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Description 1, title of the invention
4. Brief description of the drawings wA1 Fig. 3A is a cross-sectional view of the mixed wire
material used in the present invention in the graphite powder orientation, Fig. 2 is a crosssectional view of a lead-free inner sheet material used for non-explosion 111], Fig. 3 is the
present invention 4 and 5 are a cross-sectional view and a front view showing an embodiment of
the acoustic lens of the present invention. 3 · · · Polymer material 4 · · · Graphite powder 6, 6 '· · · ·
· acoustic lens patent Pitonia Co. Ltd. Representative Ilkw Hidepoku (A) CB) EndPage: 4 continued
on page 1 0Inventor Yoshino Shunwa Tokyo Ota-ku Omori-ku 4-Chome 15-5 Pioneer
Corporation Omori Factory 0 Inventor Araihara 2 Tokyo Ota-ku Omori-ku Omori Nishi 4-Chome
15-5 Pioneer 5 Corporation Omori Factory EndPage: 5