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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
example, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the present invention, and
FIG. 3 is a model of the vibration mode of a dicing piezoelectric vibrator according to the present
invention. FIG. 1 ············ Mold material, 2 ······ Dicing piezoelectric vibrator, 3 ······· Cork, 4
······························ Grooved surface, 6 ... flat.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an ultrasonic
dicing transducer used in water. A conventional dicing transducer will be described with
reference to FIG. 1. 1 is a mold material, 2 is a dicing piezoelectric vibrator, 3 is a cork, 4 is a
cable, and the groove processing surface 5 of the dicing pressure transducer 2 is It is known that
one of the features of a dicing transducer used as an emitting surface or a receiving surface is
that it increases by several dB as compared to an electric shock or non-dyning type transmitting /
receiving wave. , +77 ダ イ Ditching interval of dicing piezoelectric imaging element, that is, the
pitching pitch of 2 × D ········· 11) fuN2: Frequency constant of transverse effect length direction
vibrator. fu: Use frequency upper limit must be satisfied. Using the grooved surface as a radiation
surface is equivalent to using transducers of a rectangular radiation surface two-dimensionally
arrayed at an array pitch d. When realizing directivity of a new product over all directions bc of a
sound field as directivity in such a two-dimensional array, the array pitch d is λ d ...... 12) λ:
sound field It is piled up that the wavelength is in the medium. This is because, if it is d−, it is
possible to uniquely determine the vibration distribution at any location including one or more
wave number spectrum components 2λ . This is the sampling theorem in information
theory. That is, the above equation (1) should be satisfied to improve the transmission /
reception sensitivity 2-, and the equation (2) should be satisfied in the N-N finger synthesis. By
the way, the expression 5.2) can not be satisfied, and the expression (1) may be satisfied. For
example, in the case of certain ceramic electrostrictive vibrators, N2 = 1.41 KHzm, but assuming
that the speed of sound in water is 1500 m / sec and the frequency afu = 200 KH2, then 2- =
7.1uuλ1 = 3.8 In other words, 38 + + m (d <7.1 l In is not suitable for directed wedge synthesis
but is effective for improving transmission / reception sensitivity) Vibration of rectangular
radiation surface formed by dicing at old 1- velocity If nesting is limited to allowing you to It
becomes the directivity as theoretical. The reason is that, ignoring the width of the dicing groove,
it can be considered as a piston sound source having the same radiation surface as that before
dicing, which may be regarded as 3-) no-array pinch infinite small and infinite array. Therefore,
in a dicing transducer that vibrates all elements at the same vibration speed, it is not necessary to
perform dicing so fine that the formula (2) can be satisfied as long as the groove width can be
ignored It is considered to be advantageous from the viewpoints of processing man-hours and
also from the viewpoint of reliability and reliability.
From one point of view, practically, the groove width of the dicing oscillator has a certain finite
value, and the width is often so small that it can not be compared with the array pitch d. This is
mainly due to technical limitations. In this case, since it is considered that the rectangular
transducers are array pinches satisfying the expression 2) and the structure width is arranged so
coarsely that they can not be ignored, the directivity formed thereby is Even if a transducer with
a circular aperture is satisfied because the sampling theorem is satisfied, there is a disadvantage
that directivity differs depending on the azimuth angle. The purpose of the present invention is to
solve such a drawback 4--Δ, 1-1. Therefore, the plane opposite to the groove processing surface
of the dicing piezoelectric vibrator is a radiation surface or a receiving surface. It is characterized
by In one embodiment of the present invention, as shown in FIG. 2, the mold material 1 is used
so that the opposite side of the old processed surface 5 of the dicing piezoelectric imaging
element 2, ie, the plane 6 is a radiation surface or a receiving surface. Molded. As described
above, when the flat surface 6 on the opposite side of the groove processing surface 5 is set as
the radiation surface or the wave receiving surface, it is possible to eliminate the change in the
directivity characteristic due to the direction. This will be described in more detail with reference
to FIG. FIG. 3 is a partially enlarged view modeling the vibration mode of the dicing piezoelectric
imaging element 2, and shows the state when the dotted line extends when the solid line shrinks.
In the figure, the groove portion a on the grooved surface 5 side does not contribute to vibration
because it is not a vibrator. On the other hand, the cut-out portion of the groove on the side of
the flat surface 6 is picked up by the vibration of the adjacent portion C, and takes almost the
same movement as the vibration of the portion C. This means that the crosstalk between the
parts C is large, but due to that, 5-) almost piston-like oscillation occurs regardless of the
presence or absence of the groove. Therefore, in the case where the vibration speed of the
element after dicing is changed and crosstalk is generated, desired directivity can not be realized.
However, in the case of driving at the same vibration speed, even if the above equation (2) is not
satisfied and the groove width is somewhat wide, the piston on the opposite side of the grooved
surface 5, that is Since the dynamic imaging is realized, the directivity is as theoretical, and in the
case of a transducer having a circular aperture, the directivity is determined regardless of the
azimuth angle Ic, and moreover, the non-dyne type transducer Compared with the above, the
transmission and reception sensitivity is improved by several dB south, and the feature can be
secured almost without deterioration. As described above, the present invention uses the plane
on the opposite side of the grooved surface of the dicing piezoelectric transducer. Since the
radiation surface or the wave receiving surface is used as a radiation surface gap, the gap of the
radiation surface is eliminated, and the effect that the directivity characteristic becomes constant
regardless of the azimuth angle can be obtained.