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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a central cross-sectional view of an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view of parts before assembly. 2
······ Microphone unit, 3 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · front
cover, 5 · · · · .
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure of a
transmitter, and more particularly to a transmitter using a microphone unit. Recently, in order to
improve the performance of a telephone, there are an increasing number of telephones in which
one circuit is converted to an electronic 1-2 / 2J. The glider used for the handset in such a
telephone must be composed of a microphone unit and an amplifier, and the 0 microphone unit
and platform are unitized in consideration of use for a kite i It is more convenient to do it.
Moreover, it is desirable to use a fist that can be incorporated without changing the transmission
/ reception tk of the one used conventionally. The purpose of the present invention is to provide
four units of the spreader and the unitized feeder by using such a microphone unit ◆ According
to the present invention, it is provided on the swing plate side of the microphone unit main body
A flexible packing with one sprinkling hole corresponding to an upper surface, 1 j D 'on the
upper part of the cough 71 main unit, c cover, 1 gl path for amplification movement on the lower
surface of the opposite side of the para young's outer shaft The base plate placement δ, the
margin of the sales unit 1 unit body, or the top cover of the top cover of the tR machine cover is
crimped with the front cover, or the front cover is crimped to form a unit to form fc% or fL. Next,
figure out the '-4 business of Jin in detail. The microphone 1 is integrated as a whole from the
perspective of the assembly 21 of the internal structure from the diagram of FIG. 1 in which the
internal structure is incorporated. The microphone unit body 2, the backing 3, the circuit base for
widening device & 4 , M back cover 5, ;; 'Tip 7 J consists of the main components of the par 6.
Mer r) Nisoto 2 is a cylindrical body with a reed, and the upper 70 large force is connected
to the bottom of the diaphragm with a diaphragm [L7 'c1 wide end of the connection terminal for
connection 8- (Riru. The backing 3 covering the upper surface 7 of the F + il 1 unit body 2 has a
fc open pocket 9 corresponding to the person on the upper surface 7 and, in the evening, the #i
step 9 in the i rule杓 O 已 Bak unk 3 and the microphone unit main body 2 that are formed have
good physical properties and are completely in order to make sure? 6-Mm is a must to rise,
backing 3 flexible rubber or sponge, 1 list () ˜, 9 L do J form, cut on the top 70 outside 1 · · · · · ー:
ee inner diameter young Tl "1st case)-烙 烙 大学 大学,, る, ○ ○ ○ accommodation of the abovementioned panning 3 is i-wide company March iM7 '> 必 必 回路 回路 回路 袖10r straight track
fC-Road base version · 1f because it is fixed Q thing, i99 toe to the first land to locate the first
gardening plant before! ・ 己 後部 で 郁 後部 後部 後部 ス テ rear cover 5 non-step 2 、 '+' '〒 · ·
ー, three-sheet metal squeezed various manufacturing methods, shapes can be obtained In the
embodiment shown in the figure, it will be explained by taking fc @ -one case as an example.
On the bottom surface of the temporary cover 5, a seat 15 supporting the downward direction
14 position of the circuit board 4 is formed which is located on the bottom surface of the 71 ink
unit book 'f + 2 and the lower market 7' is installed. . And fi, :), the t / J bar 5 is larger than the
lower sword, and the side is larger than the lower sword. 4 ■ corresponding to the inner
diameter ° C size is a forceful size. Front cover 6 L% before 8. The dovetail part cover 5's
dovetail temporary fit: Uni 荏 or next ら 乙, 、 I <I + · 3 backing 3 グ グ 9 9 9 乙, (乙, ^ ^ 1 . There
are L holes 16. The pair of microphone units 4 2 2 rose young 3, L-Yo box 4 combined + 7 items
in the night cover 5 to m 11 (from the top front cover bf squeeze the destination sea 17 j:! :: bar
5 tubes)] J zome z 1.0. o ○ 1 pack packing 3 and n · J narrow cover V, and 艙; 艙)-1 number; 1
force on the child's point, force, 1 sun unit, para 4- king 3 However, it is necessary to make the
dimensions a little. The connection between the terminal 8 of the microphone unit body 2 and
the circuit board 4 and the connection terminal 18 for external connection and the circuit board
4 may be made by connecting a lead wire 19 or the like before caulking the front cover 6. In
addition, since it is easy to match the outline determined by the rear cover 5 and the front cover
6 and the conventional transmitter, it can be used as it is for the conventional handset. According
to the present invention, as described above, one microphone unit and an amplifier can be
unitized to provide a simple transmitter with few components.