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The display according to the present invention, the display using the transparent cover as a
vibrator by attaching a transparent piezoelectric element such as a transparent piezoelectric
element to a transparent cover provided on the front surface of the display panel of the display
apparatus. Display device characterized in that the adhesive is a UV-curable type release agent.
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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a display device
using a transparent cover made of a transparent body provided on the front surface of a display
panel of a display device as a sound generator. Conventionally, a watch with an alarm function
(color with a buzzer) has a diaphragm fitted in the endorsement of the back of the case, and this
diaphragm 7k (& & lt; The whistle is taken out from the sound hole. However, the side effect of
this structure is t so that the sound propagating to the diaphragm case 2 and 1 which is the
sound source is flooded to the outside so that it is attenuated 1 and becomes smaller 9, some i
have vibration class As the structure for maintaining agriculture is maintained, acid points such
as thickening of the hour hand become noticeable. So, recently! l! As shown in FIG. 1, the
display panel l, the 1 m movement line 29 is a cover by providing a transparent cover 5 provided
on the T11 surface of the display panel l of the main body 内 蔵 incorporating the clock
displacing portion 8 轡. A watch having 5 as a speaker is proposed. In order to move the cover 5,
as shown in FIG. 2, the inner surface of the cover 5 coated with the transparent deposition
electrode 6 is transparent 41111! A transparent vapor deposition electrode 8.9 is provided on
both sides with the aid 7 and a transparent piezoelectric ceramic plate (piezoelectric element) lO
is applied and a contact Afly and transparent piezoelectric in contact with the transparent vapor
deposition electrode 6 of the cover 5 The integrated cover 5 is vibrated to generate a neck by
applying a voltage to the piezoelectric element lO to vibrate using the contact 12 that contacts
the exposed transparent vapor deposition electrode of the element lO. It has become. 2. The
cover 5 is joined to the main assembly using a waterproof, cushioning pad 18 as a base. By the
way, as for the method of pasting the pressure @ element to the cover, the method of EndPage: 1
(11, one epoxy resin based two-component transparent adhesive is used for one years, and after
bonding, it is beta (furnace temperature 1 g 6 ° C. (60 minutes) to solidify, (2), a method using a
superglue can be considered. However, in the case of the former epoxy resin bonding, there are
the following problems. (11, the viscosity of the epoxy resin-based adhesive is low, so bubbles
tend to remain, and can not be overlooked. (2) While baking is performed at 185 ° C. while the
one point of the piezoelectric element is 80 to 90 ° C., the electrical and physical characteristics
of the piezoelectric element change, and the amplitude decreases and the sound is reduced. I am
sorry. (3) In order to perform baking, the thermal expansion coefficient of the cover, the
piezoelectric element, and the epoxy thread mu agent may be different from each other,
distortion remains, and sufficient vibration does not occur. (4) Since it is z liquid, it takes time to
perform the mixing operation, and since it starts curing immediately after mixing, it has a
drawback that the working JP is limited.
Also in the case of the latter instant adhesive, there are the following problems. (11 瞬 ii! Since
the adhesive is hard to stick if it is thick, it is used thinly, so air bubbles are spun. In addition,
each contact part is instantly W! Because it is worn, it is difficult to pull out if it contains air
bubbles. (2) Since each contact is instantaneously bonded when bonding the cover and the
piezoelectric element, no operation error is permitted, or each part is deformed and bonded
depending on the external force applied at the time of bonding. Remains to reduce the vibration
effect. (3), between-adhesive is quick to be transparent, there are also 2 that the display becomes
difficult to shine. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is therefore an object of the present
invention to provide a display device which is sufficient for vibration effects. Another object of
the present invention is to provide a display device having excellent transparency and
appearance free of bubbles. However, another object of the present invention is to provide a
display device with good workability. And the main party f to achieve such purpose! In the case
of a display device having a transparent cover as a sliding body by attaching a transparent
piezoelectric element to a transparent cover provided on 1111CI of a display panel of a display
device via a transparent cover, the transparent adhesive The agent is a UV curable adhesive and
the invention will be described in the following examples. 8A to 8D are cross sectional views
showing a partial manufacturing process of a wristwatch according to an embodiment of the
present invention. In the same figure (as shown in (-), a rel alil J cover 141-provided on the front
of the i display panel (not shown) is prepared. This transparent cover 14ri figure (in ml, it is
turned over and table 1it (outer surface) is down). The transparent cover 14 is formed of
transparent glass, and at the periphery of the back surface (inner surface), opaque -15 and
conductive 111116 are formed in two layers in a frame shape. ̶Ki Otsu @m 15 is also called
cosmetic printing, as it also uses a symbol and the like. Then, the inside surrounded by the
opaque # 4 noodles 15 is a visual field area 17 in which numerical values such as time are
displayed. The conductive layer 16 is formed by printing a conductive paste on the opaque layer
1115 and baking it, and these layers are cut into several hundred SWt. Next, the opaque layer
15. On the inner surface of the transparent cover 14, which is covered with the conductive layer
16, an adhesive 18 of a curing type I is applied slightly higher than the surface of the conductive
layer 16. This adhesive is generally known (for example, that of the adhesive called under the
trade name UV 68) and is cured by UV light. In addition, as a feature, the viscosity is the viscosity
(10000CP8) of the conventional epoxy resin * B'fl two-component adhesive!
Dも1o00cPsとtltい。 In addition, the change by curing is lower than that of epoxy
resin systems. Also, the transparency is superior to conventional instant W1 agents. Next, the
transparent piezoelectric elements 211kIII each having a transparent type h19.20 provided on
both sides thereof are superposed and bonded to each other. At this time, as shown in ((-), the
piezoelectric elements 21 v are gradually attached to each other, and as shown in ((-), air bubbles
do not remain in * tmgg. In addition, the transparent electrode 19 on the bonding side of the
piezoelectric element 21 contacts the conductive layer 16. EndPage: 2 Next, as shown in the
figure (as indicated by bl), the 11-layer layer 88 is irradiated with ultraviolet rays (arrow groups)
2B from the piezoelectric grating side to cure the adhesive layer zzv. Further, although not
shown, ultraviolet rays are also irradiated from the transparent cover side to surely cure the
adhesive layer z2. Next, as shown in FIG. 1c), the transparent cover 14 having the piezoelectric
element 21 attached thereto is fitted to the case z4 of the watch. Since the case 24 is formed of a
conductor, if the case 24 is set to the ground potential and ν, the ground contact of the
piezoelectric collector 21 becomes unnecessary. That is, c, cg * 6c is electrically connected to one
of the transparent electrodes 1 of the piezoelectric element 21 through the 19ril1 body j1116.
Therefore, it is sufficient to prepare one contact 25 contacting only the transparent electrode
h20 on the exposed side of the piezoelectric collector 21 as shown in FIG. Since this contact 25 is
visible and visible, as shown in FIG. 4, it is placed under the conductor 1111 I so as not to enter
the visual field area 17 (the area inside the opaque 15 shown by the hatching area in FIG. 4).
There is a need. According to such a watch, the following effects can be obtained. tli, ultraviolet #
i! Since the curable adhesive has a low viscosity, air bubbles dominate. In addition, air bubbles
can not be sealed in the joint as in the instant adhesive, and the adhesion of air can be prevented
by adhesion from one of the piezoelectric elements K. From such a thing, since it does not
contain air bubbles, the appearance is also improved. (2) In the case of an ultraviolet curing
adhesive, the temperature does not reach a temperature of C. to C. above
the middle lily of the piezoelectric element. Therefore, the piezoelectric element does not lose its
physical and electrical characteristics. (31, UV curable Il! Since the adhesive does not become
warm at the time of admission like an epoxy resin adhesive, no internal heat distortion occurs. In
addition, UV curing type ** agents have a small rate of change during curing, and they also cause
cross-beam distortion (W. Furthermore, UV curing type II!
The bonding agent is also flexible and does not generate instantaneous residual stress. From such
a thing, in order that the vibration which generate ¦ occur ¦ produced with a piezoelectric
collector may be reliably transmitted to a transparent cover, a sound volume also becomes large.
(4) The UV-IIL cured little adhesive has good transparency, so the display is easy to see. (5) Since
the UV curable adhesive is not a component, the mixing operation of the two solutions such as
the epoxy resin type 'Ijk adhesive is not suitable. In addition, since the epoxy resin based curing
agent causes a curing reaction to occur immediately in the mixing process am, pasting must be
performed immediately, and the working time etc. is limited. The work is not limited, and the
workability is good. In addition, work is also difficult because adhesion does not occur
instantaneously like instantaneous adhesives. This improves work efficiency. The present
invention is not limited to one example. For example, W! Of one transparent electrode of the
wedge element and the conductive layer of the transparent cover. In order to secure the touch, it
may be possible to provide a hallmark of electric power on the conductive floor 10 or can be
applied to other display devices other than the present invention # 4 # i gauge. As described
above, in the display device of the present invention, the display portion becomes clear, and there
are no undesirable stains such as air bubbles, and the start-up also becomes good. Moreover, the
display device of the present invention is the Il! There are many effects such as good workability
even if it is built. Drawing fi! Fist explanation Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the outline
of a conventional watch, Fig. 2 is a partially enlarged cross-sectional view of the same, Fig. 8 (-˜
(cl is -a SS manufacturing process of a watch according to one embodiment of the present
invention FIG. 4 is a partial plan view of the watch. l: display panel, 2: drive source, 8: clock drive
unit, 4: main body, 5: cover, 6: transparent evaporation electrode, 7: transparent adhesive, 8, 9 · ·
· · vapor deposition electrode, 10 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · transparent cover 15.
Layer 17 17 field of view 18 adhesive agent 19, 330 transparent electrode. 21: Piezoelectric
element, 22: Adhesive layer, 2B: UV light, 24: Case, 25: contact point. Attorney Attorney 1)
Toshiyuki EndPage: 3