and resistors h 1 to i (5 A differential
amplifier circuit (4) is provided. That is, the resistances R1 and R2 have resistances equal to each
other between the drain electrode of the pair of transistors "1s" 1 and the power supply line +
Vcc. And transistors' l 'r1, Tr2 U) North'-憧 ... 1 equal to each other's anti-ship 1 straight ship y
anti-H5, R4 or 1 auto 1j 1 If the other end of the reed R5 is not the same as the other end A of
the electrode R5 and the other end of the transistor Tr1, 'l'r2, In the same way, they have equal
resistance t + 1 R equal to each other t · R6, R7 or so, it is Liaoning Lee. Also, the upper electrode
at point A is connected to the train electrode of the 111 field young transistor 1'r3 of Hechan's
terminal which operates as a quadrature '鈍 blunt source, and its gate is grounded and its source
electrode is variable. The resistor H is grounded via a resistor 1. As a result, the drain current
flowing into the train electrode of the upper west pole dragon junction Tr5 Tr5 flows into the
drain electrode of the upper drain e and the pair of transistors r1 and Tr2, respectively. ID2's [J]
and is always restricted to '-slippery' (11) = Lo1 + 1D2 = -foot '1'. It should be noted that the
upper digit-Sa I # I 芋 i M circuit (41 can be used to adjust the h1 resistance RQ to make it easier
for the user. In addition, the run button IJI-width circle (41 & · · cropped transistor 1 r1, Tr 舊
train electrode-1, output ladder (51 + ti a balance output as described above) It has become. In
addition,-in the force field Kashiwa 1 of the Kaste electrode of the Syncista Tr1 and the Earth Diin
(7) ...] Gc, in the fourth factor, the transformation of the Q-type, as shown by a powder K j: ah An
electret microphone unit M1 or 伎 M 芒 If that produces finger circulation property.
"Return 1", the upper 50 microphone unit M, u) solid 51E electrode of the Tr. In the fL1
microphone unit connected to 悸, one vibrating membrane is at the ground line (7): Fc is 絖 t1.
Also, in the dark of the other line, the gate of the transistor ll r2, and the ground line (7), the
gate electrode of the transistor ll r r2 is connected to the counter electrode and grounded In
terms of direct current, a capacitor C1 is engaged in order to float from the earth line (7) and
hold the cut name a of the circuit. Note that the volume may be covered by a valley (for example,
about 10 pF) south of the microphone unit 11 of the container C1 of this component C1, or other
capacitance may be used. It is better to use a capacitive element or transistor I7 between the gate
line of the transistor 1 [2] and the ground lines (2) and O). Note that C2 and C3 are the gain of
the noise output of the transistor 1? Rj, rr2 of the train 1 憧 (8). L-It is a recipe for adjusting.
Then, as mentioned above, LbyL hole micro-bon 1 shook acid of the sheath (deep-burning. First,
for example, when the microphone unit MIJ voice signal is inserted from the surface of the arrow
5Ja at the force of the arrow 5Ja in Fig. 6, the repulsion of the amplitude corresponding to the
length OE on the carteoid shaped hatan in Fig. 4 The signal is supplied to the microphone m of
the microphone unit amount 1 color transistor Tr1. Along with this, the difference between the
differential signs supplied to the gate electrodes of the pair of transistors Tr1 and Tr2 from the
output terminal (5) (6+ of the difference 11lIl amplifier circuit (41) is output as the end page: 2
Or the gate 11 of the other power transistor l1lr2 FJ information or no supply stone, the above
output terminal (5, (from 回 · times the output year from the microphone unit M1 or its size 1
amplified Output will be obtained. Thus, this balance output is a Carteoid year-homology pattern
number as shown in FIG. Note that when the output terminal (51 (6: k I 出力 は は N え Cl Cl Cl
Cl C1) signal level force of the output terminal (5)) is increased, the output path of the other
force (6, decreases) So-called lance outputs (differential signals) (there are thus three output
terminals (3), 11) of the second order 'L.
Ham, bus and other in-phase price-M threat threatening M%. ) This noise component is not
carried by the output of the upper dl: 'receive' transformer. Therefore, it is possible to eliminate
the extraneous rice scrap sound imaginatively. Such a ban, book * IM? 11. In the prior art, the
transformer is used as in the prior art, and the differential left shaft 1 circuit (4) is used for the
first 1j to obtain the balanced output as described above. It can be cost effective. Moreover, as
mentioned above, it is difficult to receive the influence of outside roars such as ham and bass, so
even if it is transmitted with a microphone cable of about 1 "OUm the balance output, it is
difficult to hear it. Not between the verge of 4% of the sex? You can do it. Next, FIG. 5 shows an
embodiment of a micro j-n micro cylinder n θ 2 which is a misfired j, and in this embodiment,
the phantom, the differential wedge width circle (4), is taken over- A pair of year-to-day 11j pairs
of chisels of the valley extraction element and identical or identical to each other between the
gate electrode and ground line (7) of the cutting turtle boundary transistors Tr1 and Tr2 Electret
type microphone units M1 and M2k are also each QII. In this case, the pair of microphone units
Mi and M2 are directed backwards, that is, in a state in which they face the member surface (the
side of the diaphragm) or the evening 19111 of the opposite force (b). Microphone device! It is
fixed in short in l. The other configurations are exactly the same as in FIG. 6! い。 As described
above (in the case of the microphone device having the 5 'J configuration, the microphone circuit
LM- + of FIG. The output of 珈 1 corresponding to the length OF is generated from the
microphone unit M2 of vibration or supporting force corresponding to the length OE on the
carteoid pattern shown in FIG. Then, the difference between the outputs of these transistors tl et
al. Becomes the output of the running amplifier (J) taken from the transistors Tr1 and '1' r2. The
running power of this red-motion gainer 1 (4) is in the figure 2 and has broken a weir
corresponding to the length OG, and the trajectory of this 0 night is as shown in FIG. It shows a
questionable duality. Therefore, the above-mentioned running output will be on the shoulders of
the dual-armed bamboo. In addition, in the case of mischievous application I), use a pair of yeardirectional microphone units M1 and M2 or use uni-directional, water hole sameness and
omnidirectional microphone units in each building (( (Except for a combination of a pair of nonhr = J-type microphone units), for example, a microphone circuit 1-fllF of 1 続 next to the
microphone unit 1-fllF.
-Scout and scoop, soak off γL, No. 必 [[], じ 伸 (Toril! l You can do it yourself. In addition, already
zo · · · (Jj 央 例 例-eg, electret piece · micro o, n uni 會 會 た か た か ハ イ ハ イ ハ イ ハ イ ハ イ
ハ イ ハ イ ハ イ ハ イ ハ イ ハ イ ハ イ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ l l [l L / l width width Distance (41
bias force and 1 h change, change to an explosion-proof tube light). As above, it is s :? While
welding the output terminal of the i unit by J's h-like button system child, as well as the seasonal
deer Q) H wholesale yarn child's input j scratch number valley valley nature acreage yarn, soil 6
[a pair of It is designed to pick up the microphone output that has been teared down to a
balanced output from output disdain of the active element. Therefore, since the above-mentioned
Hassinsu output is sent to the t-amplifying circuit with the microphone device of Kochi, it is
possible to reduce the size of the small-sized end-page of the b-end At the same time, cost
reduction is possible. Also, compared with the case of using a transformer, it is the first house to
renovate and extend its readability because it has no side layers such as paper loss and output
4. Brief description of the drawings Figs. 1 and 2 show details of the conventional micro on-dress
noodles in the conventional heat-on-the-glaze circuit. FIG. 6 is a circuit diagram of the first
embodiment of the silent microphone circuit according to the present invention, section 4 section
16 sixth section 1 It is a circuit diagram of the pattern which shows sex, and a psychrometric
figure of the microphone circuit which shows the 5th-a 2nd central flow of this invention. Note
Evil (8) th in the code which has been used this, (51 + 61 ............ output A terminal M1, M2 ·········
electret microphone unit Tr1, Tr2 ........ EndPage: 4