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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial cross-sectional view showing the
structure of the diaphragm of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing
the method of forming the diaphragm of the present invention. A layer, 3 shows an adhesive
layer, respectively.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to a speaker
diaphragm characterized in that a foam metal is used for the diaphragm particularly in a dynamic
cone speaker. In order to reproduce a faithful sound in the speaker, it is desirable that the
vibration of the diaphragm, which is the vibrator of the speaker, perform a piston movement over
as wide a range as possible. For this purpose, it is advantageous that the vibration plate is noisy
and hard, that is, the larger 7p is, the more advantageous it is for the Young's modulus E1 mass
e. From this point, light metals such as aluminum, titanium, and beryllium have been scolded on
the diaphragms of small-diameter at / J3 / 2 loudspeakers for this purpose. However, for use in
large-aperture low- and mid-range speakers, it is necessary to maintain the bending strength of
the diaphragm over a large area, so that it is necessary to dampen the stagnation of the
diaphragm. This has been a hindrance to the application of light metals such as aluminum,
titanium and beryllium to large diameter speakers. As a method of applying light metals of all
kinds to speakers' diaphragms of large-sized speakers, a structure having a structure in which
foam is suntized with a light metal such as a damping material or aluminum has been proposed.
However, these are also shown in the nature of the snake machine and they are titile. In view of
such a point, a configuration in which a metal base material having open cells is used as a
diaphragm is proposed as a central patent publication 52-29954 g. However, since the porosity
of the brown bubbles shown in this publication is relatively low, and the internal loss of the gold
base itself is low because of the loss, it is necessary to overdo this internal loss because of the
need to suppress the internal loss. Lossy organic compounds-not filled n six to nine. Therefore,
the manufacturer of diaphragm 1! In this case, it is necessary to have a filling process of a
compound having a horizontal axis, and one of the ligature plates of the packing of this
compound spout! There was a risk that the volume would increase and deviate from the next
purpose. The present invention is intended to further improve this newly proposed diaphragm,
which will be described in detail below. The base material of the diaphragm of the present
invention is a metal foam porous body which is made by foaming metal and which exhibits a high
porosity. The foam metal and the method for producing the same are described in detail in M4710524. The porosity of the 晃 I'81 metal is very high, and is 90 to 91 O%, and the diameter of
the holes is also 0.08 mφ to 6 crane φ. By using this foamed gold 1a ', it is possible to obtain a
small diaphragm belonging to' krIC 'C Fig. 1 shows an example of a speaker diaphragm made
using the above-mentioned foamed metal (1) is a foamed metal showing a porosity of 90 to 98,
(2) a surface brass made of a resin gauze or a gold a foil gauze, (3) a foamed metal ( 1) It is an
adhesive layer for bonding the front face @ 12) to the surface of 4.
Since the foam gold a (1) is a porous body and the holes are generally air-permeable, it is
necessary to make the air-permeable in order to be used as a speaker diaphragm. That is why the
surface jill (2+) is made in the structure of FIG. The nature of the surface- (2) is breathable and
creeping is a prerequisite. As described above, since Kokakito has a large internal loss due to the
i% porosity of the metal foam 11+ as described above, the AML property is not generated without
the former horizontal material being accumulated in the foam of the gold metal splint. It is
possible to make a dispute that it is used as a moving plate for a slider by pi bonding a nonfolded layer (2) with an adhesive layer (3). Figure 2 shows one of the forming methods of the
diaphragm of the speaker with IPi structure. As an example, by forming a metal foam (1) having
the surface l1l (21 at the threshold of a concave and convex mold (sword and convex mold (5)), it
is formed into a shape of a speaker vibrating body by pressing. In comparison with the example
of fatigued rice in one practical example of the present 4 cases, nickel is used as the metal foam
metal material, and the diameter of the foamed air hole diameter 50.15-1 and the foaming rate
98-1 diaphragm 1. -The characteristic of the 25 side speaker which comprised the 50micrometer polyvinyl chloride sheet on the surface was the following. Vp vibrator mass nickel
foam metal 2.21 × 10'8. I 925 national speaker Conventional vibrator 1.09-8. . 21 Oy'i
'correction 25 "" ""-"" 1! Thus, the diaphragm according to the present fi has a ratio of rigidity to
the quality 1ltVc about twice as high as that of the diaphragm according to the prior art, and the
mass of the oscillator itself is also close to that of the conventional oscillator. So the advantage is
to provide an ideal vibrating bar t ′ ′ in rigidity and buying with zero t1 bit t-7 correction. It is
clear from the above explanation that Koshinto has a foamed metal material with a high porosity
of 9 to 98 bits, and the surface of the metal material is hx-like without filling light bubbles in the
bubbles of the metal material. Because it is a configuration that classifies no surface layer, it is
anxious to be advantageous in terms of filling a light item, and there is no increase in the amount
of power of the diaphragm, and it is possible to achieve 6 weight reduction of the diaphragm. Go
out. 4 is a partial cross-sectional view showing the configuration of the diaphragm of the present
invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing a method of forming an uninvented sliding
plate, wherein (1) is a metal foam, (2) A company surface layer, (3) shows an adhesive layer,
respectively. Utility model registration applicant 巳 Sumikatoku stock corporation charge naiai
one outside person Figure 1 2 m: Fig. 2 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ C0391 utility model registration
applicant Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Representative Iyo Keisuke 1 Name 6, Creator address other
than the above Address 2-18 at Keihan Main Street in Moriguchi City Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
Name in the address 〆 h 薪 address in Gunma 門 Gate i return 笑 笑 180 180 amount 蒜 t 株式
会社 Co. Inside 'Name Kawasaki Ryo-7, other than the above-mentioned utility model registration
applicants Address Gunma Prefecture Oizumi-cho Oji Sakata 180 Address Name (575) Tokyo E
Shokame Mochi 5 companies-2 representatives Ii Tei , ツ] 1 · j ′ ′, gO ′ ′, y /