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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an enlarged view of a portion of FIG. FIG. 3 is a front view
showing an example of the embodiment. 1 ······ Diaphragm, ··········· Magnet, 5- '--------...... magnets 11 ------ bobbin, 12 ... ... drive cone 13 ...... damper, 14 ...... Safutanpa.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the case of the non-inventive structure, the
structure of a loudspeaker using a ten-sided sliding plate is adopted. In the conventional flat
drive r (in the case of a loudspeaker, a flat sliding plate is supported by K, 1-J, nO is coupled by a
film such as kerare tan between the speaker frame and the edge of the 1-1111-imaging moving
plate). For this reason, if the flat surface climax was temporarily free, it was Zuno one. 1k, in this
state plane peristalsis ヒ ス ト ン ideal histone movement method] 1 1 1 high and paired with
KFi urethane to get close to IF, a 'complication'? It is necessary to do in t & Dai, and a 奈 カ ム 奈
奈 奈 荀 − こ と K K コ ス ト コ ス ト 的 に コ ス ト コ ス ト コ ス ト. This study ← l l · · · · 欠 点
あ る で あ る で あ る で あ る l Exemplified according to the example drawing. Ax 1 and 1 are
broken m in the figure of the nupika structure of the xylophone plan. In the figure, 1 is flat,
diaphragm ° C, 1 metal with a single plate or carbon type 1jit is used, and the diaphragm 20
circumference-1F less than 43 / rP 91 or more V () · -A magnet 2, 3.4 of a magnetic material
such as Malloy is mounted C et al. The outer portion at is folded and enlarged as shown in FIG. As
shown in FIG. The magnet 6 is mounted on the frame 5 relative to the stone 2 and the magnet 3V
(opposite side)-the fluorite 7 is mounted and acts as a tumbler between piston movement and
direction, and the excessive 2 of the vibration machine 1 -The role of braking against movement
1il-is working. Since the magnets 6 and 3 and the magnets 6 and 7 are repelled from each other,
they are designed with a limit of 1. Since the depression of the frame 5 is normally neutral, the
chopsticks 1 is stabilized. . It is mounted between the repelling magnet as well as the magnet of 8
magnets or the front 12, 6.5 and 7 as opposed to 40 tons. Caps 4 and 8 are kept at a few tens of
microns, and the shooting motions of the back forces of the peristaltic car also prevent t. This
Kassoff oil may be applied with a total of 1 lubricant, and this method can further prevent 0 prr
from the back surface of the stationary plate. The magnet may be attached to the entire
circumference of the shaking bowl 1 or may be partial 1 (but it may be nl, but ■ (publicly #e
neting is @, M! The diaphragm of the stone-free part and the frame are kept in a gap of several
tens of microns. In Fig. 5 or at this edge @ all shown sections, the relative position of the magnet
2, 4 ° 8 & * first 1 -MK 琳 9 attachment,-relative position of frame 5 with and without stone is
changed I know that there is no force. In this manner, the magnet 1 is gradually reduced to the
etch of the diaphragm 1 (so that the diaphragm 1 and the frame 5 form a non-contact 5connection, and the voice coil 9 and the magnet 10g are driven by V). The city is driven through
the drive cone 12 & the palpitation 1 is to carry out a complete histone movement, making it
possible to look over the ideal flat-drive speaker without division & movement.