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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an embodiment of the
speaker device according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing the same
essential part, and FIG. 3 is a rear tray of the vehicle according to the present invention. 4 is a top
view of the light puncturing vehicle installed with the speaker device of the present invention,
and FIG. 5 is a frontal portion of the conventional speaker device installed on the rear tray of the
vehicle. FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view of the relevant part. 1 ...... rear tray board, 2 ...... speaker
mounting grille, 3 ...... woofer - loudspeaker, 4 ...... cone paper, 5 ------ Tweeter speaker 6, .. .. cone
paper, 7, 13, .. .. mounting box, 8 ... post .. 9 .. cylinder .. 10. grooves, 11 ...... mounting piece, 12
...... screws, 14 ...... wire mesh, 15 ...... bearing portion 16 ...... protrusion. .
[Detailed description of the invention] Recently, the number of cars equipped with audio
equipment is increasing, but mounting of the speaker in the car cabin is often problematic in
terms of method and place. Since a speaker box can not be installed on a large scale in a vehicle
interior limited in space, usually, as shown in FIG. 5, a speaker is often attached to a rear tray of a
car. In this case, since the speaker is mounted upward, it is emitted at a right angle to the
detractor, and the acoustic effect is significantly reduced. Fig. 2 is a sectional view of a coaxial
type 2-unissic force attached to a rear tray of a car. 11 is a car rear tray board, 21 is a speaker
mounting grille, 31 is a woofer-speaker frame, 41 how-far cone paper, 5 'heat tweeter speaker
frame, 61 is tweet cone paper. The woofer and the tweeter are connected and fixed by a
nonmagnetic material 17. A wire mesh 141 is attached to the front of the speaker. Heretofore,
such a coaxial type 2-way speaker has been mounted upward on the board of the rear tray. From
the viewpoint of sound effects, although the bass range is not so severe in the position and
direction of the speakers, the positional relationship between the listener and the loudspeakers is
very important for the middle and high tones. For example, when the speaker is attached upward
as in the conventional example of FIGS. 5 and 6, the high range attenuates the low range, and the
sound effect is significantly reduced. In the case of stereo sound, in particular, if the treble range
is insufficient, the sound spreads and the feeling of presence is lacking and there is a fatal
problem that the sound deviates from the Hi-Fi directivity. The present invention has been made
to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks. The embodiments will be described in detail with
reference to the drawings. In FIGS. 1, 2 and 3, 1 is a board of a rear tray of a car, and in
particular, a speaker mounting grill 2 is fixed. A woofer-speaker 3 is attached to the inside of the
speaker attachment grille 2. The tweeter speaker 5 is housed in the mounting boxes 7 and 13. A
wire mesh 15 is attached to the front of the tweeter speaker 5. A pillar 8 is provided from the
mounting box 7. A cylinder 9 is T-shaped at the tip of the pillar 8 Is formed. A plurality of
grooves 10 are formed on the outer periphery of the cylinder 9, and the cylindrical portion 9 is
held between the bearing portion 15 provided on a part of the speaker mounting grille 2 and the
mounting piece 11 and fixed by screws 12. Thus, the tweeter speaker 5 is configured to be
rotatable around the support point of the speaker mounting grille.
Since the projection 16 is provided on the inside of the mounting piece 11, it is possible to add a
moderation to the rotation of the tweeter 5 where the projection 16 matches the groove 10 of
the cylinder . The lead wire of the Chi tweeter speaker 6 is connected to the woofer-speaker 3
through the column 8 and the cylinder 9; 4 to prevent the lead wire from being seen from the
outside. Although the wire mesh 14 is attached to the front of the woofer-speaker 3, the wire
mesh 14 is recessed so that the tweeter portion, the mounting boxes 7 and 13 for storing the
speaker 6 and the support 8 do not hit. In this case, it is needless to say that the wire mesh 14
does not hit the cone paper 4 of the woofer-speaker 3. In actual use in such a speaker device, the
tweeter speaker 5 can be raised to a device substantially perpendicular to the mounting surface
of the woofer-speaker 3 as shown in FIG. As described above, when the tweeter speaker 5 listens
in a state of facing the listener, the sound is transmitted directly to the listener as compared with
the case of upward, so that it is possible to hear efficiently with less attenuation. If you want to
attenuate the high range slightly depending on the preference, source, place, etc. of the listener,
the tweeter speaker 5 may be slightly inclined, or it should be completely laid (horizontally
placed). There is also a feature that it can be heard with any sound quality. In some cases, the
tweeter speaker 5 can be completely laid back and stored when loading luggage on the board 1
of the rear tray, etc. There is no need to Further, as shown in FIG. 4, in the case of a rear tray
with a strong structure such as a light van or a hatchback type car, the tweeter portions are
attached forward when mounted on both sides of the vehicle interior. A speaker system with a
good sound effect will be obtained. It can be used not only as a car speaker system but also as a
home speaker system. That is, according to the above-mentioned embodiment, even if the
speaker box is laid sideways, if the tweeter portion is erected, there is an effect that it is possible
to listen to the high sound range efficiently. Still, by configuring the tweeter portion to freely
rotate as in the embodiment, one novel design can be realized, and a product 6 having high
appeal in design can be manufactured. As described above, according to the speaker device of the
present invention, the tweeter portion can be made substantially orthogonal to a part of the
woofer according to the embodiment of the present invention, and it is practically possible to
take various forms and obtain desired acoustic effects. Excellent effects can be expected.