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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing the main part of a
conventional capacitor cartridge, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the main part showing an
embodiment of a capacitor cartridge according to the present invention, and FIG. It is detail
drawing of the movable pole part used for an Example. 21 ········ Cantilever, 22-----record needle,
231.232------movable electrode, 231a, 231b. 232a, 232b = blade pieces, 241a. 241b-244a, 244b
= fixed pole, 251 degree 252 ..... lead wire.
The present invention relates to a capacitor cartridge, and more particularly to an improvement
of its pickup section. As is well known, a capacitor cartridge provided as a memory for
reproducing a disk record has a township and the like interlocked with a cantilever as its pickup
portion and a solid film which is opposite to the film on the pole 1; The record red traced one
bottle, and the #R bottle generated from the pairing of the two wax bars was assigned to the
fatherling of Q's paternity to make the regeneration output superior. 3, rq "5 ζ j <Figure 11
shows a single type of stereo pickup part conventionally known as such a capacitor cartridge.
That is, a pair of eight! At the base end bb upper blade of the cantilever JJ. l Root-like town poles
121 and 122 are supported, age-to-day Jt7) hair-root-like movable bridge 121 and 122 J) 咎 -onface side 向 の plums 131 and 132 are paired and r ′ ( Too). However, since such a custodial
rice condenser cartridge is a purchaser supporting a pair of blade-like + iJ driving electrodes 131
and 132 only above the base corridor of the cantilever 11, the mass balance of the movable
bridge is above all There is a disadvantage that if it is not good, it has a lack of constancy, which
has had a horrifying effect on the regeneration characteristics. Therefore, these four games were
made in view of the above points, and it was easy to listen to the above-mentioned conventional
defects and to leave the center shaft easily (two improved pick-up groups). It is said that Ma
provides a good capacitor cartridge. No. 1, lΔ1, ie, the η-dena cartridge according to the
invention supports two pairs of blade-like movable bridges in a substantially X shape with a
predetermined opening angle at the base end of the cantilever, respectively. In addition to
improving the mass balance, the needle pressure stability can be modified to contribute to the
improvement of the regeneration characteristics. Hereinafter, the example of this 4 & will be
described in detail with reference to the drawings. That is, in FIG. 2, reference numeral 21
denotes a cantilever made of a narrow taber tube with a light beam or the like, and a small
diameter tip of which a record l1ii22 is seen and a large diameter base end of which is
approximately Two pairs of X-shaped vanes 1jIIm 231.2: 12 are supported. In this case, as shown
in FIG. 3, two pairs of I-IJ spikes are shown as one blade piece 231m, 231b which is made, for
example, at 9 L1 'intervals. It has 232 m and 232 b and is supported in an X shape so as to face
the base of the cantilever 21 with its upper and lower blades, and 1-91 As well as being able to
contribute to the withdrawal of needle pressure stability.
The proximal end of the cantilever 21 is vibratably supported by a predetermined portion of the
cartridge housing via a tension member and a damper (not shown). And each blade piece 231a,
231b, IIIm of said two pairs of blade-like movable bridges 231 ° 232. For example, four pairs of
fixed electrodes 241m, 241b to 244m, 244b, which are electrets charged to positive and
negative electrodes ee, for example, are provided in a pair so as to sandwich each pair 232b.
Here, these four pairs of fixed poles 241m, 241b to 244m, and 244b are commonly rHfted by
two pairs between their diagonal lines, and +11 by a lard wire 251.252 is a source follower of a
magnetic field effect transistor, etc. An output is derived to a conversion circuit that does not go
away. Thus, the above configuration (the vibration of the record needle 22 transmitted to the
cantilever 21 in the above is divided into two pairs of blade-like movable JJJ and 252
respectively for each of the L and R channels, Fixed pole 141a,! 4′Jb〜144a。
Complementary capacitance change corresponding to the amount of vibration of the
corresponding channel is obtained between 244b and 244b. The complementary capacitance
change output it for each channel is commonly connected to every two pairs in the diagonal
direction, so that it is supplied to a conversion circuit (not shown) as an output synthesized in a
double pull-up pull type, In principle, the output power is increased by about 6 dB, ie, the
maximum height is 8 / N, as compared with the conventional simple complementary type, so that
the reproduction output with the desired noise signal can be obtained. In this case, there is also a
1j-order advantage in that it is lighter than apparent or 1 ineffective-or 4 in comparison with the
single type. The present invention is not limited to the above-described and illustrated
embodiments; it is possible to implement various modifications without departing from the
foundation of the present invention. For example, in FIG. 2, two pairs of movable wedges 231 :,-=
'↓-^-, 辷 · XSZ, but only four fixed poles are disposed on one side only. The present invention is
also applicable to a pick-up unit of a combinatorial type. Therefore, as detailed above, according
to the present invention, improvement of the mass balance of the movable bridge is the same;
improvement of the needle pressure stability and improvement of the reproduction
characteristics can be improved. It becomes possible to provide a good capacitor cartridge.