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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of a conventional magnetic circuit,
FIG. 2 is an assembly explanatory view of a pole piece, FIG. 3 is a front view of a magnetic circuit
according to this embodiment, and FIG. FIG. 5 is an assembly explanatory view of a piece, and
FIG. 5 is an assembly explanatory view of a magnetic circuit. · · · · · · pole piece, 13a,
14a, 16a, 17a · · · · · · flux passing pieces 13b, 14b, 16b, 17b-· · · · · connecting pieces, 15 .. 19 ...
coil ... 20 ... cylinder ... 21 ... ... back plate, 22 ... ... front plate.
[Detailed description of the invention]? 3% fi invention f4. MM (moving magnet) type. Change 11
in the magnetic path of the Mi (moving iron) shaped pickup cartridge. The magnetic one path of
this strain serves to give a generation coil association by arcing a cantilever 暴 end magnet, an
armature of an iron crush from an armature of an iron crush with an elastic layer corresponding
to jt to the vibration train part of the cantilever. In this case, 1-1-2 pieces are 2 channels in one
channel, 4 channels are left in the port and Nayan, and the coil is also required at least 1 channel
in one channel. 1 and 2 show sections of a conventional b-air circuit. Two hole heat sinks for the
right channel are arranged to have 1 m · 2 & 1 or 71 μ "for the bundle at the tip of the hole heat
sink 2 and the binary hole heath 3 · 4 for the left channel Also, the flux is received so that the
magnetic flux receiving pieces 3 and 41 face each other in parallel so that they are in a straightlying state with respect to the a bundle and 1 and 2 m. Therefore, the magnetic flux extravagant
pieces 1m. 2m. 3m. Then, the yoke 5 connecting the pole pieces 1 and 2 punches the coil 6 · T,
and temporarily connects the yoke 8Fi coil 9 · 10 connecting the pole beef 3 and 4 which is
temporarily wound by%, and connects them to the 711 仁It is a thing. In addition, the solid foot
of the pole beef 1 to 4 is due to the molding of the resin 11. Therefore, according to this
conventional example, in order to make the yoke 5 · 8 special in 1%, the teaching of the part 1 is
large, and the special molding 1 of pine that is required for molding and wearing is necessary. In
view of the collapse, it is necessary to shake the yoke which continues whole heath * * and not to
require general mold molding, and this is a book which solves the IN pickling like while I did it, k.
In the following, an example of one translation of the present invention will be described with
reference to the third and later members. The pole piece 13, 14a-t is positioned so as to face the
ε bundle receiving piece 131L, 14 & or the flat plate, and the oar leakage is on the sand column
13b, 14+ and the flux passing piece 131, 14m and flat. In the state which penetrated the inside
of the expansion coil 15, it is countered by the Japanese tile. Hall piece 16 · 11 This is exactly
one town like, but its flux delivery piece 161 · 11 turtle is arranged so as to be made
perpendicular to the magnetic flux delivery piece 13 turtle · 14 & に よ っ て, thereby the flux
concentration piece 13 & 141 · 16 turtle 171 comes to surround in the state of the wall tat
square, and a magnet (not shown) at the proximal end of the canna lever is placed in this empty
1% + 1111.
19はコニイルである。 Next, as shown in FIG. 5, in the space 18 of the pole pieces
which are integrated as shown in FIG. The square tube 20 formed of a non-magnetic magnetic
wedge is inserted, and one bundle delivery piece 131 L · 14 ··· 16 ·· 17 m is watched with a drug
or the like on C ′ 憧 2 Q fi outside @ 1. And, in this way, it was sticky and sticky [ll! For one of
the directions of the cylinder 20 in the l-path, after the Is ′ ′ count with the 壽 21 turtle
formed corresponding to the end face shape of the magnetic circuit, fit the fret 21 and the cog
groove at the end of the repulsive force (1) The exchange needle (1% at the tip of the cantilever
where the magnet is mounted at the tip of the tip) is supported by the base end or the magnet
part or the damper. The plate 22 is fitted with a plate 22 which has a hook 22 and a hole 22 to
be inserted. In this case-the girder comes to assemble in a positive motion as a whole. In addition,
in the above, the chopsticks 20 are not indispensable. In addition, although it is the center -1
about the aMM form on a leg. Also about the MI form lI! It can be realized with I44i. From the
above, according to the present invention, in the assembly-the yoke which mutually% ← two
heats of the ball heath constituting the channel ← seventy seven 97! In addition to the reduction
in the number of parts and man-hours, the paper process such as% mold numbering also
becomes unsettled.